5 Types of Bookings You Can Make as a Fora Advisor (That Aren’t Hotels!)

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    POV: you’re a Fora Advisor and are booking awesome trips for your clients. Chances are, you’re focusing on the bread and butter of travel bookings which is hotels. And we get it…. we’re pretty hotel-obsessed, too. (Thanks to Fora’s preferred rates & perks at over 4,500 partner hotels and counting, can you blame us?)

    But there are several other types of travel bookings (many of which are commissionable) that you can make as a Fora Advisor. These range from the exciting (bespoke tours, villa rentals) to the less flashy, yet no less valuable (transportation, travel insurance). Translation? There are tons of opportunities to not only level-up your clients’ trip, but make a commission in the process. And Fora has you covered every step of the way.

    Read on to learn about the non-hotel travel bookings you can make, and how Fora helps you master & make the most of them.

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    1. Transportation

    An oft-overlooked piece of the puzzle? Getting from point A to Point B – preferably in style. From private drivers to rental cars to train tickets, arranging a client’s transport can make a world of difference for their travel. Not only does it give you bonus points for adding convenience, but it can seriously upgrade a client’s trip experience as a whole. We’re talking convertibles for the French Riviera, chauffeurs for Napa wine tastings, Jeeps to explore Iceland – the works.

    When you get trained up as a Fora Advisor, we walk you through everything you need to know to book transportation, and book it well – including tips on organizing multi-stop trips, and best practices for arranging airport transfers. You’ll also gain access to Fora’s network of top-tier transport and rental car companies around the globe, and insights on what types of arrangements are commissionable (many of them are).

    2. Bite-sized experiences

    Travel advisors work with DMCs – local, on-the-ground partners in a destination – who help arrange tours & logistics for client trips. However, it’s a common misconception that working with DMCs is only for far-flung, more complex adventures like safaris. On the contrary; as a travel advisor, you can call upon a DMC to arrange one-off, bespoke experiences & services for any type of trip.

    And thanks to Fora’s extensive network of around the globe – including DMCs, but also tour guides, tastemakers, hoteliers, chefs, etc. – advisors can arrange the type of special activities & services that clients may not have considered (or dreamed of!). Plus, Fora’s training program covers everything you need to know about working with on-the-ground partners, and regularly introduces new suppliers to our network. All suppliers are stored in Fora’s supplier database (available on Fora Portal), offering a one-stop-shop for vetted DMCs around the world.

    In other words? As a Fora Advisor, you have a proverbial magic wand at your fingertips. You arrange anything from curator-led museum tours to intimate beach picnics to craft-making classes with local artisans.

    Read more about working with DMCs.

    3. Villas & home rentals 

    At Fora, we’re big fans of villas, which offer a lovely alternative to the traditional hotel stay, and often provide a more immersive experience in a destination. Advisors recommend a private home rental for guests who are looking for privacy, seclusion and a ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ experience, along with the amenities (and often luxuries) of a hotel. It’s the best of both worlds.

    And while booking a villa for your client can be daunting – from arranging concierge & chef services to sorting out tours & activity arrangements – Fora Advisors get all the tools & resources they need to knock it out of the park. Fora’s training curriculum walks you through the best destinations for villa rentals, our preferred (and extensively vetted) villa & home companies and what types of clients each supplier is right for – from families to bachelorettes. Plus, advisors have allll the insider intel, including the level of service offered across villa companies, safety & security and commission insights.

    4. Travel insurance 

    Ah, insurance… everyone’s favorite topic. While travel insurance is complex (translation: heavy on the fine-print), it’s something many advisors will come across. Lucky for Fora Advisors, we got you.

    As part of your travel advisor training, we’ll bring you up to speed on the basics of travel insurance and explain how to field questions from clients. You’ll review the do’s and don’ts of travel insurance, including common pitfalls and tips for communicating with providers. We’ll also introduce you to our recommended partners. 

    Learn more about how travel agents get paid (and how Fora does it differently).

    5. Cruises

    Have you heard the news? We’re cruise people now – in part thanks to our recent FAM trip with Virgin Voyages, that converted even the most cruise-averse among us.

    From family-friendly cruises through the Caribbean to adventurous expeditions in Alaska to culture-packed trips through the Mediterranean, the sky's the limit with cruises (or should we say, the sea…). When planned correctly, cruises allow advisors to build a comprehensive trip with much of the logistics already taken care of. (Read more about the benefits of using a cruise travel agent.) Plus, cruises often have higher commission rates than many other types of suppliers.

    As a Fora Advisor, you gain access to knowledge, intel and how-to resources galore: including expert tips on how to book, ship size & style, planning shore excursions and arranging logistics. Advisors also benefit from a global community with plenty of first-hand experience, who can advise on best practices for booking accommodations, cabin locations and packages. Read more about how to become a cruise travel agent.

    And there you have it! Better yet, booking these types of travel is about to get a whole lot easier thanks to Fora’s integrated booking platform. Learn more about our most game-changing tool yet

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