Sublime Comporta is ... Sublime

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Advisor - Pamela Murphy
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Sublime Comporta is ... Sublime
Curator’s statement

I had the ultimate pleasure of spending two nights at Sublime Comporta before heading to Lisbon. I was meeting my daughter for a quick 5-day trip, and we wanted a mix of beach/pool and city. I chose Comporta because it’s so close to Lisbon (1h15), and I had heard it compared to places like Montauk and Uruguay for its laid-back beach vibe, great seafood and kind of untamed and rugged aesthetic, all of which are right up my alley. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint. It’s the kind of place where you can live in jean shorts and flip flops and eat incredible food, drink fantastic wine and look at crazy natural beauty all day long.

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We stayed at Sublime Comporta because I have a serious obsession with this brand, and from all accounts, it was going to be my perfect hotel and I have to say it kind of was. Here are the details.


"Nestled on a stunning 17-hectare estate, surrounded by undulating umbrella pines, cork trees, and wild sand dunes, is Sublime Comporta - a magical, unspoiled place where nature presides.

Just an hour's drive from a European capital, wildlife is abundant in Comporta, where time seems to stand still and you can experience all that is genuine and authentic. Sublime Comporta offers a combination of tranquility and simplicity that is both addictive and inspiring, reminding us of the magic of experiencing more with less."

The resort has 23 rooms and suites and 22 two to five-bedroom villas spread across 17 hectares. Each villa has a private pool, fireplace and large outdoor areas. The room and villa configurations can be confusing because each villa is built with rooms that can also be used as standalone hotel rooms. So while it's great because each room has an en suite bathroom, if, for example, a 5-bedroom villa is not reserved by one party, it can be broken down and used as individual rooms, or — I think — used in any number of bedroom configurations: 1-room, 2-rooms, etc. And if you aren’t taking the whole villa, you don’t have access to the living space. Confusing? Yes, definitely. But NOT a reason not to book here. The reservations staff is accommodating and they are repped by Querido, who can also be super helpful. Just make sure you understand what you’re getting and what the layout will be. Also worth mentioning is that the villas are all individually owned (like a timeshare situation,) and while their decor remains consistent throughout, each owner is permitted to add a few personal touches in the way of accessories, but the rooms I saw were all tasteful.

There are also 9 bio-pool suites, which speak very much to the resort’s interest in sustainability. They are suites that sit on a manufactured body of water, which they say is one of Europe's largest biological pools.

"The Bio-Pool Suites include private terraces that allow guests a direct plunge into the fresh water. With this accommodation, Sublime Comporta's sustainability stance is deepened, as the water is solely treated with aquatic plants, no chemicals are used whatsoever. It is a true living ecosystem and as such, different species of plants and animals coexist in perfect harmony. During Spring and Summer be prepared to listen to the sounds of nature including the symphony of the frog mating season. For more sensitive guests, we provide earplugs so as to ensure a good night's sleep.”  

The suites themselves are super cool and feel very of the place, earthy, organic. Think: Urban Zen meets Tulum. And when I was there, I didn’t hear any mating frogs, but it’s definitely something you should mention to guests. 

As I said, the design of the rooms is all fairly consistent and it’s an aesthetic that I felt worked perfectly here —  laid back, textured, clean, comfortable and super chic. Bathrooms are large, mostly open plan (think: no shower doors) and feel pretty luxe. The resort’s public areas are treated the same way, and the whole place makes you feel sunkissed, beachy, and super relaxed. 

Service throughout was also on point. Everyone was incredibly eager to help and were accommodating and attentive. 


There are three restaurants and two bars on property. There’s also a biological vegetable garden on site, so much of the food property-wide is truly locally sourced.

SEM PORTA is the resort’s fine dining option. It’s also where they serve breakfast, and it’s a beautiful room. The food is great, too. We had dinner here once, and I would say that was probably enough. It’s a bit fancy for me, and I feel like maybe it doesn't jive with the overall vibe, but as I said, the food is terrific and for someone who likes to feel very cared for, the service is insanely good and feels very special. 

THE FOOD CIRCLE is a VERY cool concept. Housed in its own cabana set in the herb garden, it’s a round counter-height counter/table where 12 guests sit around the open fire while the Chef prepares dinner in front of you. It’s a tasting menu with wine pairings and wasn’t open when we were there, but I LOVED the look of it, and I think the concept is super original and interesting.

TASCA DA COMPORTA is the more relaxed restaurant and serves unfussy, real Portuguese dishes. We had lunch here and LOVED it. It’s also an insanely gorgeous space with a giant orange tree growing in the middle of the room.

BOTANICO BAR is right in the middle of the lobby, and while isn't a bar you would sit at necessarily, they have great drinks and snacks and you can sit in any of the amazing lobby areas, and there are also lots of tables outside.

POOL BAR is just what it sounds like, but there’s a great fire pit and on Fridays they do champagne and oysters. Perfection.

I should also mention that there are a whole bunch of fantastic restaurants in the town of Comporta, which is about 15 minutes away from the hotel and I imagine that in-season, the town is super lively in the evenings.


The gym was fine, but good news is that they are building an entirely new one that should be open by May 1. In addition to the typical cardio and weight stuff, they are adding a pilates/yoga studio. There’s also a separate yoga pavilion near the Bio Suites, as well as tennis and paddle courts.

The spa is very Zen and pretty and has a sauna and a steam bath in addition to treatment rooms. 


The piece de resistance for me is the beach club which is a quick 10-minute drive from the resort (there is a shuttle service.) The restaurant here is incredible, so much fresh seafood and the service is impeccable. There is plenty of outdoor seating, but be sure to book that specifically (although the inside is worth a look, too, it’s kind of spectacular). Treat yourself to a dozen oysters and a bottle of Sublime’s own rose. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

The beach itself is ginormous, and the club has 50 sun beds with umbrellas. The billing here is separate from the resort and the beach is public, but they do offer a special rate for guests of 30 EUR per day. They also reserve the front row of beds for hotel guests, but you can reserve your sun beds ahead of time when you make your hotel reservation, and this is something I would HIGHLY encourage as I can only imagine how quickly those 50 sun beds go in the summer. You should also make sure to reserve mels at the beach club as far in advance as possible as that is also open to the public and is one of the most sought after tables in the area.  


We rented a car at the airport in Lisbon (The Little Orange actually organized this, and it was brilliant. The rental company met me in arrivals and took me straight to the car. They also picked it up from the hotel in Lisbon). While there is a shuttle service to the beach, taxis aren't easy to get, especially in summer, so I would recommend a car for anyone heading to Comporta. The roads and highways in Portugal were super easy to navigate, and we explored the area much more easily. Once at the resort, each room has parking, and if you don't want to walk from place to place, staff will get you in golf carts.


Here’s where I get nervous: They are adding 43 Villas to a new property across the street which won’t be done until 2025, so nothing to worry about in the immediate, but that increase will take the entire resort from the current 90 rooms to. 210, which is big. They haven’t yet decided if the new property will have its own amenities or if they will share and if they do share, I can imagine it will lose a lot of the relaxed quality it has now. It also means things at the beach could get super overcrowded. But again, this is far into the future, just something to keep in mind.

Sublime Comporta is also part of Virtuoso

The Lobby / Botanico Bar

bar in the resort

Lunch at Tasca da Comporta

yummy lunch by beach

Private Pool at the 2-bedroom Cabana Suite

Lunch at Comporta Beach Club

beach side by hotel
crab food by beach

The Food Circle

hut by the beach

The Bio Suites

bio hut by the resort

Guest Suite

All of this to say, I truly loved Sublime Comporta. I would go back in a heartbeat, and I think anyone who likes that kind of boho-chic, sustainable, Tulum-y/ Uruguay elevated beach vibe would also love it here. Families would also do well here, the rooms certainly allow for all kinds of configurations and they also offer a few different price points. I would say little (read: not so well-behaved) kids may not be as happy here as at some other truly family-friendly resorts, but there were definitely kids around when I was there and I am guessing that in season there are probably even more. 

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