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Life as a Remote Travel Agent: Fora’s Guide

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Considering a career as a remote travel agent? We have all the details for you, from how remote travel advisors compare to in-person roles, to what the average day looks like. 

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What does a remote travel agent do?

Nowadays, remote travel agents do just about everything in-person travel agents do, except everything they do is remote (no surprises here). 

Need to start from the beginning? Here’s exactly what a travel agent does.

Is a remote travel agent the same as a virtual travel agent? What services are offered by virtual travel agencies?

The two are one and the same. The only difference between a remote travel agent and a virtual travel agent is the title, which often comes down to personal preference. 

If you want a full breakdown of the different terms that travel advisors use, check out our guide to travel advisor versus travel consultant jobs.

Are remote travel agents in demand?

Every day, more and more travelers are seeking the services of travel advisors over online travel agencies like Expedia and Travelocity. Coupled with an exponential rise in travel over the past few years, remote travel agents are indeed still in demand. 

What does a typical day look like as a remote travel agent?

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It’s hard to accurately define a “typical day" as a remote travel agent because every professional has a different schedule and process. 

However, most travel agents split their time between three major tasks: self-marketing, working with clients and research. At the same time, there’s not really a right way to divvy up each task — the cool thing about being a remote travel agent is that you get to decide what works best for you.

Self-marketing: earning new clients

As an independent travel agent, you’ll generally be responsible for promoting your business. Marketing is a huge part of any travel advisor business, remote or otherwise. Without it, no one will know who you are or what you do. 

The most successful remote travel agents typically boast a notable social media presence, run email campaigns and take advantage of other marketing tools. That’s usually in addition to serving their existing professional and social networks (i.e., friends, family, peers). 

If this sounds intimidating, don’t worry. If you sign up to become a Fora Advisor, our membership includes a wealth of travel agent training specifically meant to teach you how to market your travel business like a pro. Even better, we provide tons of marketing tools — from social media templates to your own landing page — to boost your business.

Working with clients: booking trips, planning itineraries & more

Helping clients figure out where to stay in Tokyo, planning trips to the best places to visit in Spain for first timers, booking the coolest hotels in Vegas…this is the fun part. Once you have a few clients in rotation, you’ll find that a good portion of your time as a remote travel agent is made up of planning and booking reservations. 

Not so coincidentally, this is another area where Fora offers a ton of help. Our proprietary booking platform allows Fora Advisors to make reservations at nearly 30,000 hotels globally, dramatically cutting down booking times. Plus, of those hotels, almost 5,000 and counting are preferred partners, where advisors can score their clients awesome perks.

Research & networking: improving your business across the board

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Finally, the best remote travel agents devote a portion of their time to improving both their services and travel knowledge. This could be finding ways to improve their marketing efforts — like learning how to build a sales funnel within a travel context — working on supplier partnerships (e.g., hotels, tour operators, etc.) or simply researching destinations to craft better itineraries. 

Fora delivers here, too. All Fora Advisors can access Forum, our in-house community platform that allows travel advisors to ask questions — no matter how small — and share knowledge, tips and deals. It’s an inclusive environment that’s built around collaboration (rather than competition), and the wealth of material that exists within Forum is staggering.

Remote travel agent FAQs

Have more questions about remote travel agents? We have answers.

How exactly does remote travel planning work?

Just like in-person travel planning, except it’s usually done over a computer or phone. The exact methods are often left up to the advisor and client, but emails and calls (either via Zoom or over the phone) are typical. Likewise, communication between the travel advisor and supplier takes place remotely. 

Just as remote travel agents are happy to be able to work from anywhere, the same can be said for clients. Think of it from their perspective: would you rather travel to a brick-and-mortar office or work with an agent from anywhere in the world?

Is it worth it to become a remote travel agent?

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Is being a travel agent worth it? We sure think so. Of all the jobs in the travel industry, travel planning offers the most flexibility. There’s virtually no earnings cap. And your whole job is centered on making people happy (who doesn’t love to travel?). 

As far as being remote, it’s hard to complain about being able to work anywhere that has an internet connection. 

(Still unsure about becoming a remote travel agent? Hear 8 reasons to become a Fora Advisor, straight from the source.)

Do you have to work full time or can you sell travel as a side gig? Is this a good career path?

As far as careers in travel and tourism go, becoming a remote travel agent is a pretty sweet deal. Some travel agencies do require full-time commitments, but we prefer flexibility. At Fora, you can plan trips as a travel side hustle, travel agent career or anything in between. It’s totally up to you. 

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Do remote travel agents make good money? Can you earn a living?

It takes patience and dedication, but yes, remote travel agents can make very good money (see our guide to how much travel agents make for specifics). Our top earners make six figures, and the average Fora Advisor still makes enough to be comfortable (looking for the best remote jobs for moms, perhaps?). It’s also worth noting that many Fora Advisors pursue travel planning as a side gig, which we also fully support.

What’s the typical salary of a remote travel agent?

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The typical Fora travel advisor salary varies. Again, many Fora Advisors choose to work part time, but many still earn covetable income. The more you book, the more you earn.

Are there different types of remote travel agents?

There are indeed different niches and travel agent jobs out there, including Disney travel agents, luxury travel advisors and corporate travel agents

Some remote travel agents also specialize in booking travel to specific destinations, such as the best places to visit in Hawai‘i.

(P.S. Love the idea of catering to a high-end clientele? Learn how to become a luxury travel agent.)

Is being a remote travel agent stressful?

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Working as a remote travel agent can be overwhelming at first, but advisors who stick with the profession will tell you that the pros far outweigh the cons. We offer plenty of travel agent training and tips for how to be a successful travel advisor to get you through the tough parts. But as a Fora Advisor, you get to determine your own schedule, and can work as much or as little as you'd like. Over time, many find that managing the different aspects of being a remote travel agent is quite enjoyable.

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