Adventure & Food Guide to San Sebastian Beach in Basque Country

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Advisor - Katherine Hurley
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Katherine Hurley

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Bird's eye view of La Concha Bay in San Sebastian.
Curator’s statement

When people want to go to Spain, they typically go to popular areas like Madrid and Andalucia. But if you go to the Basque Country, you see a unique culture that’s just in this one little area. It's a mix of French and Spanish culture, but is its own, distinct culture. You can base yourself in San Sebastian, the food capital of the Basque region, for this trip that covers the best of the surrounding areas.

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Where to stay in San Sebastian

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Things to do in San Sebastian

A natural forest in El Camino de Santiago that exemplifies the history of the city.

From exploring Santa Clara Island and La Zurriola beach to touring San Sebastian Old Town and dining at a Michelin star restaurant, this Basque Country resort town has a lot to offer. San Sebastian beach vacation is perfect for anyone looking to enjoy the sun and the beautiful culture of Spain.

Enjoy the beaches

There are three beaches in San Sebastian: Ondarreta Beach, La Concha and Zurriola Beach. Ondarreta Beach is to the west of San Sebastian and is surrounded by two mountains. It has the Monte Igueldo that you can go up for incredible views of the city. (You can also take the funicular up.) Rent a "toldo" for a beach day on Ondarreta Beach. These are little tents for rent on the beach. Go early in the morning and you can rent them for the day. You can leave it and you can come back anytime you want to. 

La Concha Bay features beaches, an island, and shops, making a perfect beach to visit for all your desires. The island is located in the middle of La Concha Beach, and it breaks the waves, so the surrounding beaches are beautiful, calm, and serene.

El Camino de Santiago

I also recommend doing a walking tour along the El Camino de Santiago with a guide so that you can immerse yourself in the history of the destination; you’ll have a much richer experience. There are a ton of walking tours to choose from, and I’m happy to chat with you to find one that’s the right fit for your style. Typically, they last about three hours, and you’ll see ancient aqueducts and an incredible forest as you learn the history of the pilgrimage.

Places to eat & drink in San Sebastian

Shopping and dining at the shops of La Concha Bay in San Sebastian.


Visit the Mercado la Bretxa and Mercado de San Martin to taste test local Basque delicacies. You’ll find everything from fruits and vegetables to delicious pastries. They're always willing to give you samples of things.

Pintxos-hopping tour

I highly recommend taking a self-guided Pintxos-hopping tour: Each place specializes in a dish. This is why people "pintxo-hop" to try all the different specialties. 

In the Old Town, go to Goiz Argui (known for their shrimp), El Tamboril, Txepela, Astelena, La Cepa, La Viña and Casa Vergara

In the Gros Quarter, get a pintxo at Aloña Berri, Bergara Bar and La Vinateria de Gros.


Arzak: A famous Michelin-starred restaurant where reservations are often needed up to six months in advance.

Akelarre: A fish-forward Michelin-starred restaurant that serves creative plates. Reservations needed.

Casa Nicolasa: A place to have pintxo-like dishes as meals.


Txakoli: This is a local white sparkling wine made in the Basque hill country about 30 minutes from San Sebastian. Go for a wine tasting.

Advisor - Katherine Hurley

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