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The Best Places to Visit in Italy: 5 Exciting Destinations

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Venice, Rome, Milan…the best places to visit in Italy exemplify the country’s rich culture and history in some of the most beautiful settings in Europe. 

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Venice to Milan: the 5 best places to visit in Italy

Ready for some exciting travel inspiration? Here are the five best places to visit in Italy.

1. Venice: one of the most romantic places to visit in Italy

A truly unique place to visit in Italy, Venice forgoes drivable streets for labyrinthian pathways and grand canals. Here you can enjoy romantic rides through Venice’s waterways while ogling Venetian architecture to the tune of gondoliers singing in their native tongue.

While most Italian cities are walkable, Venice takes it to another level. The “Floating City” is one of the best places to visit in Italy for travelers who love to take in the sights on foot. Leisurely strolls through the city’s alleys and plazas reveal charming surprises around nearly every corner, making Venice a destination where getting lost in the magic is enchanting and delightful (see our 3-day Venice itinerary for more ideas, too).

Check out our guide to where to stay in Venice? Or book and plan your trip with Fora for personalized, expert suggestions.

2. Rome: the best place to visit in Italy for history & architecture enthusiasts

Rome is arguably the best place to stay in Italy for first timers, as well as history and architecture junkies. 

As a massive cosmopolitan city, you can sample virtually any aspect of contemporary Italian culture in Rome: great food, exciting nightlife…you name it (or read about them in our guide to 10 unique things to do in Rome). 

At the same time, much of Rome feels like a living museum — which makes sense considering some of its structures date back to the founding of the Roman Kingdom (long before it became the Roman Empire) almost 3,000 years ago. Few places in the world are so densely packed with monuments and exhibits to significant events in human history, making Rome a fascinating place to visit.

Check out our guide for where to stay in Rome, along with all the best places to visit in Italy for first timers.

3. Florence & Tuscany: the best places to go in Italy for art enthusiasts & to experience the Italian countryside

Florence is an amazing destination to see some of the world’s most renowned works of art. Both the Uffizi Gallery and The Accademia Gallery of Florence, for instance, host some of the most impressive collections of Renaissance-era art in the world — and there are many more museums worth visiting, all devoted to various periods of artistic history. 

Of course, Florence is exciting for reasons beyond its artistic prominence — the city has a vibrant nightlife, amazing gastronomy and more. Florence is also the gateway to the Italian region of Tuscany, home to incredible wineries, gorgeous natural scenery…you get the idea. Together, Florence and Tuscany are Italy's best places to visit to experience both Italy’s vibrant urban life as well as the allure of the Italian countryside.

Our guides to where to stay in Florence and where to stay in Tuscany offer a snapshot of some of the coolest places to visit in Italy. Or, connect with Fora for tailored recommendations (and VIP travel perks).

4. Amalfi Coast: one of the best places to visit in Italy to enjoy Mediterranean beaches & explore quiet coastal villages

Possibly the best place to stay in Italy to enjoy the beach, the Amalfi Coast is a stunning region regarded for its beautiful, turquoise waters and laid-back vibe. 

About an hour’s drive south of Naples (BTW: read our guide if you’re wondering where to stay in Naples, Italy), you’ll find colorful villages, breathtaking vistas and plenty of things to do. Snorkel around the Sirenuse islands, hike the Path of the Gods, enjoy a sunset cruise…if you want to know where to visit in Italy for adventure and relaxation, the Amalfi Coast is a great choice.

5. Milan: the coolest, most fashion-forward place to visit in Italy

Ritzy, fashionable, electric: Milan is the coolest place to visit in Italy for both the designer-ware-obsessed and travelers who have a taste for the finer things in life. 

This is where to visit in Italy to shop upscale brands like Prada and Valentino, enjoy fine Italian dining and, on an underrated note, get pampered at some of the best spas in Europe. Milan also has a diverse and exciting nightlife ranging from classy cocktail lounges to an uber-lively club scene, as well as an awesome gastronomy to explore (check out the local food and culture in Milan)

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