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Former expat, currently living in ATL. I am an adventure travel enthusiast who enjoys being part of the 'finer things club' wife and friends don't complain when I book travel.

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I love exploring local, off-the-beaten path finds – especially if it involves exercise followed by good food and drink. While I prefer boutique accommodations, I'm not opposed to the mainstream, as long as it's nice, of course.

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Travis did a great job of keeping us informed and sent a detailed itinerary. Very complete.

Travis was the perfect travel agent for us for this trip! We weren't sure if we needed a travel agent at first, but when we had our first conversation with Travis about both Portugal and Morocco, it was clear he was going to be super helpful. The hotel recommendations were fantastic! And all the restaurant recommendations and things to do were extremely helpful considering I didn't have any time to plan! We had some of our best meals thanks to Travis.

Travis is a one of a kind agent- he considers the preferences/personalities/travel style of his clients and considers every detail when recommending an itinerary. He has yet to lead us astray. We loved every single accommodation and tour on our most recent trip. Every dining experience, from fancy Michelin star restaurants to local street food establishments frequented by locals, was delicious. We will continue to use Travis for all of our future vacations!

Travis did an amazing job! He made the hotel booking process seamless by providing great options for us to choose from and handling it all for us. His restaurant recommendations were totally on point - I think we took him up on almost all of them and had an amazing experience at each one. He did a great job recommending restaurants across a range of price points and experiences, which was appreciated. The private room at Jansz was definitely a highlight and wonderful surprise. We often referenced the itinerary Travis made for us, which was really helpful in outlining what we would do each day. All in all I felt very well prepared and supported going into and during the trip. Thank you Travis for all you did to make sure we had a memorable experience!

Advisor - Travis Tiffany

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Travis Tiffany