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Birdview of Bixby Bridge on PCH highway overlooking the Pacific Ocean and sitting above the Big Sur's oceanside cliffs in Monterey County, CA.
Birdview of Bixby Bridge on PCH highway overlooking the Pacific Ocean and sitting above the Big Sur's oceanside cliffs in Monterey County, CA.

North America, upgraded

A mix of global powerhouses and tiny island nations, North America is a tapestry of adventures for every travel lover.

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Woody Guthrie was on to something: from California and the New York islands, to the Redwood Forest and the gulf stream waters, North America travel is nothing short of awe-inspiring. The expansive continent of the US, Canada and Mexico is a behemoth of lively metropolises, beloved beaches and once-in-a-lifetime attractions (hello, Disney World and Vegas).

While the continent’s popular locations include global capitals like New York, Miami and LA, plenty of outdoor adventures beckon travelers each year (including to National Parks and other natural wonders). Not sure where to start? Your Fora advisor can help you narrow your search.

If you’re looking to hit the beach on your family vacation to North America, you can’t go wrong with Florida. The southeastern state is a tried-and-true family favorite, thanks to its tropical year-round weather and numerous beach towns (including Miami and Tampa). Mexico holds a special place in our hearts for its tropical beauty and cultural gems, while California is another beach favorite for surfing and easy-breezy living. National Parks are also home-runs for North America family vacations. Beyond the classics like the Grand Canyon, Banff, Yosemite and Yellowstone, the East Coast’s Acadia National Park is ever-popular (and located nearby several gorgeous lakes, don’t forget). Looking for something a little different? From east coast to west coast, our advisors can help match you with the perfect North American trip for your style.

Wind in our hair, the open road… is there anything better than a good ole’ fashioned road trip? Thanks to the continent’s plentiful wide-open-spaces, many of which are connected by famous roadways, North America is one of the best destinations for a road trip. The classics include California’s Pacific Coast Highway, passing through the dramatic cliffside (think Big Little Lies), and Route 66, which spans eight states as one of the country’s most historic roads. Other hits for a North America road trip include the Blue Ridge Parkway, which enjoys endless Appalachian beauty, and the oceanside Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia.

North America’s climate varies dramatically as you go north, south, east, or west in any direction. In general, winter is best avoided in the northern regions – unless you’re planning on cold-weather activities like skiing – while the cold months are generally considered high season in Mexico and Florida. For outdoor adventures, summer means lake-swimming and starry nights sleeping outside. Meanwhile, these months can be uncomfortable hot in popular cities in the American South, like Austin or New Orleans, and are best avoided. So, the best months for North America travel really depend on your destination. Work with your Fora advisor, who can advise you on the best places to visit in North America, and when.