Sep 6, 2023

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What Can I Expect Working with a Travel Agent? Your Questions, Answered

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    Thinking of booking your next trip with a travel agent? Congratulations: you’ve discovered the very best way to travel – and we promise you’ll never travel the same way again.  

    We could go on and on about why working with a travel agent is the ultimate travel hack (perks! savings! insider intel!). But, since you’re already in on the secret, we’re breaking down what to expect working with a travel agent.

    Read on for answers to your burning questions about booking and planning with a Fora travel advisor - whether it’s your first time, or you’ve already planned a trip with one (love that for you). Plus, we include tips on maximizing your experience and expert guidance from Fora Advisors themselves.

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    First things first, what is a Fora Advisor?

    A Fora Advisor curates, plans and books travel. They can create a trip from scratch or help book a hotel you’ve already decided on, and everything in between. Plus, they can unlock perks and VIP amenities at hotels, resorts & cruises around the world.

    What does a Fora Advisor book?

    It depends on the advisor. Some Fora Advisors focus solely on booking hotels, while others offer the full nine-yards of itinerary planning, including things like airfare or on-the-ground experiences. In addition to hotels, advisors book villas, cruises, yacht charters and tours. Of note, advisors do not book Airbnb stays.

    Do Fora Advisors charge a fee?

    Again, it depends on the advisor and what is being booked. Fora Advisors do not charge a fee for booking with our partner hotels. But for more complex trips like a multi-stop honeymoon, or for details of itinerary planning (like restaurant reservations, tours, drivers), there might be a planning fee involved. Advisors typically charge fees for airfare bookings. These fees are always communicated upfront; ask your advisor for clarification. 

    What's the process like when working with a Fora Advisor?

    Fora Advisors start by getting to know you and your travel preferences, so they can tailor recommendations to your taste, vacation style and budget. Next, they’ll collaborate with you to plan & book your trip, corresponding either over the phone or via email – your preference. Throughout the planning process, you’ll receive 1:1 support and transparent communication (say goodbye to call centers forever). 

    How can I maximize my experience with my advisor?

    Share allll about your travel style – the more your advisor knows, the more personalized recs they can provide. We recommend sharing your general preferences and travel vibe, along with examples of hotels or experiences that you have enjoyed in the past (plus any that you disliked!). Budget is also a key factor; we encourage you to be realistic and transparent about your budget up front, which will make for a smoother experience overall. Money conversations might feel intimidating, but you can rest assured that your advisor is keeping your intel confidential and that a transparent budget conversation helps them better customize your trip.

    You should also share details of who you're traveling with (including names, so your advisor can help personalize experiences) as well their respective preferences. If you’re traveling for a celebration or occasion, that’s also great to share! Advisors will use this intel to help make sure your trip has an extra special attention to detail.

    Looking for more? Check out our tips on using a travel advisor.

    And now, a word from our advisors… What would you like travelers to know before working with you?

    Since advisor earnings come from hotel commissions, they lose out when travelers end up booking a hotel on their own. Please don't ask advisors for recommendations and research, and then “ghost!”

    Booking with a traveler advisor doesn’t mean you can’t use credit card points! We recommend booking your airfare with points and booking your hotel through your advisor (unlocking free upgrades and resort credits).

    Ask questions! If you’re unsure about anything, your advisor is there to support you. The more you communicate with your advisor, the more they can help make sure your trip is A+.

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