The Ultimate Travel Side Hustle: Selling Vacations

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    Looking for the coolest travel side hustle? We’re breaking down the reasons why becoming a Fora travel advisor is the ultimate side gig if you’re looking for a job in the travel industry.

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    Why choose to become a Fora Advisor as your travel side hustle?

    There are a lot of reasons to become a Fora Advisor, whether you’re looking for a full-time career or a side hustle in travel. 

    We’re focusing on the latter here, but it’s worth noting that many of our pro Fora Advisors started their careers as a full-time gig. But if you’re only interested in part-time work, Fora offers the flexibility and resources to become successful regardless of how much time you want to put into your travel career.

    (P.S. Made up your mind and curious about the actual process of signing up? Here’s how to become a travel agent with Fora.)

    Work as much (or as little) as you prefer

    One of the great myths about becoming a travel advisor is that you have to devote your entire schedule to it. While some host agencies may require a full-time commitment, at Fora, you call the shots. 

    Want to go all-in, 40-plus hours per week? Great. Prefer to keep this as your travel side hustle? Awesome. We’ll support you either way and anywhere in between. 

    Even better, you’re never locked in. Maybe you’re a preschool teacher who wants to fill your summer with a fun way to make money without leaving home. Or perhaps you’re a deckhand on a fishing trawler that cruises the harsh waters off the Alaskan coast and wants something to do during the offseason. Fora Advisors come from all walks of life, and there’s no “wrong” answer to when or how often you work with us.

    Choose your own niche (if you want) and sell travel the way you’re most comfortable

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    Perhaps even more so than full-time travel-agent jobs, a travel side hustle can benefit from having a niche. Instead of trying to sell all types of travel, you can focus on one or two areas — such as theme-park vacations, luxury getaways or travel to specific destinations — to build your expertise and clientele. Instead of starting with a blank slate every time a new client wants to plan a vacation, you’ll hit familiar specialties, saving you time while still ensuring your clients get the vacation they desire.

    Moreover, a niche allows you to skip training and aspects of travel that don’t apply to your clients. 

    Since Fora is built on flexibility, nothing is stopping you from adopting a niche for your travel side hustle. Eager to dip your toe in? Learn how to become a Disney travel agent or how to become a luxury travel agent.

    You can work from home (or anywhere) as a Fora Advisor

    Fora Advisors can be found all around the world, working from home offices, coffee shops and so on. Just as Fora doesn’t place restrictions on how long or when an advisor works, there are no restrictions on where, either, which is perfect setup for a travel side hustle. 

    We’ll support you with expert-taught travel-agent training & resources

    Just because you’re planning travel as a side hustle doesn’t mean you don’t get access to Fora’s extensive travel-agent training. We’ll still teach you everything you need to know, from how to market your travel business to how to build A+ itineraries for your clients. 

    (Check out our insider tips for how to be a successful travel advisor.)

    Grant your clients awesome insider intel & perks

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    One of the coolest aspects of being a Fora Advisor is the perks you can unlock for your clients. Fora has partnerships with over 4,500 hotels around the world, plus cruise lines, tour operators and more. 

    For example, our partnership with Four Seasons allows our travel advisors to unlock killer perks like hotel credits (which can be put toward onsite restaurants or spas), complimentary room upgrades, extended check-in times, VIP status and more.

    Within the context of a travel side hustle, taking advantage of our partnerships saves you immeasurable amounts of time and effort because you don’t have to forge those connections yourself. 

    Moreover, the ability to offer these perks makes attracting clients much easier.

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