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Exclusive dining setup with modern design on a white patio that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea's blue water in Oia, Greece.
Exclusive dining setup with modern design on a white patio that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea's blue water in Oia, Greece.

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A trip to Greece means an electric mix of ancient history in the culture capitals and island time on the Aegean, all washed down with sensational regional cuisine and an ouzo or two.

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We can’t get enough of Greece: beaches along the sparkling Mediterranean, idyllic islands, wild nightlife, proud culture, epic food… It’s one big sun-drenched party, and you’re on the invite list. 

Travel to Greece typically starts in Athens, where a tour of the Acropolis is a must before heading to one of Greece’s 200 inhabited Greek isles. If this is your first trip, Santorini and Mykonos are among the best places to stay in Greece. Honeymooners and couples flock to Santorini because it’s one of the most romantic spots in Greece (check out the best places to stay in Santorini). Meanwhile, Mykonos is, literally, where the party’s at. It’s perfect for young couples and friend groups that want to dance, drink, sunbathe and sleep. 

If you visit these three destinations when traveling in Greece, you’re in good shape, but of course, there’s so much more to this beautiful country.

So glad you asked! Santorini and Mykonos are among the best Greek islands to visit on your Greece vacation — and for good reason. 

Santorini is stunning. You’ve probably seen photos of the bright-white buildings and cobalt-blue roofs that dot the coastline. It’s a romantic island beloved by honeymooners and couples alike (see the best resorts in Greece for couples). Mykonos is known for its wild nightlife — think dusk-till-dawn parties and Champagne showers (check out our Greece nightlife guide, too). 

You can’t go wrong with these two islands, but there are a handful of other Greek islands that deserve a stop on your next Greece trip. Some of the best islands to visit include Paros and Antiparos (a year-round destination that’s charming and laidback — check out our guide on where to stay in Paros for more info), Naxos (perfect for watersports like windsurfing or kitesurfing) and Corfu (for those wanting a luxe cosmopolitan getaway). 

It depends on where you’re going, but generally, most flights to Greece land in Athens. From here, you can either take a domestic flight or hop on a high-speed ferry to your destination. Alternatively, travel by train may be an option if you’re visiting another city on the mainland. 

Certain cruises will also take you to various islands and cities in Greece.

Athens is the most popular gateway to Greece, but it’s hardly the only option. Thessaloniki, the island of Crete — both among the best places to stay in Greece — and many others also have international airports. 

Many Mediterranean cruises will take you to major destinations in Greece, too.

Traveling within Greece isn’t as crazy as it might look on a map. Virtually all the Greek islands are easily accessible by sea or air — even some of the most unique places to visit in Greece. For example, an off-the-beaten-path trip to Hydra is as simple as hopping on the ferry from Athens.

That said, it’s recommended to have a game plan before you arrive to maximize your time in the country.

Yes! While it’s always recommended to exercise caution anytime you’re visiting a new place, traveling to Greece is widely considered safe.

Greece is a culturally rich country filled with incredible experiences and scenery. To see and do everything would take months. Instead, we recommend planning a trip to Greece based on your schedule and budget.

Check out our guide to how many days in Athens you need. Or better yet, book and plan your trip with Fora to unlock VIP hotel perks and to receive expert travel recommendations .

This really depends on what you want to do. 

The Greek Isles tend to shut down outside of the warmer months (peak travel season), so it can actually be difficult to find great accommodations in the off season. That said, there are brief windows in early spring and early fall where you can avoid the crowds. But if you’re traveling to Greece for its ski resorts (seriously), winter is certainly the best time to go. In any event, we can help you narrow down the best months to travel to Greece.

Generally, Greece has hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. The mountainous regions can also get frigid in winter (hence the ski resorts). And while Greece doesn’t have a true rainy season — it does rain slightly more in winter — the best, sunny weather runs from mid-April to late fall.

Greece is most popular (and expensive) during July and August, and the average weeklong trip to Greece can cost upwards of $2,000 per person. However, staying at the best couples resorts in Greece, for instance, and enjoying the finest experiences can boost the price tag.

If you’re looking to save money on your Greece vacation, consider visiting from mid-April to June, or September to October, when you’ll have beautiful weather and fewer crowds. 

Spending time on smaller islands is also a great way to maximize your budget. Paros and Naxos, for example, are some of the best Greek islands to visit, and they’re still somewhat under the radar compared to Santorini and Mykonos. 

Fora can recommend the best Greek islands to visit based on your personal preferences, budget and length of stay.

Greece is part of the European Union, so it uses the Euro. Most urban areas accept card payments, but it’s wise to carry cash if you plan on venturing to some of the more rural areas in Greece.

You can check out official government websites for more information. One of the most important requirements to keep in mind is that your passport should be valid for at least six months from your date of departure.

Certainly! Whether you want to know where to go in Greece for the first time, figure out where to stay in Milos or check out the best hotels in Greece, we have you covered with tons of guides.

As for tips, once you figure out your length of stay and budget, planning your travel to Greece comes down to what type of experience you want to have. 

Are you looking for a romantic vacation or planning your honeymoon? Do you want to lie on the beach all day and party all night? Are you a Greek mythology buff who wants to visit birthplaces, ruins and archeological sites? Do you love off-the-beaten-path adventures? Are you aiming to stay in an Athens boutique hotel, or looking for the best Greek islands for families?

Once you determine how you want to experience your Greece trip, Fora can guide you on which destinations will best suit your interests and preferences. We can also recommend all-inclusive resorts in Greece if this fits your travel style. 

Oh, and one of our favorite tips for planning a Greece vacation is to not feel pressure to “see it all” in one trip. That way, you’ll have an excuse to visit again… and again!

When you book and plan your trip with Fora, you’ll unlock expert travel recommendations and VIP hotel perks. We’ll point out the coolest hidden gems, most exciting experiences and beyond. There’s no better way to travel to Greece.