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Where to Stay in Milan, Italy’s Ritzy Fashion Capital

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Need to know where to stay in Milan, Italy’s gorgeous fashion capital? We’ve got you covered: from Centro Storico’s liveliest neighborhoods to the historic Porta Romana, we’re breaking down the best places to stay in Milan, Italy.

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The 5 best places to stay in Milan, Italy:

While dozens of world-class luxury brands from Prada to Versace got their start in Milan, the city isn’t just one of the best places to stay in Italy because of its stellar reputation in the fashion world. Milan is a dynamic, cosmopolitan metropolis that blends a rich historic heritage with contemporary Italian culture and design. 

Milan is simultaneously Italy’s financial hub...and one of the coolest places to catch a glimpse of Italy’s storied history through prestigious museums and cultural centers. So, where should you stay in Milan? Read on for our favorite neighborhoods (or, if you’re looking for things to do in Milan, check out our complete guide).

1. Brera & Sempione, Centro Storico: where to stay in Milan for history architecture enthusiasts

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Teeming with stunning architecture, upscale boutiques and trendy cafés, Brera and Sempione are the best areas to stay in Milan’s Centro Storico (or Zona 1) district. 

While technically separate neighborhoods, the two are linked by an elegant ambiance. Brera’s bustling cobblestone streets house dozens of sidewalk restaurants and stylish boutiques before giving way to Sempione’s quiet botanical park and grandiose monuments. There’s plenty for art and culture junkies to enjoy, from the Brera Pinacoteca gallery to the Arco della Pace archway and Sforzesco Castle. Better yet, both neighborhoods also offer convenient access to many of Milan’s coolest attractions. 

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2. Navigli & Tortona: where to stay in Milan for nightlife & Design Week

Southwest of Milan’s Centro Storico, you’ll find the neighborhoods of Navigli and Tortona bisected by the Naviglio Grande canal. 

Both areas exemplify Milan’s dedication to art and fashion, albeit from complementary perspectives: Navigli celebrates the best of vintage fashion and boutique shopping. But Tortona is much more focused on avant-garde styles and new-age innovation — which also happens to be why it’s the setting for Milan’s Design Week every year (and just one more reason Milan is among the best places to visit in Italy).

Together, the twin neighborhoods celebrate Milan’s artistic culture, serving as a haven for local and international artists alike. This has led to an awesome and vibrant nightlife and gastronomy featuring exciting bars, pubs and restaurants, especially along the canal areas.

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Ultimately, Navigli and Tortona are where to stay in Milan to best experience the city’s love affair with all things fashionable and artful.

3. Porta Nuova, Porta Garibaldi & Chinatown: the best areas to stay in Milan to experience the city’s modern revival

Porta Nuova and Porta Garibaldi have undergone a dramatic transformation over the past couple of decades, reinventing northern Milan as a bastion of contemporary Milanese culture and architecture. 

Porta Nuova is also one of Milan’s most critical financial districts, so this may be where to stay in Milan if you’re traveling for business. (And since the two areas are well connected to the rest of the city, you’ll easily be able to explore during your time off!)

Nearby you’ll find Milan’s Chinatown, which, today, is better described as a multi-cultural district that celebrates the city’s increasing diversity. That said, the Chinatown area is renowned for its unique take on Cantonese cuisine, which has roots in the early 20th century when the neighborhood did in fact host a large Chinese population. 

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4. Central Station Area (a.k.a. Stazione Centrale): where to stay in Milan for convenience & options

Milan’s Central Station area may not have the same kind of allure as Centro Storico (it’s definitely still nice!), but as the city’s primary transportation hub, it does offer convenience. This is especially true if you’re visiting multiple destinations, as the Central Station Area not only connects Milan to the rest of Italy, but to much of Europe, as well.

You’ll find a wide variety of accommodations here, ranging from affordable boutique hotels (check out the coolest boutique hotels in Italy) to uber-luxurious, five-star resorts. 

Best of all, even though this neighborhood is technically removed from the city’s central district, you’re still close to many of Milan’s top attractions.

5. Porta Romana: where to stay in Milan for a lived-in atmosphere

Porta Romana offers a unique experience among the city’s most traveled districts. While still very popular among travelers, Porta Romana has a more authentic and laid-back feel to it. It’s one of the best places to stay in Milan if you’re looking for a quieter base without sacrificing convenient access to the rest of the city. 

Note that we said “quieter,” as this up-and-coming neighborhood has been the site of a nightlife renaissance of sorts, with a variety of upscale bars and restaurants taking root. Still, the nightlife is fairly relaxed compared to, say, Navigli.

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