Africa & The Middle East

A continent of 54 countries, Africa shares a lifetime of extraordinary travel adventures from Egypt’s ancient wonders and Tanzania’s safari plains, to the cloud forests of Rwanda and the medinas in Morocco.

Doorway to the outside from ancient temple in the Middle East.

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Africa & The Middle East travel tips

Majestic landscapes, transformative adventures, epic urban exploration... Africa offers an incredible, and often intimidating, variety of travel experiences. There are the best places for safari, of course (Tanzania and South Africa), and best locations for outdoor adventure (Victoria Falls, Namibia). North Africa beckons with its once-in-a-lifetime experiences like a visit to the Pyramids or a camel ride in the desert of Morocco. Our advisors can help match you with the perfect safari vacation for your bucket list.

As far as once-in-a-lifetime experiences go, vacations to Africa and the Middle East don’t disappoint. But for its coveted vacations, this region of the world is also home to many developing countries (including several that rely heavily on tourism dollars), and regions that have recently (or are currently) suffering economic and humanitarian challenges. It’s crucial to plan your Africa or Middle East travel with care. For instance, if you’re traveling on safari, we encourage you to stay at a lodge that prioritizes animal conservation, and gives back to the surrounding community. If you’re headed to the Middle East, consider a hotel that employs locals and sources supplies from nearby small businesses, versus a corporate hotel brand. Your Fora advisor can help you make the best choices for your Africa or Middle East vacation, so you can experience the region’s sheer magic in the most responsible way.

Trick question! Unlike other regions, the sheer size of Africa & the Middle East ensure that weather and climate vary dramatically across the continents (just think of the distance between Egypt and South Africa – you get the picture).  So, the best months to visit Africa and the Middle East really depend on your chosen destination, and even more, what types of activities you’re interested in. Seasonality is an important piece of the puzzle, partially due to the fact that seasons in Africa are opposite from North America (our winter is their summer). In addition, seasons dictate animal migration patterns — hello, the Great Migration — which are an important element of planning safari. Be sure to consult with your Fora advisor as you choose your destination and when to go. They can steer you towards the best time of year for your Africa or Middle East trip.

Each country in Africa and the Middle East has its own set of entry and exit requirements. US-based travelers to Tanzania, Rwanda, South Africa and Morocco, for instance, are required to present a negative COVID PCR test to enter the country, regardless of vaccination status. Some countries, such as Egypt, require a tourist visa and other verifications to enter. Your Fora advisor will alert you to your destination’s specific entry and exit requirements, and you can check out the official government websites for more information.