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An American who is also a Turkish resident. I never stop thinking of new destinations!

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I cherish experiences local to the area that I'm visiting. Oftentimes, I can be found chatting up the hotel or cafe staff -- I'm good at making friends on the road and I find they give me great suggestions of the off-the-beaten-path things to do and eat.

My preferred type of trip primarily includes bigger cities, with a few smaller villages tossed in. This really allows me to experience local flavor. That said, given the opportunity to explore unique nature (African safari etc), I'm down!

Typically, I'm neither a luxury nor a budget traveller -- I'm somewhere in the middle. I like to allocate resources to things that matter. If I can afford a well-known luxury hotel, I will sacrifice other categories or strategically use points and miles, to ensure I get the best overall experience.

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Favorite hotels

The Pod Hotels

Where compact comfort meets modern style.

Living Hotel Das Viktaulienmarkt

A luxurious oasis nestled in Munich's historic heart, marrying modern comfort with traditional Bavarian charm.

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Picture of Brooke Yool doing exercise

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