What Are the Benefits of Booking with a Cruise Travel Agent?

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    Cruises are having a moment. From small, intimate river cruises to well-established cruise lines (such as Celebrity Cruises, Disney and Virgin Voyages), there's a water-based vacation for every travel style. But booking a cruise vacation can be tricky. Compared to a resort or hotel booking, there are more moving parts and logistics, which is why it pays to enlist the help of a cruise travel agent. Read on to learn how a cruise travel agent (aka a Fora Advisor) can level-up your cruise vacation.

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    A cruise specialist helps determine the best cruise for you

    Image courtesy of Virgin Voyages

    There are numerous cruise lines to choose from, each with their own style and amenities. Perhaps you're looking for a luxury cruise in the Mediterranean, or maybe you'd prefer a more intimate Norwegian cruise line. Either way, a cruise travel agent can help you determine which cruise line (and even the specific cruise ship) is best for you.

    A cruise travel agent helps you choose the perfect itinerary

    Ketchikan, Alaska

    Just as there are numerous cruise lines to choose from, there are also numerous itineraries to consider. What is the best cruise for a trip to Alaska? What’s the best cruise that departs from Miami before sailing around the Caribbean? What’s the best cruise for a far-flung getaway, like a trip to the Galápagos Islands? A cruise travel agent will be able to answer such questions.

    Cruise travel agents navigate pricing for you

    Fora Advisor Swaylah Faroqi

    Pricing for cruises can be a bit difficult to navigate. Most cruises are all-inclusive, but what this rate entails can vary between cruise lines. On a Virgin Voyages cruise ship, for instance, all meals, non-alcoholic drinks, gratuities, entertainment, Wi-Fi and even group workouts are included in the upfront lump sum. (Learn more about why we’re obsessed with Virgin Voyages.)

    Princess Cruises, in contrast, offers distinct packages, each of which includes different amenities. Higher-tiered packages unlock extras like fitness classes, unlimited juice bar access and “premium” dining options. An advisor can help delineate which package offers the best price for your specific preferences.

    Learn more about how to become a travel agent.

    Cruise specialists help you choose the best cabin

    Image courtesy of Virgin Voyages

    Then there are cabins to think about, too. Although one can typically view the cruise ship’s layout beforehand, it’s difficult to know which accommodation category to choose — and not all cabins are created equally. Opting for the wrong type of cabin can ruin a traveler’s cruising experience. It’s better to rely on the expertise of someone who knows which quarters to book, and which to avoid.

    Cruise travel agents help you make the most of shore excursions

    Lisbon, Portugal, a common port of call

    One of the best parts of the cruising experience is seeing different locations around the world. Shore excursions matter, and a cruise specialist can help travelers make the most of these (often brief) land-based adventures. First-time travelers, and even returning cruisers, may struggle with ports of call, where passengers disembark before exploring a certain location. It can be nerve-wracking to budget enough time to enjoy a shore excursion and return to the ship before it sails to the next port. Having someone walk you through the process makes all the difference.

    Cruise travel agents take the stress out of travel planning

    Fora Advisor Gaya Vinay

    An advisor helps eliminate much (if not all) of the stress that can accompany cruise travel planning, especially with so many variables to account for. (Many cruise ships even require guests to choose specific dining times.) And although cruises don’t offer traditional perks and upgrades that many of Fora’s preferred partners do, having a direct line of contact with the cruise ship will inevitably enhance your cruising experience. Since you won’t be considered a number amid the masses, you will more likely be treated as a VIP. Plus, cruise travel agents receive access to exclusive deals before anyone else, and can pass them along to their clients.

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