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Travel Agent Certification: Options and FAQs

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Fora Advisor Tori Petry

Wondering how to become a travel agent and trying to understand where travel agent certification fits into the mix? We’ve got you covered. 

While traditional travel agencies make you jump through a number of hoops to obtain travel agent certification, Fora offers a much smoother process.

Interested in joining us? Learn more about becoming a Fora Advisor.

First, should I become a travel agent?

If you have a love for travel and a desire to share that passion with people, then absolutely!

But you probably have questions, like “How do travel agents get paid," “How do you become a Disney travel agent" or “How do you even get started in the first place?” We got you.

Is travel agent certification necessary?

Not exactly. On one hand, many traditional travel agencies require some form of travel agent certification (like a Certified Travel Counsellor, or CTC, certification), but not in the same way that a nurse or lawyer has to be certified by a governing body. 

In other words, there isn’t a universal travel agency certification, and travel agents aren't required to be certified — but specific agencies may require either some form of private or in-house travel agent certification.

But you do need an IATA number

On the other hand, you do need a IATA — or International Air Transport Association — number. While not necessarily required by law, an IATA number is used by travel agencies, hotels and other institutions all over the world for travel bookings (and signals to these companies that you’re the real deal). 

How do you get an IATA number?

In most cases, you can only obtain an IATA number through a legitimate travel agency, and whether said agency requires their agents to have some sort of certification is, again, at its discretion. 

How do people normally obtain US travel agent certification, licenses, etc.?

Traditionally, people have to go through a cumbersome and lengthy process to obtain travel agent certification for a specific agency. This might include expensive schooling, a degree in hospitality or something similar. (Don’t worry, we take a different approach.)

Are there state-specific requirements for a travel agent certification?

Some states and countries have special requirements to conduct travel bookings, usually at the agency level. We’ll help you navigate any relevant state requirements.

Can I become a Fora travel agent from scratch? Are there any requirements?

Fora Advisor Fallon Alexandria

Fora doesn’t require prior experience, a degree or expensive schooling before you can become a travel agent.) Instead, we provide in-house travel agent training that covers contemporary concepts and everything you need to be successful.

Are there any travel agent skills I should hone before seeking certification?

Fora Advisors love travel, love learning and have an eagerness to help their clients live out their vacation dreams. Travel experience is always a plus — but don’t worry, you don’t need to be a globetrotter to become a great travel advisor.

What does Fora’s training look like?

When you join Fora, you’ll automatically receive our agency’s IATA number, so you can start booking travel from day one. Then, Fora’s in-house training will teach you all there is to know about booking travel in a rapidly evolving field.

All training is conducted online — an ideal set-up if you’re curious about how to become a travel agent from home — and our friendly advisor community is always sharing insider tips for how to be a successful travel advisor.

Do you need a different certification to offer specific types of travel, like cruises or specific brands?

Nope! But there might be scenarios where additional training could be helpful. For example, you might opt for Disney travel agent training to make yourself more appealing to clients (learn more about how to become a Disney travel agent for more info).

Similarly, if you’re wondering how to become a cruise travel agent, or how to become a luxury travel agent, there aren’t special certifications you must acquire first.

Have more questions on how to obtain travel agent certification?

Have more questions about how to become a travel agent, like “How much do travel agents make per booking?” or “What kind of bookings do Fora Advisors do?” We got you.

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