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I’m a food and wine lover, adventure chaser and travel addict who grew up in New Jersey and is now based in Dallas, Texas. What truly sparked my love for travel was a trip to Ireland where my now-husband proposed! Fast forward eight years, and I have personally planned all of our trips to over 38 countries and across six continents, with a focus on luxury, adventure and ease of travel. I decided to transform my wanderlust into a business, so I can help others create memories that last a lifetime.

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My travel style is a mix between luxe and adventure. I love a beautiful resort with a view, as long as it's in close proximity to where all of the action is. By day, I'm likely exploring by hiking, diving, ice climbing or bungy jumping, just to name a few. I'll then end the day by having a relaxing evening at the newest top restaurant or by enjoying a cocktail at a local speakeasy. I love planning multi-country trips where there's an opportunity to spend the frontend exploring and then finish up at a relaxing beach destination.

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Advisor - Kaitlan Leonard

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Kaitlan Leonard