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Our Top 22 Advisor-Curated Travel Guides of 2022

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Fora’s diverse network of travel advisors are united by not only their passion for travel (of course), but their pitch-perfect expertise on destinations around the globe. They know the in’s and outs’ of countless cities, regions, hotels and pursuits — from foodie to adventurous — and curate insider travel guides on the destinations they love. These guides include all the best hidden gems, must-see sights, unique dining experiences and stunning hotels (complete with Fora perks) designed to help you get the most out of your trip.

As the year’s end approaches, we’re celebrating our advisors' expertise by spotlighting a few of the most popular travel guides — 22 for 2022. (Choosing these was no easy task, mind you, as there are over 500 hyper-local guides that are all worth a read). From a gastronomic getaway in San Sebastián to epic deep-sea dives, read on to discover our top 22 guides of 2022.

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Viva España

Local’s Guide to The Best of Madrid

“Madrid is full of life. I've spent lots of time wandering its laughter-filled streets while living here and taking a Spanish immersion course. Madrileños are kind and welcoming, and their attitude toward life is contagious. It is more of a local city, and the longer you’re there, the more it will pull you in.”

- Fora Advisor Jessica Pena

Hidden gem: Cine Doré Cinema — a beautiful little cinema that plays old, old movies. Each month has a different schedule, and each viewing goes for about €3 a ticket!

Check out Jessica's local's guide to the best of Madrid and book your trip to Madrid:

The Perfect 7-Day Itinerary for Asturias, Spain

“When you come to Asturias, it looks like you're in a jungle – hence it being called Green Spain. With its moss-covered rocks, Asturias feels like you're out of touch with the rest of the world in a beautiful way. Spanish locals go there if they want to get away from everything that reminds them of the city.”

- Fora Advisor Yahnny Adolfo San Luis

Don’t miss: Whitewater rafting in Picos de Europa, followed by a climb to the majestic Lakes of Covadonga.

Check out Yahnny's Asturias, Spain itinerary and book your trip to Spain:

Adventure & Food Guide to San Sebastián Beach in Basque Country

“If you go to the Basque Country, you see a unique culture in this one little area – a distinct mix of French and Spanish culture. Base yourself in San Sebastian, the region’s food capital, for this trip that covers the best of the surrounding areas.”

- Fora Advisor Katherine Hurley

Don’t miss: Mercado la Bretxa and Mercado de San Martin to taste-test local Basque delicacies. You’ll find everything from fruits and vegetables to delicious pastries. 

Check out Katherine's San Sebastián Beach itinerary and book your trip to Spain:

Also check out our guide to the best places to visit in Spain for first-timers.

Far-Flung Getaways

Culture and Relaxation: A 10-Day Morocco Itinerary

“Morocco has a strong sense of place, from the Islamic holy capital of Fès to the bustling and cosmopolitan Marrakech. You'll find adventure and stunning scenery in Morocco's desert oases, Saharan encampments, Berber villages in the High Atlas Mountains and scenic coastal towns.”

- Fora Advisor Janine Yu

Local gem: Amaraz Restaurant — enjoy the romantic oriental songs performed by the luth player as you sample Lebanese and Moroccan cuisines.

Check out Janine's 10-day Morocco itinerary and book your trip to Morocco:

The Perfect Two-Week Itinerary to South Africa and Mozambique

“A two-week getaway to South Africa and Mozambique is perfect for a honeymoon and/or bucket-list wildlife adventure. It features a little bit of everything, from city exploration in Cape Town to wine tours, safari game rides and relaxation on the pristine, white-sand beaches of Mozambique.”

- Fora Advisor Jill Marie

Must-stay: Leopard Hills — a canopy-style hotel in the western sector of the Sabi Sand Game Reserve.

Check out Jill's two-week South Africa itinerary and book your trip to South Africa and Mozambique:

Guide to Marrakech, Morocco

“Marrakech is a city you can’t get bored of, with its hammams, colorful souks, countryside, dunes and more.”

- Fora Advisor Travis Tiffany

Local gem: Barometre — a mixology center with some of the most beautiful and creative cocktails, plus incredible food.  

Check out Travis' guide to Marrakech, Morocco and book your trip to Marrakech:

Taste of Tanzania with a Zanzibar Beach Break

“Get the best out of an African getaway by booking both a safari in Tanzania and an all-inclusive beach vacation in Zanzibar. These two destinations jam-pack the essence of eastern Africa and all of its beauty into what can be a one-week trip.”

- Fora Advisor Jeff Willy

Must-stay: Meliá Serengeti Lodge — a hotel itself worth the journey.

Check out Jeff's Zanzibar, Tanzania itinerary and book your trip to Tanzania:

History, Architecture and Fine Dining in Istanbul

“Turkey’s capital physically and culturally bridges Asia and Europe. You won’t run out of historical or cultural places to visit here!”

- Fora Advisor Ellie Zade

Must-stay: Six Senses Istanbul — a pampering spa resort housed in two waterfront mansions.

Check out Ellie's guide to history, architecture and fine dining in Istanbul and book your trip to Turkey:

The Culture Enthusiast’s Naoshima Travel Guide

“Naoshima is all about art and the experiences created around it. There are so many to choose from, and the small size of the island makes it easy to visit them all.”

- Fora Advisor David Rosenberg

Local gem: Mikazukishoten — a small coffee stand near the ferry station. The place is adorable and the coffee is A+++.

Check out David's Naoshima itinerary and book your trip to Japan:

Family Trip to Italy: A 10-Day Itinerary

“Italy is full of history, amazing art, beautiful scenery and — it goes without saying — fantastic food. For those traveling with young ones, Italy is a country that treats children wonderfully, making this one of my favorite places to visit. With an efficient train system, traveling between cities like Rome and Florence is both easy and relaxing. Every time I go to Italy, I learn something new, each experience wildly different.”

- Deb Swacker

Must-stay: Hotel Eden — all-out luxury near Trevi Fountain, with 98 rooms that feel like upscale residences, plus knockout views from the Michelin-starred restaurant.

Check out Deb's 10-day Italy itinerary and book your trip to Italy:

Adrenaline-pumping Adventures

Best Diving Destinations Around the World by Month

“Each diving spot offers a plethora of exploration opportunities at any time across the year. But, as we live in a seasonal climate, there are high and low seasons at every destination. Read this month-to-month guide to diving across the world at the right place and time for optimal sights and experiences.”

- Fora Advisor Arlette Diederiks

Must-stay: COMO Laucala Island — an Edenic hideaway in the South Pacific with just 25 traditional Fijian bungalows, its own organic farm and impossibly beautiful white-sand beaches.

Check out Arlette's guide to the best diving destinations around the world and book your diving trip:

Luxury, Food & Adventure in São Miguel Island

“With its striking landscape and natural beauty, São Miguel is a must-see destination, offering a unique getaway with so much to explore, see and do, including hiking, diving, surfing, biking, golfing, kayaking, canoeing, whale-watching and more.”

- Fora Advisor Deborah Collier

Don’t miss: São Miguel Thermal Baths & Natural Pools — make sure to visit at low tide.

Check out Deborah's São Miguel Island itinerary and book your trip to Portugal:

5-Day Itinerary to Explore Iceland’s Natural Beauty

“Take a pause from real life in a destination full of breathtaking scenery, from beautiful waterfalls to lagoons, geysers, icebergs, puffins and more.”

- Fora Advisor Rabia Malik

Don’t miss: Thermal Pools — unwind at the thermal pools of the Secret Lagoon near the village of Flúðir. If you're lucky, you can see the Northern Lights while taking a soak!

Check out Rabia's 5-day itinerary to explore Iceland's natural beauty and book your trip to Iceland:

A Two-Week Safari and Mount Kilimanjaro Summit Adventure in Tanzania

“Tanzania is an explorer’s and nature lover’s heaven. The country offers a chance to get close to all of its wildlife and feel like David Attenborough. This guide comprises various game drives, national parks and a six-day ascent up Kilimanjaro.”

- Fora Advisor Kim Walters

Don’t miss: Ngorongoro Crater —  the world's largest inactive, intact and unfilled volcanic crater, also home to over 20,000 animals.

Check out Kim's guide to a two-week safari and Mount Kilimanjaro summit adventure in Tanzania and book your trip to Tanzania:

Looking for even more adventure? Check out our list of the Best Adventure Resorts Around the World.

North American Escapes

Rich History & Incredible Nightlife of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

“San Juan is a city rich in history, architecture and, of course, incredible eats. Old San Juan and its historic center, is known for pastel-hued houses that line its cobblestone streets featuring fun bars, boutique shopping and a plethora of Caribbean-fusion restaurants. It is on these streets that internationally-ranked Reggaeton is born, where salsa and merengue are danced at all times of the night, where mofongo (plantain mash) smells fill the alleyways and life is lived a little bit more intensely.”

- Fora Advisor Jackie Garaffa

Local gem: Ajo Del País — dine with the locals at this authentic joint.

Check out Jackie's guide to nightlife in Old San Juan and book your trip to San Juan:

Looking to extend your trip to San Juan? Check out more of the best areas to stay in Puerto Rico.

Best Things to Do in Juneau, Alaska

"I believe everyone needs to experience Alaska at least once in their lifetime — whether on a cruise or from a land-based vacation. The stunning state boasts so many bucket-list worthy things to do."

- For Advisor Kristine Weiss

Must-do: Visit the Macaulay Salmon Hatchery to learn about the salmon life cycle and spawning. In season, you will see the adult salmon swimming up the fish ladder. Eagles also tend to swoop in for a salmon.  

Check out Kris' guide to the best things to do in Juneau, Alaska and book your trip to Alaska:

Guide to a Girl's Getaway in Portland, Maine

“Portland, Maine, is a lively coastal town perfect for a weekend away with your girlfriends. Indulging in its cuisine and excellent shopping, visit its lovely beaches and explore a variety of outdoor activities like lighthouses, cruises and hikes, all just outside of town.”

- Fora Advisor Amy Barraclough

Local gem: Solo Italiano — authentic, Italian, award-winning restaurant serving farm-to-table fare. 

Check out Amy's itinerary for a girls' trip to Maine and book your trip to Maine:

Off Season in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

“Rehoboth Beach has always felt like a second home to me. I've outlined some of my recommendations on the best things to do there, especially during the off season (fall, winter and spring). This guide offers a glimpse into this beautiful Delaware beach town!”

- Fora Advisor Alli Kozloff

Local gem: Thrasher’s French Fries — yes, there is an entire restaurant focused on french fries, and yes, you should go. 

Check out Alli's guide to off-season in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and book your trip to Delaware:

Oregon’s Best-Kept Secret: Columbia River Gorge

“Just 20 miles east of Portland, Oregon, the stunning Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area has it all, with sky-high waterfalls, miles of forested hiking trails and stunning vista points along the way. The scenic town of Hood River is the beating heart of the Gorge. It has a fun, family-friendly vibe with a host of water sport rentals available in the summer. It's also known as a foodie’s paradise with an array of local bakeries, breweries, fine dining and everything in-between — all thanks to a vast, verdant valley filled with vineyards and fruit orchards at the foot of the majestic Mount Hood.”

- Fora Advisor Tammy Bux

Must-stay: The Nines, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Portland — your heart-of-the-action pick in Portland, with a statement atrium lobby and farm-to-table restaurant.

Check out Tammy's guide to Oregon's best-kept secret: Columbia River Gorge and book your trip to Oregon:

Best Wineries, Activities & Restaurants in Healdsburg, CA

“Healdsburg, built around a town square, oozes charm and is full of winery tasting rooms, excellent restaurants — many of which have Michelin stars — cute boutiques and art galleries. If you want to venture outside of town, there are numerous wineries and nature trails for hiking and biking. It’s a perfect long weekend getaway for all four seasons.”

- Fora Advisor Nadia Bess

Local gem: SingleThread Farm Restaurant — named the 37th best restaurant in the world (and one boasting three Michelin stars, no less). If you are able to snag a table at this, this is an experience you will not forget. Their nearby farm grows and creates all of their produce, honey, eggs and olive oil to use in the restaurant’s ten course tasting menu. 

Check out Nadia's guide to the best wineries in Healdsburg and book your trip to California:

Wellness Retreat in Tulum, Mexico

“Tulum, Mexico has become a hot spot for its bohemian lifestyle, yoga retreats, impeccable dining experiences, high-end boutiques, nightlife, snorkeling and  ancient Mayan ruins. While many guests come here for one of its formidable techno parties, its wellness side offers a bounty of beauty for the conscious traveler.”

- Fora Advisor Jenny Ballou

Local gem: Hartwood — a sustainable restaurant with an ever-evolving menu. Each dish is cooked over an open fire by hand, and everything that keeps the restaurant running — lights, music — is powered entirely by solar energy. 

Check out Jenny's wellness retreat in Tulum, Mexico itinerary and book your trip to Tulum:

Family Adventure in Moab, Utah

“The closest feeling you can have to what it must be like on Mars is visiting Moab. For the adventurous family, it’s a perfect road-trip destination, and the hiking is incredible, especially around sunrise and sunset. Moab feels very remote, so you can disconnect completely.”

- Fora Advisor Gaya Vinay

Must-do: Hiking in Arches National Park — watch the sunrise and, later, go stargazing for a remarkably clear night sky.

Check out Gaya's Utah family adventure itinerary and book your trip to Utah:

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