A playground for any traveler, go to France for the food in Paris, vineyards in Bordeaux, lavender fields in Provence, sparkling coasts of the French Riviera, and vivid history all around. Bon voyage!

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France travel tips

Close your eyes and think of France: chances are, images of Paris’s iconic sites ⁠— the sparkling Eiffel Tower, romantic bridges on the Seine — come to mind. The City of Light is not only the top destination in France, but one of the most-visited in the world, alluring millions of visitors to its magical sites each year. Another top France vacation is to Côte d'Azur, where the towns of Saint-Tropez and Cannes are synonymous with Old-World glamour. Beyond the beach, a number of wine regions and countryside hamlets are ever-popular (including the Loire Valley, Bordeaux and Burgundy).

Known for its emphasis on butter, cheese and bread, French cuisine is both high-brow (escargot, pâté etc.) and accessible (crêpes, the perfect baguette). Our first stop in France? The pâtisserie, of course! Don’t miss the country’s once-in-a-lifetime pastries, like croissants, eclairs and macaróns. Other common food dishes in France include the croque monsieur (an elevated sandwich), Niçoise salad (with tuna and green beans) and plenty of slow-cooked poultry and meat.

In the words of Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina, "Paris is always a good idea.” And while we agree ⁠wholeheartedly, it’s best to consider what types of experiences you’re looking for in a France vacation, and then planning your timing accordingly. Interested in a few rosé-soaked days on the coast? Summer and the shoulder seasons are your best bet. Interested in both a city break and wine tasting in the countryside? Late spring and early fall will work best. Be sure to book your France trip with your Fora advisor, who can steer you towards the best months to visit — and tell you which ones to avoid (for instance, most restaurants in Paris close during August.)

There are plenty of ways to soak up France’s magic on a budget. First, your Fora advisor can find a wallet-friendly hotel that still feels authentic (there are plenty of them). Next, cut costs by renting bicycles or using the Metro instead of taxis, and fix a twilight picnic instead of a pricey dinner. Plus, when you book your France trip with your Fora advisor, you’ll receive perks like free breakfast, hotel credits and more ⁠— freeing up your wallet for splurges elsewhere.

Thanks to the country’s top-knotch infrastructure, getting around France is generally convenient. Trains connect the major cities and towns, and are easily accessible. There are also a number of domestic airports that can zip travelers from Paris to Nice (for instance) in just a few hours. Depending on your point A and point B, you may want to take the scenic route by renting a car. Working with a Fora advisor who specializes in booking France vacations will be able to recommend the best methods of transport.

Like many European countries, France requires US-based travelers to provide either proof of vaccine or proof of a recent negative COVID-19 test. A negative test is required to re-enter the US, regardless of vaccination status. Check out the official website for more information.