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Where to Stay in Tuscany, From Florence to Siena

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From seas of rolling hills topped with quiet vineyards and olive groves to historic cities filled with brilliant architecture, Tuscany earns its reputation as Italy’s most scenic region. Of course, so many great options only make deciding where to stay in Tuscany that much harder.

Worry not, though: we’re breaking down the best places to stay in Tuscany, Italy from its capital of Florence to the charming medieval city of Siena. 

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The 4 best places to stay in Tuscany, Italy’s scenic & storied wine country

For many, Tuscany (and by extension, Florence) is one of the best places to visit in Italy for the first time. It has everything you could want from a vacation to Italy: delicious gastronomy (just check out our Tuscany foodie itinerary), great natural beauty, a rich culture…you get the idea. 

On the other hand, figuring out where to stay in Tuscany can be difficult to narrow down. There’s a lot to see, and not every traveler can spend weeks taking in all the sights and experiences Tuscany offers.

So: here’s a quick guide to the four best places to stay in Tuscany, Italy to help you make an informed decision. (And remember, Fora can help you decide where to stay with tailored recommendations and complimentary perks at the best hotels in Tuscany.)

1. Florence: where to stay in Tuscany for art, culture & all things Renaissance

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We’ve already noted that Florence is one of the best places to visit in Italy, but this magical city is worth highlighting twice. Florence is widely credited as the birthplace of the Renaissance, and centuries later, that heritage is evident in the ornate art and architecture on full display on every street and monument throughout the city. 

As Tuscany’s capital, there’s perhaps no better place to sample the full breadth of Tuscan cuisine as well as more of an international menu, especially other European styles (check out our foodie’s guide to Florence).

Florence is also home to Tuscany’s most lively nightlife — although, if you’re looking for a truly electric experience, you may want to consider the best places to stay in Milan or Rome, as Florence is fairly tame compared to these Italian destinations. Florence is, after all, more of a cultural destination than a party town (not that there’s anything wrong with that!).

Above all, Florence is where to stay in Tuscany to explore prestigious art galleries, museums and Renaissance architecture. 

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2. Pisa & Lucca: where to stay in Tuscany to see Italy’s iconic leaning tower

Okay, Pisa is more than its namesake Leaning Tower, one of the more unique places to visit in Italy. Like many cities and towns throughout Tuscany, stunning architecture and monuments are found throughout the city, as are great Tuscan eateries, cocktail bars and, of course, a bevy of art museums and galleries dedicated to Italy's past. 

Nearby Lucca is a fun, laid-back city that doesn’t draw nearly as many travelers as Tuscany’s larger cities, so it’s a great off-the-beaten-path destination. You’ll still find many of the allures of Tuscany in Lucca, but the lack of crowds (compared to Florence and Siena, anyway) makes it a more manageable destination for, say, families that want to use the city as a base to explore the region.

3. Siena: the best place to stay in Tuscany for enthusiasts of Gothic architecture

Siena tends to get outshined by Florence, which, again, is widely seen as one of the best places to stay in Italy, but we see this as an injustice. Siena’s incredibly well-preserved medieval castles, cathedrals and narrow, brick streets are just as worthy of exploration. 

There may not be a better example of Gothic architecture in Central Italy than the Piazza del Campo, a walled plaza with medieval turrets and towers all built within the shadow of the 13th-century Palazzo Pubblico keep, which now serves as Siena’s Civic Museum.

Siena’s central location and plentiful accommodations — including a few of our favorite hotels in Italy — make it an excellent base for day trips into the Tuscan countryside and nearby villages. This is especially true for travelers interested in a mix of urban and more outdoorsy experiences, as Siena’s smaller size (compared to Florence) makes it easier to leave the confines of urban life to enjoy Tuscany’s gorgeous natural landscapes.

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4. Arezzo: a quiet, less-traveled city to visit in Tuscany

Like Lucca, Arezzo doesn’t grab many headlines, but that’s its appeal. This charming city has a similar, albeit quieter vibe to Siena because of its abundance of medieval Gothic architecture and landmarks, like the Medicean Fortress and Basilica di San Francesco. 

However, Arezzo’s quiet ambiance is often disrupted by its monthly antique fairs — which draw travelers from all over Italy and Europe — as well as an annual jousting tournament — the Giostra del Saracino — that dates back to the 16th century.

But perhaps best of all, Arezzo is where to stay in Tuscany to explore small towns throughout Central Italy. 

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