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About Fora

We’re a modern travel agency with a twist – one that is thoughtfully designed, proactively inclusive, tech-driven and well, cool. We make it dead simple for you to travel like an insider, with killer perks and data-driven recommendations – all for the same price as doing the heavy lifting yourself. And for our travel advisors, we’re building a ton of tech to welcome you to the industry and make you look amazing (and be amazingly successful).

Our mission is bold. We’re here to empower the next generation of travel entrepreneurs, and we’re doing it by curating the most incredible experiences for travelers.

Anyone with a passion for travel can earn real $$$ – as a flexible career, as a full-time gig or anywhere in between.

Why aren’t more people booking their travel in the best possible way: through a travel advisor? Why is the basic value proposition of an advisor commonly misunderstood?

This is what we spend all day thinking about at Fora.

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A Better Way to Travel

We offer better travel experiences and value for travelers.  Fora travel advisors work with you – collaborating to plan  your trip and making it extra special with the best pricing and perks, no matter how near or far you go.

You’ll get data-driven recommendations built for you, upgrades and freebies, the collective knowledge of our community of travel experts – and a cool new friend along the way.

How’s it all work?  We’re paid by hotels and other providers to do our job – just like the online travel sites.

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A Home for the Travel Obsessed

We want to empower you to be a successful entrepreneur – however you define it – whether a flexible career or a totally fun new career.

We want you to look like the pro you are, online and off. Give you the power to peacock your deep travel knowledge. Make it super easy to be a 2024 digital marketer.

We want you to know everything about the most special properties, restaurants and stuff to do – everywhere – not just the agent standard fare.

We want to welcome you to a community and offer you hands-on support. 

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Our Co-Founders

Fora Team - Henley Vazquez, Co-founder

Henley Vazquez


Fora Team - Evan Frank, Co-founder

Evan Frank


Fora Team - Jake Peters, Co-founder + Chief Product & Technology Officer

Jake Peters

Co-founder + Chief Product & Technology Officer

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