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Bikes parked in front of store front in Japan
Bikes parked in front of store front in Japan

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Tokyo tops the list of Japan’s best places to visit, offering a mesmerizing blend of rich cultural experiences and contemporary marvels. It’s the perfect destination for those looking to experience a snapshot of everything Japan has to offer.

Likewise, Kyoto is a gorgeous historical center with deep roots in nature. There’s less emphasis on technology and the nightlife is quieter, but the cultural experience is bar none. Meanwhile, Osaka is best summed up by its moniker as “Japan’s kitchen.” And, of course, there are so many unique places to visit in Japan, too.

Start planning your travel to Japan with Fora and a Fora Advisor can outline all your options, and offer intel on hot topics like where to stay in Tokyo or where to stay in Kyoto.

The best months to travel to Japan vary as much as the reasons to visit. Our guide to the best months to visit Japan breaks down when to see the cherry blossoms, when the best weather is as well as the least and most crowded months.

Generally, most people aim to travel to Japan in spring or early summer, when the weather is agreeable and the cities are at their liveliest.

Japan doesn’t have a true off-season, but the major cities tend to see less tourism in January, just after New Year’s. But, if you’re visiting Japan’s northern region for snow sports, this may actually be the best time to visit.

A Fora Advisor can always help you make an informed decision on when to travel to Japan.

Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto top the best places to stay in Japan — and also where you’ll find many of Japan’s coolest hotels, like Aman Kyoto and the Andaz Tokyo — but there are many, many more destinations worth seeing.

Weeks? Months? On one hand, we’d argue that you could spend years in Japan without experiencing all of the country’s highlights. Instead, plan your trip according to the time you’re willing to spend abroad. Better yet, connect with a Fora Advisor who can help you build an itinerary around your time and budget constraints.

On the other hand, if you’re content to only visit a single city like Tokyo or Kyoto during your trip, a week may do.

English is not widely spoken here, even in the major cities, but you also don’t need to speak Japanese to have a great time while traveling in Japan. Knowing basic phrases can certainly help, but most Japanese locals are happy to help polite travelers, regardless. Still, Google Translate will be an invaluable tool. 

Your Fora Advisor can also give you more tips for getting around Japan.

Undoubtedly. Japan is one of the safest countries to travel to in the world, with a relatively low crime rate, even in massive cities like Tokyo. 

You should still exercise caution whenever traveling somewhere unfamiliar.

Our guide to your first time in Japan offers in-depth answers, but in almost any scenario, Japan’s unmatched transportation system can take you anywhere you want to go, especially in urban areas.

All of Japan’s cities are connected by high-speed monorails, with additional intracity monorails and taxi services. 

Uber, however, has only recently debuted in Japan, so it’s touch and go in terms of efficiency.

You always need a passport to enter Japan, but most travelers, including those from the US, do not need a visa to enter Japan if they’re staying for 90 days or less.

A Fora Advisor can offer additional details while planning your travel to Japan.

Japan’s COVID-19 restrictions vary by point of origin and are subject to change at any time. Official government websites will have more information, or you can always ask your Fora Advisor.

Many factors influence the cost of travel to Japan, but generally, Americans can expect to spend around $2,500 per person, per week. However, that figure can vary widely depending on your choice of accommodations, specific destinations and the time of year you visit.

A week-long couple’s vacation to Tokyo with luxury accommodations and a wide variety of experiences will tally between $7,000-$10,000 (including airfare), for example.

It’s wise to carry cash whenever traveling to Japan, at least for smaller expenses like transportation or local restaurants and markets. Western-style hotels and businesses in major metropolitan areas like Shinjuku or Shibuya generally accept card payments, though.

Absolutely! Planning a trip to Japan with Fora is a blast for that very reason. Your advisor can build your Japan travel itinerary according to your preferences, with insider tips and recommendations.

From free perks at the coolest hotels in Tokyo to figuring out where to stay in Osaka, planning travel to Japan with Fora is like planning with a friend on the inside: we’ll unlock all sorts of cool hotel perks at no extra cost, plus provide expert travel recommendations, tips and support any time you’re in need.

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