Puerto Rico

This island is small but packs a punch, making it a worthy destination for sun-lovers and adventurer-seekers alike.

Quiet and charming street on on hill and stairway with a unique view of San Juan in Puerto Rico.

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Puerto Rico travel tips

Puerto Rico doesn’t have “bad” beaches. Just about anywhere you travel to in Puerto Rico is stunning. 

Of course, a few spots like Old San Juan, Mosquito Bay (it’s so much better than it sounds) and El Yunque National Forest stand out as popular destinations in Puerto Rico. But again, this island is teeming with picturesque vistas and landscapes. Check out our guide to the best places to visit in Puerto Rico, or chat with a Puerto Rico travel planner for the full lowdown.

You’ll need at least a week to get the most out of your Puerto Rico travel. There are so many things to do in Puerto Rico, from adventurous day trips from San Juan to relaxing sojourns to Vieques. 

Still, that doesn’t mean a shorter trip can’t be exceedingly fun. And remember, Fora Advisors can help you build an itinerary that maximizes the time you have regardless of how long you’re staying on the island.

The best months to travel to Puerto Rico ultimately depend on what you want to do while you’re there, as well as your circumstances. 

Maybe you’re throwing a Puerto Rico bachelorette party. Or maybe you want to visit with your family and have to wait until your kids are out of school. In any case, a Puerto Rico travel planner can help you decide on your best time to visit Puerto Rico, while accounting for other factors, like the island’s hurricane season.

If you’re traveling to Puerto Rico as a US citizen or permanent resident, there are no major requirements, as the island is a US territory. However, international travelers will need to present a passport and proof of vaccination to visit Puerto Rico. 

A negative COVID-19 test is not currently required for anyone visiting Puerto Rico. However, this is subject to change, so check in with an advisor for updated information.

Since the island is a US territory, the State Department doesn’t issue travel advisories for Puerto Rico. However, the CDC does offer a traveler health overview that covers potential risks when they arise.

Regarding the safety of Puerto Rico travel, the island’s crime rate is relatively low compared to other places in the Caribbean. The best areas to stay in Puerto Rico are especially safe to visit, but as with travel to anywhere new, caution is always advised.

The first place you travel to in Puerto Rico ultimately depends on what you want to do. Old San Juan is the best place to immerse yourself in Puerto Rican culture, for example. Chat with a Fora Advisor for help deciding best places to visit in Puerto Rico for the first time.