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A Fora Advisor is someone who makes travel happen. Fora travel advisors earn by selling, planning and booking trips. They work with clients to understand their vacation needs and handle all the travel arrangements, from booking a hotel for a long weekend to planning a honeymoon. A Fora Advisor has access to all our training resources, including best-in-class technology and in-house destination expertise. They also benefit from Fora handling all the commission payments, so they can focus on the fun stuff.

A travel agent is someone who sells, curates and books travel. They consult with clients on where to go, what to do and where to stay, and earn commission from booking hotels. (In fact, most travel agents earn the majority of their revenue from hotel bookings.) In addition to planning and booking, agents communicate with hotels to ensure each trip goes smoothly. Travel agents work under a host agency, such as Fora, that handles commissions and other logistics.

We're glad you asked! There's no difference; these terms are used interchangeably. But we prefer the term 'advisor,' since our stellar community of travel planners go far beyond the typical services of an 'agent.' They act as consultants and advocates for their clients, planning travels large and small.

Some travel agents work in an office, but Fora Advisors can work from anywhere. All you need is a passion for travel, a WiFi connection and a can-do attitude — and a few potential clients in your network don't hurt either. Whether you’re after a rewarding side hustle or are looking for a totally fun new career (or something else entirely), Fora has your back. We meet you where you’re at.

Travel agents earn commissions from their clients' trips — usually from hotel bookings. Travel suppliers commonly pay the agent 10% of the total cost, but sometimes more (depending on the brand and type of partner). Unfortunately, many travel agents are familiar with having to chase down commission payments they're owed, but not at Fora. We handle all of that, ensuring that you get paid and can focus on what you do best: planning incredible trips.

Being a travel agent provides tons of flexibility. Because you can work from anywhere and on your own schedule, planning travel is a great way to earn extra money as a side hustle — or develop your business into a full-time career. Another plus: it's a lot of fun.

As with any commission structure, the more you sell, the more you earn. Travel agent paychecks depend on how much travel you're booking. For instance, if you book a family safari in the tens of thousands of dollars, your commission will be substantial. You could also get the same commission by handling one-off hotel bookings at a lower price-point, but at a higher amount. TL;DR? It's not uncommon for hard-working travel agents to earn six-figure incomes.

Got passion? Then you're ready to go! Lucky for you, there are no exams, accreditations or other hoops to jump through to become a travel agent. Anyone with solid people skills and a little spare time can succeed in their job as a travel agent. If you're new to the travel advising space, we'll hook you up with all of the training & mentorship you need to set yourself up for success.

It depends! Many travel agents work full time, planning dozens of trips at once. Others spend a few hours a week planning travel for their friends as a side hustle. Whether you're full time or 'whenever-I-have-time,' you can still pull in $$$ planning travel.


Yes — big time. Our advisors have access to upgrades & perks at over 4,500 hotels, including Virtuoso, Four Seasons, Rosewood and more. Learn more about our partners.

We love this question! Unlike other training programs that require a full-time commitment and demand high booking minimums, Fora is flexible. But that doesn't mean we're hands-off (far from it). We support you every step of the way — from your first booking to your 1,000th — and provide you with top-notch training for everything you need. We'll help you ramp up your business (whether it's a side hustle or a new career) with resources and tools, including our community of travel experts at your fingertips. In other words: Fora lets you do what you do best, better.

We charge advisors a monthly or annual subscription fee, which includes the cost of Fora’s technology platforms, training, admin and our community app. This fee is a fraction of our own technology costs and what other agencies charge as signup fees (up to $5,000 for training alone). 

Absolutely! We are ready to welcome experienced travel agents to our community.

Sign up! Enter your email on this page and you’ll be prompted to complete a detailed survey on your travel style and experience. If you meet our criteria, we'll get you onboarded and show you the ropes, so you can start booking travel in no time.

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