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Advisor - Jen Donahue


Traveling yoga instructor and owner of the ‘ranch of the broken and beautiful’ – home to horses, donkeys, dogs, cats and man/boys who come home for home cooked meals.

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My travel style

Whether gazing at art in museums, sipping wine in cute cafes or laying on my back staring at stars – I believe in the gift of moments that travel gives us.

Favorite hotels

Recently returned from:

  • Teaching yoga on the beaches of Mexico.

  • Strolling around Barcelona and taking the train down to Valencia. 

  • Swimming with wild sharks in Bora Bora.

  • Watching elephants, zebras and giraffes through the steam rising from my coffee in Kenya.

Dreaming of:

  • Pub in Ireland.

  • Ethical elephant sanctuary in Thailand.

  • Hammock in Bali. 

  • Road trip through New Zealand.

One thing I can't travel without...


Two truths, one lie:

  1. I stayed on a houseboat in the canals of Amsterdam.

  2. I helped build a medical clinic in Africa.

  3. I've never gotten sick visiting a foreign country.

Advisor - Jen Donahue

Travel Advisor

Jen Donahue

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