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Zebras peacefully grazing on grassy plains as sunlight falls on them in Tanzania, Africa.
Zebras peacefully grazing on grassy plains as sunlight falls on them in Tanzania, Africa.

Tanzania, upgraded

From the vast Seregeti to the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania is larger than life.

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Tanzania travel keeps you on your toes. One day you could be witnessing the Great Migration and the next day you could be swapping safaris for white-sand beaches. One of the best places to visit in Tanzania is the Serengeti, where you can watch the wildebeest and zebra migration up close. Mount Kilimanjaro isn’t just a prominent natural wonder that you marvel at from afar – you can actually climb to the top (an epic view and bragging rights included). Then there’s Zanzibar off the coast of Tanzania, the perfect pit stop for a post-safari beach trip.

The best time to take a Tanzania vacation is June through September, especially if you want the best animal viewing during your Tanzania safari. This is a great time to view the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti! If scaling Mount Kilimanjaro is on your bucket list, December, January and February are ideal times for Tanzania travel.

Planning Tanzania travel can feel overwhelming, especially if you want to do all the things, but we got you! When starting to plan your trip, think about and prioritize the experiences you want to have. Are you looking to immerse yourself in animal viewing on safari, or do you want to add some R&R on the beach too? Are you an adventure traveler who wants to conquer Kilimanjaro? Once you decide on the experience you want to have, your Fora advisor can recommend the best itinerary and accommodations for your trip.

You like to be prepared – so do we! Some of our must-haves when thinking about what to wear on safari in Tanzania: layers (long-sleeved tops, versatile jackets), comfortable shorts and/or pants, wide-brimmed hats or baseball caps (to protect you from the sun), sunglasses and walking shoes or boots. As for what to pack on safari in Tanzania, these items always come in handy: sunblock, quick-dry pants, bandanas (to protect your nose and mouth from dust, or to dip in water to keep you cool) and of course, a camera! Your Fora advisor (aka your personal Tanzania travel agent) can provide a detailed list of packing recommendations for your Tanzania safari.

Your Fora advisor can alert you to specific entry and exit requirements for Tanzania travel, and you can check out official government websites for more information. Currently, a tourist visa is required to enter the country. You can apply for your tourist visa online in advance of travel, or you can obtain a tourist visa upon arrival at the airport in Tanzania. In addition, your passport must be valid at least six months from your departure date.