Endless Adventure: 4-Day Itinerary in The Faroe Islands

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Advisor - Caitlin Comiskey
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Caitlin Comiskey

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an island of green fields with a small village and grass covered cliffs over the ocean
Curator’s statement

There aren't many locations in the world that are still mysterious. When I visited the Faroe Islands, it was the first time in a long time that I felt like I had stumbled upon untreaded territory, like I had discovered a secret no one knew about. This place, along with the Faroese people, instill a unique combination of total peace, and an invigorating sense of adventure. The jaw dropping landscapes have the capacity to awaken something inside of you that you may have previously thought to be gone... I have no doubts that the spirit of the Faroe Islands is something you will carry with you long after you've left.

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Where to stay

Day 1: Arrive in Torshavn

dramatic single waterfall off a grassy cliff into the ocean on a cloudy day at sundown

First things first, I highly recommend getting your own rental car. The area is definitely remote, and it is so much easier to get around if you have your own transportation. Depending on what time you arrive, I'd recommend crossing Mulafossur Waterfall off your list. It is only a 15-minute drive from the airport and the views put Icelandic waterfalls to shame. There is a small parking area nearby so you can easily walk down the path to get the best views of the cliffside waterfall.

Once you are settled in at Hotel Brandan, stretch your legs, and enjoy the quick twenty-minute walk to downtown Torshavn. Grab dinner near the pier at Katrina Christiansen - just be sure to make reservations in advance!

Day 2: Explore the islands

a small white church next to a calm lake within mountain range with sheep grazing in the grass in the foreground on an overcast day

Now that you have had a good nights sleep, and enjoyed the full breakfast buffet at Hotel Brandan, it's time to get on the road and explore the islands. Pick out your best playlist and enjoy the ride.

First stop: Hike to Lake Sorvagsvatn! It is a 40-minute drive from the hotel, but quite frankly, the views make it feel like 5 minutes. The hike itself is at most an hour there and an hour back.

Next stop: Saksun Church. From the parking lot at Sorvagsvatn to the village of Saksun is about a 50 minute drive. There is a beautiful old church with a grass covered roof over looking a lake. It is a quite charming village that is simply too picturesque to pass up.

Next stop: Fossa Waterfall. Another 30 minutes down the road you will pass by another beautiful waterfall. It is along the road, but it a great place to stop, have a snack and perhaps walk up the path to the waterfall if you are feeling extra adventurous.

Last stop of the day: Gjogv. Just 34 minutes further and there is a beautiful village by the name of Gjogv that is well known for it's sea filled gorge. After you've had some time to take in the scenery, do yourself a favor and stop at Gjaargardur Guesthouse for dinner. My husband and I found this place accidentally and had the best mushroom bruschetta and seafood pasta of our lives. Our waitress actually told us that the cook there was currently training to work at the Faroe Islands only Michelin star restaurant, KOKS.

If you are interested in dining at the two Michelin star restaurant KOKS, they have relocated to Greenland until 2024 while they renovate their site in the Faroe Islands. In the meantime, check out Barbara Fish House or Aarastova in Torshavn. Again, be sure to make reservations in advance!

Day 3: Mykines Island

small moss grass and moss houses nestled in green hills with a blue sky

Considering you had a full day on the road yesterday, let someone else take the reins this time and book a tour to go see Mykines Island. I booked via guidetofaroeislands.fo - the tour is an all day affair, about 10 hours. They offer hotel pickup so getting to the island is hassle free. Mykines is a beautiful small island where only about 11 people actually live year round. It is most well known for having the greatest puffin colony, but there is plenty of beautiful hiking as well. Keep in mind this tour is only available June through August.

Day 4: Kallur Lighthouse

small white lighthouse perched on a dramatic bright green grass covered cliff over the deep blue ocean

My personal favorite destination in the Faroe Islands is the hike to Kallur Lighthouse, located on the island of Kalsoy. Fun fact, this location was used in the James Bond movie No Time to Die. Now I will warn you that getting to this location takes some coordination, but I promise you it is absolutely worth every ounce of effort.

From Hotel Brandan, you have to drive 45 minutes to Klaksvik, then you take the car ferry to Syoradalur. Make sure you show up as early as possible because there are only about 8 spots available per ride. From Syoradalur, it is a twenty minute drive to Trollanes where the hike to Kallur Lighthouse is located. The hike itself isn't very long, about 45 to 60 minutes to the top. I would recommend packing lunch that day so you can enjoy your own personal picnic up at the top and give yourself an opportunity to really soak in the scenery. Getting the privledge to witness the most dramatic cliffsides on Earth in real life was truly one of those "pinch me" moments.

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