3 Days in Frankfurt, Germany Itinerary

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Advisor - Lindsay Vaughn
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Buildings in Frankfurt, Germany, are a captivating blend of contemporary architecture and historic landmarks.
Curator’s statement

Frankfurt, a dynamic city in the heart of Germany that effortlessly blends modernity with centuries-old traditions. From soaring skyscrapers to historic landmarks, Frankfurt offers a diverse and captivating experience for every traveler. Whether you're enchanted by history, captivated by modern architecture, or eager to indulge in cultural experiences, Frankfurt promises an unforgettable journey that celebrates the best of both worlds. Don't forget to capture memories of this vibrant metropolis, where tradition harmoniously embraces the future. Prost!

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Day 1: Welcome to Frankfurt

New Old Town is a captivating architectural masterpiece.

After arriving in Frankfurt, check into your comfortable hotel and get ready for an exciting day ahead.

For lunch, head to Schwarzer Stern and savor their delectable dishes.

Embark on a captivating walking tour, exploring iconic landmarks like Römerberg, Frankfurt Cathedral, Main Tower, Goetheplatz, New Old Town, and the Old Opera. Relax and take in the city's beauty on a charming Main River cruise.

Indulge in a delightful dinner at Atschel, immersing yourself in local flavors.

End the day with a breathtaking sunset view from the 200-meter-high Observation Deck at Main Tower, creating unforgettable memories of Frankfurt's enchanting skyline.

Day 2: Museums & gardens

Palmengarten Frankfurt is a botanical garden.

Start your day with a delightful breakfast at Glauburg Cafe, energizing yourself for an adventure-filled day.

Explore the fascinating Goethe House & Museum, immersing yourself in the world of the renowned writer.

Savor a delicious lunch at Kish Restaurant, indulging in the flavors of the region.

Discover the beauty of nature at Palmengarten & Botanischer Garten Frankfurt, a haven of lush greenery.

For dinner, try the healthy and delicious options at Stadtsalat, a perfect way to end your day. Wrap up the evening with a captivating show at the English Theatre, offering entertainment for all.

Day 3: Culinary delights & opera

Breakfast is best enjoyed in Margarete.

Enjoy breakfast at Margarete, setting the tone for another fantastic day.

Visit the European Central Bank, gaining insights into the financial world. Set out on a delightful 4-hour Beer Tour, where you'll sample 8 different types of beers and enjoy paired hot dishes and appetizers.

Savor a memorable dinner at Seven Swans, appreciating the culinary delights of the city.

Complete your Frankfurt experience with a mesmerizing Opera Performance at Frankfurter Oper, leaving you with cherished memories of this vibrant city.

Day 4: Optional trip extension to Heidelberg

Heidelberg Castle is definitely the most popular castle ruin in Germany.

Travel to Heidelberg, a picturesque town known for its romantic charm and stunning castle.

Explore the historic Heidelberg Castle and enjoy breathtaking views of the town and Neckar River.

Stroll along the charming streets of the Old Town, visit the Heidelberg University, and admire the iconic Old Bridge. Indulge in local delicacies at a traditional German restaurant for lunch.

Take a leisurely walk through the beautiful Philosophers' Walk, enjoying scenic vistas of the town and river.

Dinner at Zum Seppl, a cozy restaurant offering authentic German cuisine.

Day 5: Optional trip extension to Rothenburg ob der Tauber

St. Jacobs Church (St. Jakobskirche) is an evangelical church.

Get ready to step into a fairy-tale as we travel to Rothenburg ob der Tauber, a town brimming with medieval charm.

Stroll through the cobblestone streets and marvel at the iconic Plönlein and St. Jacob's Church.

For lunch, dine at Gasthof Zur Silbernen Kanne, a historic restaurant exuding cozy vibes. Take in panoramic views from the medieval town walls and don't miss indulging in local Schneeballen (snowball pastries) treats.

Dinner at Ratsstube, a traditional restaurant offering a variety of regional specialties.

Finally, join the Rothenburg Night Watchman Tour, a captivating journey through the town's history with the entertaining and informative guided night watchman.

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Advisor - Lindsay Vaughn

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