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How to Become a Disney Travel Agent

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There’s no denying it: The Most Magical Place on Earth is on the bucket list of just about every traveling family out there. But the list of options and variations on a Disney vacation sometimes feels like it's even more complicated than Moana’s quest to restore the heart of Te Fiti (hey, we couldn't help ourselves...)

That’s why having a travel agent is a near necessity for a family bound for Walt Disney World or Disneyland, and learning how to become a Disney travel agent is a great way to earn a meaningful income while helping families make lasting memories together. 

Below, we’ve outlined the ultimate guide to becoming a Disney travel agent.

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Why should I become a Disney Travel Agent?

First thing’s first: the job of a Disney travel agent isn’t only for the Disney-obsessed — though we wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to become a Disney travel agent just for the discounts on your own trips (yep, that’s a thing). Learning how to become a Disney travel agent is also a great way to build a career that makes real income while helping travelers plan a trip that, for them, means everything. 

While some families travel to Walt Disney World, Disneyland or another Disney destination often, others only do it once in their lifetimes, which means the hopes and expectations are high. Stepping in to help families plan a major bucket-list trip is not just a great income-builder, but a rewarding way to give families the chance to make meaningful intergenerational bonds through a trip of a lifetime.

What are the benefits of becoming a Disney travel agent?

Because these trips are often quite expensive, becoming a Disney vacation planner also becomes very lucrative for the travel agent, who can earn a substantial income even from a single trip. (If you’re interested in learning how to become a luxury travel advisor, the same concept applies.)

But there’s more to love about becoming a Disney travel agent, like…

You can make good income (as a side hustle or full-time gig)

Commissions for Disney can be quite lucrative — and Disney offers them for nearly any experience, from single-day tickets to full vacation packages. 

The commission rates vary by what you’re booking, with better rates for more substantial experiences, but generally hover around three to seven percent for multi-day tickets, and between eight and 16 percent for stays at Disney resorts or major expeditions. Plus, commissions really add up when you start booking for multiple families.

You’ll be able to work from home (or anywhere) with flexible hours

One of the perks of becoming an independent travel agent is that you are your own boss — whether you’re selling Disney travel or otherwise. You get to decide how much time and when you invest in your business.

You can share your passion for travel and Disney

If you’re the type of person who geeks out over the coolest destinations, most lavish hotels and latest Disney flicks — learning how to become a Disney travel agent is probably the right path for you. 

You’ll be able to share the magic of Disney with your clients, curating unforgettable experiences at beloved destinations. From fairytale castles of the Magic Kingdom to outposts from a galaxy far, far away, you'll guide families and fellow Disney enthusiasts on extraordinary journeys filled with joy, laughter and cherished memories.

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Disney offers fun perks like free tickets & discounts for selling travel

Not sold yet? Disney travel agents are eligible for all sorts of awesome perks including free tickets to Walt Disney World and special discount rates at Disney hotels, resorts and cruises. 

And on occasion, Disney offers special benefits. For example, Disney travel agents who sold three Adventures by Disney Danube River Cruise 2023 reservations received a complimentary cruise to enjoy themselves.

How to become a Disney travel agent: FAQs

So you know you want to plan Disney vacations. But how do you become a travel agent for Disney in practice? How does the process work? Here are answers to all of your FAQs.

Do I need to be a Disney expert to become a Disney travel agent?

Don’t feel like you need to watch every Disney film and series of the past 100 years. Being a great Disney travel agent is more about understanding the nuances of each park and resort while maximizing your clients’ vacations and experiences. 

In other words, no, you do not need to know that Repunzel and Flynn Ryder make a split-second cameo in Frozen, that Maui briefly transforms into Ariel in Moana or that the Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story can be spotted in Zootopia. But…it certainly doesn’t hurt. Adding a little bit of Disney magic to your booking process is a great way to boost your clients’ excitement (and keep them coming back to you).

How many hours a day do Disney travel agents work?

A lot of travel agencies expect their travel agents to invest in their careers full-time (40+ hours per week) in order to start seeing meaningful income. 

At Fora, you can literally start anywhere. Many Fora travel advisors begin their travel agent career as a side hustle, booking everything from hotel stays to cruises alongside a day job, or full-time parenting duties.

With us, it’s up to you whether you transition to a full-time career or keep it as a side hustle forever. That’s one thing we love about becoming a Fora Advisor — endless flexibility to run your business how you want.

What types of Disney vacation packages can travel agents book besides Walt Disney World?

There are numerous types of Disney experiences travel agents can book and earn commission on beyond passes to Walt Disney World or Disneyland, including comprehensive vacation packages at resorts like Aulani in Hawai’i or Disney cruises. (Learn more about how to become a cruise travel agent.) There are also Adventures by Disney, which include domestic and international family vacation packages. 

As a Fora travel advisor, you can book Disney packages and experiences, plus a ton of other vacations and hotel properties outside of the Disney name brand.

Can I become an independent Disney travel agent? Is there niche training?

In order to book travel for other people, you’ll need to become a travel agent — and for those who want to learn how to become Disney travel agents, the answer is no different. 

Travel agents are certified sellers of travel through host agencies like Fora, which hold licenses to sell travel in various states. Because of that, you can’t sell travel on your own (without obtaining these licenses for yourself, which can often take years), but once you become affiliated with a host agency, you’re able to operate under their licenses.

That being said, not all host agencies are equal. Some require you to go through lengthy travel agent certification processes to sign up and learn how to be a travel agent for Disney (and otherwise).

Fora takes a different approach. We have a learning model wherein you can learn how to become a Disney travel agent online, alongside fellow advisors at your own pace. (Learn more about the different types of travel agent training we offer.) And this doesn’t preclude you from booking travel on day one.

We’ve also built a community to make it easier than ever for travel lovers to develop meaningful and lasting businesses as travel agents. And rather than an overly competitive environment where experts gate-keep travel tips from newbies, our community is built around cooperation and inclusivity. Your success is our success, and we'll support you every step of the way. 

Once you become a Fora travel agent, you’ll also be able to use our IATA number to unlock access to Disney’s exclusive travel agent portal.

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What support do I get as a Disney travel agent?

If you’re booking a trip to Walt Disney World or other Disney destinations, you’ll receive a wealth of resources from both Disney and your host travel advisor agency (a.k.a. Fora).

One of the most exclusive and special tools that Disney offers travel agents is the massive travel advisor online platform (learn more about how to become a travel agent). Consider this website the mothership for Disney travel agents and Disney destinations. You’ll need to be signed up with a host travel agency like Fora in order to have access. Then, travel agents can use their IATA number to create an account. 

This comprehensive resource allows travel agents to find and book Disney resorts (including Walt Disney World, Disneyland and Aulani Resort in Hawai’i), Disney Cruise Lines, Adventures by Disney, National Geographic Expeditions and more. 

Beyond booking, you’ll also get helpful and detailed information about every single attraction available in the Disney ecosystem, like the operating hours of It’s a Small World, for instance, or the exact location of an attraction. With this intel, you can build the most detailed and comprehensive itinerary for your travelers.

Disney travel agents also get access to an extensive learning portal, called the College of Disney Knowledge. Inside the college is a series of courses that give you an introduction to Disney resorts around the world. While it looks extensive, the courses can be completed in 24 hours (but we recommend you break it up so you can really absorb the content). Learning how to become a Disney travel agent does take time, but it’s absolutely worth it.

On top of the typical Disney travel agent experience, there are all sorts of additional support services offered to all Fora Advisors — from our community platform called Forum to live trainings and recordings for you to build your travel knowledge .

In the meantime, check out our insider tips for how to become a successful travel advisor.

Can I only join an EarMarked Authorized Disney Vacation Planner Travel Agency?

Authorized Disney Vacation Planners are travel agencies that specialize in Disney vacations. They’re also known as “EarMarked” travel agencies. 

These certifications show that the travel agency has a long-standing reputation with selling tickets to Walt Disney World, as well as Disney vacation packages. However, you do not need to be EarMarked or an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner in order to sell a Disney vacation package or Walt Disney World tickets. 

Travel agents with Fora can book Disney vacation packages while also making income on other types of trip planning, too. That way, you’re getting the best of both worlds (and by that, we mean you can book travel anywhere).

Once I become a Disney travel agent, can I only work with Walt Disney World and other Disney experiences?

Disney is one opportunity among many for a new travel agent. Once you are certified as a travel agent through Fora, you can book many other types of travel, too, from hotels to cruises to travel insurance.

That also means you can specialize in other theme parks beyond Disneyland, like Universal Studios, or book other travel experiences like family vacations, honeymoons, corporate retreats — you name it. 

Fora hosts regular destination training classes online to help advisors get to know places around the world.

Do I need to build a business as a Disney travel agent from the ground up?

The great thing about becoming a travel agent through Fora is that you can decide how much or how little you want to work. Maybe you just want to earn a little income to supplement your job. Or maybe you want to turn this into a full-on career. You get to choose how you want this career to work.

Many Fora advisors start small, choosing to supplement their careers until they build up a stronger portfolio of customers. Others jump right into a full-time career. And others are happy to book a few trips from time to time. Regardless, Fora can help you with suggestions and tools on how to incorporate your business entity, manage tax season and more so you’re never alone.

Can I become a Disney travel agent with no travel agency experience?

Everyone has to start somewhere, and sometimes the best way to learn how to become a Disney travel agent is to just dive in. 

With a community like Fora’s, it’s easier than ever to start your travel agent career, even if you’re starting from the very beginning. 

Ready to get started? Become a Fora Advisor today. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about becoming a travel agent (with an extensive library of existing travel agent training sessions and new live sessions every week).

How much do Disney travel agents get paid?

It depends on how much and how often you book. 

Depending on the vacation package, commissions vary. Fora can help you navigate the various options Disney offers.

Have questions about travel advisor pay in general — like how do travel agents get paid or how much do travel agents make per booking? Check out these guides.

The bottom line: is becoming a Disney travel agent right for me?

Do you love vacation planning? Do you appreciate a little VIP treatment (did anyone say Genie+?)? Are you looking for an opportunity to satisfy your travel-planning bug while organizing life-changing family vacations for others, and earning income at the same time? 

Becoming a travel agent is easier than ever, and if you have a deep love for Disney magic, becoming a Disney travel agent might just be the right move for you. 

Still have questions? Learn how to become a travel agent or how to become an independent travel agent for all the ins and outs.

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