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Safari tips

If places can be celebrities, then safari destinations are certainly the A-listers. When most of us close our eyes and think of safari, images of majestic grasslands silhouetted by Acacia trees come to mind (see: opening of The Lion King). This visual is most likely found in the Serengeti, a vast national park in Tanzania. Also world-famous is Kenya’s Masai Mara, which is regarded as the birthplace of modern safari (thank you, Out of Africa). Travel to the continent’s southern tip, and you’ll find several famous safari destinations, including South Africa’s Kruger National Park and Botswana’s Okavango Delta. Reminder: each destination – famous or under-the-radar – offers something vastly different, and our advisors can help match you with the perfect safari vacation for your bucket list. 

Great question! The answer is yes, definitely, and the list goes on and on. In India, travelers can see the breathtaking Bengal tigers up-close in the country’s lush national parks, home to luxe lodges and treehouse resorts. The Galapagos is another favorite, as Darwin’s otherworldly islands offer once-in-a-lifetime wildlife viewing on the water. Closer to home, in Canada and the West (including Montana, California and Alaska), many resorts have safari experiences with wild bears, bison, elk and other species. (Note:  be sure to consult with your Fora advisor, as some American safari experiences are geared towards hunting).

Depends! There is tons of variety as to what each country offers, from gorilla trekking in Rwanda to the Great Migration in Kenya. So, do us a favor and visualize your most epic safari. Do you see a stampede of wildebeest chasing the horizon? A single leopard sauntering through the bush? Consider what types of animal interactions you’re most excited for, and your Fora advisorwill determine the destination that best aligns with your fantasy. For instance, if you’re interested in admiring lions and other large creatures up-close, we’d suggest South Africa; whereas Kenya and Tanzania are better for viewing large groups of animals, but from further away.

We’ll be the first to admit that the allure of safari goes well beyond the main event (Hemingway-style glamping in the wilderness, anyone?). But first, let’s break it down: days on safari revolve around twice daily ‘game drives’ in a 4x4 safari vehicle. Game drives occur around sunrise and sunset, when the animals are most active. Led by an experienced tracker, these guided wildlife tours last between one and several hours, and usually include short stops along the way (called ‘sundowners,’ during which guests stretch their legs and savor a cocktail). Back at the safari lodge, days are spent relaxing by the pool, spa-going, and generally enjoying the outdoors. Important to note, though, that guests are not permitted to wander too far from the lodge… because, well…. wild animals.

Planning a safari is just as exciting as it is intimidating. Enter your Fora advisor. They’ll get to know you and determine not only your perfect safari destination, but which lodge(s) to choose based on your vacation style, preferences and budget. They’ll also handle other aspects of your trip, like transport and flight logistics, and plan any add-ons to your safari (a beach getaway in Zanzibar, a cultural adventure in Cape Town…. do we have your attention?).

Simply put? You tell us about your dream safari, and we’ll do the rest. In addition to planning an awesome safari vacation, your Fora advisor will hook you up with upgrades and resort credits, and ensure you’re getting the best rates on the internet. Plus, thanks to Fora’s long-standing relationships with safari lodges worldwide, they’ll make sure you’re treated like a VIP and even arrange for special experiences like private dinners under the stars. Last but certainly not least, they’ll handle the legwork around the many logistics that come with safari (for instance, some lodges are only accessible via small plane, meaning you can only bring soft luggage). Trust us, it’s a game-changer.

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