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bright blue pool surrounded by palm trees and cabanas in Asia
bright blue pool surrounded by palm trees and cabanas in Asia

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Head east for a deep dive into the countries and cultures of this intoxicating continent. On the agenda? Tropical beaches, adventure travel, luxury hotels, sky-high cities and the best street food in the world.

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As the world’s largest continent, the list of places to visit in Asia is downright overwhelming. Many travelers are drawn first to the East’s global metropolises, including in China (Hong Kong, Shanghai) and Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto), and iconic capitals like Mumbai, Bangkok and Istanbul. Others plan Asia vacations around the continent’s cultural centers and UNESCO heritage sites, such Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, Thailand’s Chiang Mai and India’s Varanasi. For a beach trip in Asia, Bali and the paradisiacal islands of the Philippines and Indonesia are popular. But mind us, this list barely scratches the surface. From crowd-pleasers to off-the-beaten-path gems, our advisors can help match you with the perfect Asia adventure for your style.

While the continent is known to be warm and humid, Asia’s climate varies greatly by region, and factors like altitude and terrain can affect weather more than the seasons do. From cloud forests to snowy peaks, this is the land of microclimates, which makes for dramatic scenery and diverse topography — but also some unpredictability. Before you decide which time of year for your Asia vacation, consider any special activities you’re looking to do (like scuba diving or hiking), as your Fora advisor can steer you towards the month with the best conditions. They can also help you decide which seasons to avoid (like the rainy season and monsoon season).

We’re glad you asked! Asia is known for its top-notch infrastructure, including train systems connecting the continent’s pulse-quickening cities. Japan, for instance, has a bullet train that’s extremely convenient and accessible for foreign visitors. Train travel is another popular way to sight-see, and luxury lines are offered in several other countries, including India and Thailand. Domestic airports also make it easy to get around Asia, but be sure to plan ahead for visas and entry requirements. Work with a Fora advisor who specializes in Asia vacations, and they can recommend the best methods of transport.

Asia is gradually reopening to American travelers. It’s crucial to chat through your options with your Fora advisor before you plan your Asia trip, as entry and exit requirements still are frequently changing. Thailand and Vietnam are currently open to Americans, but require specific COVID testing ahead of time and on-the-ground. Several countries, such as Cambodia, are only accepting fully vaccinated travelers, while others, such as Japan, are not accepting travelers. Your Fora advisor will alert you to your destination’s specific entry and exit requirements, and you can check out the official government websites for more information.