6 of the Best Remote Jobs for Moms, from Writer to Travel Advisor

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    Searching for the best remote jobs for moms? We have a few options for you, plus a special spotlight on one particular career in an exciting field that doesn’t require prior education, experience or equipment.

    Spoiler alert: we’re talking about becoming a travel advisor, specifically with us. But we’ll come back to this later — unless you’re already interested in signing up to become a Fora Advisor.

    What defines the best remote jobs for moms?

    There are three boxes the best remote jobs for moms check: flexibility, income and, perhaps an underrated factor, enjoyment.

    Flexibility, flexibility & flexibility

    Moms are busy, which means flexibility should be an integral part of any remote job they take on. And the more flexible, the better. 

    This doesn’t mean that the role should be part time, either (although, some moms may prefer it). The best remote jobs for moms allow a flexible amount of work to be done within a certain time frame rather than having explicit instructions every day. 

    For instance, instead of having daily goals where this, this and this need to be accomplished, the position may have certain monthly milestones, meaning moms can finish tasks in between childcare and any other life duties.

    On the other hand, every mom’s needs are different, so you have to find something that works for you.

    A solid income

    The best remote jobs for moms are also financially rewarding, of course. Whether you’re trying to provide for your family, contribute or simply earn some spending money — the reason doesn’t matter — you should be well compensated for your time.

    You should be able to enjoy what you do

    A mom in trendy work attire works remotely on her computer in a coffee shop while her young son stands nearby

    Who said the best jobs for moms have to be boring? With an ever-increasing number of positions moving online, it’s more and more likely that you’ll be able to find something you love. 

    How can a mom prepare for a remote position?

    Preparation for a new role can be a little jarring, especially if you’re coming off maternity leave or recently took time off from your career. Here are a few tips that might be helpful. 

    Find quality childcare for peace of mind

    For moms with school-age children or with partners, family or existing childcare that can help, this won’t be as much of an issue. It’s also worth noting that some remote jobs for moms may not get in the way of taking care of your children.

    Invest in the right equipment & a good internet connection

    Unreliable internet, cellular service and / or devices can very quickly derail any remote job. 

    Fortunately, most careers only require basic (i.e., affordable) equipment and service. You may also be able to use public WiFi and rented devices if necessary (public libraries are increasingly loaning out laptops), at least until you can invest in your own equipment.

    Learn the right skills to work from home

    Closeup view of a silver laptop being used on a wooden desk

    The exact skills you need to learn will change with the position. However, a certain degree of tech savviness — in case your equipment fails — and great communication skills will be helpful for virtually any career. 

    The cool thing is that so many companies nowadays provide their own training, so you don’t always need prior education to land a new remote job. For example, Fora offers travel agent training that teaches you everything you need to know to be successful.

    When’s the best time to return to work after becoming a mom?

    Unfortunately, there’s no magic answer here. Every mom is different, and only you can decide when the best time to start working is. 

    If you’re on maternity leave, it's always wise to get your doctor’s approval before going back to work, even if it’s a remote position.

    6 of the best remote jobs for moms

    Read on for a quick rundown of the best remote jobs for moms.

    1. Writer / blogger

    The best writing jobs pay well and are flexible, and there’s no shortage of opportunities, from novelists and reporters to copywriters and technical writers. 

    Investment-wise, you generally only need a laptop and an internet connection (some roles may require special software). 

    Oftentimes, you don’t need anything more than a high-school diploma to begin writing professionally. However, you may need respective experience or education to write in some fields that have stricter criteria (e.g., medicine, law), particularly for better-paying roles. 

    On that note, the downside to becoming a professional writer is that while remote opportunities are endless, well-paying positions are not. However, the flexibility offered does make writing one of the best remote jobs for moms. 

    2. Virtual assistant

    A young woman in casual attire works on her computer in a trendy coffee shop

    Virtual assistants are increasingly popular as professionals in all fields look for assistance in everything from simple tasks, like taking notes during meetings, to more critical assignments like scheduling. This means the requirements, degree of flexibility and pay all vary. That being said, one constant worth noting is that the more prestigious the role, the more time you will be expected to commit.

    3. Online teacher or tutor

    Remote teaching and tutoring positions tend to only be open to subject-matter experts or those with a general education, at least for well-paying positions. Core-subject — English, science, math and history — instructors, along with language and music teachers, are the most common roles available. But there are also niche roles that may pay better for specialist knowledge (think advanced-subject or IT-type classes).

    In terms of flexibility, online teachers and tutors are a bit of a double-edged sword. Classes or sessions are typically held during set hours. For some moms, this may not be a problem (and it may even be preferred). But if you’re looking for a schedule that can change regularly with your lifestyle, this probably isn’t the best option.

    4. Data entry clerk

    One of the easiest remote jobs for moms, data entry clerks tend to have the same level of flexibility as writers, receiving assignments in bulk with occasional deadlines. These jobs tend to be surprisingly well paying, particularly for roles that require knowledge of special software.

    5. Social media manager / specialist

    In a very short period (on a cosmic scale, anyway), social media has worked its way into virtually every industry and field on the planet. As such, social media jobs are among the most plentiful. 

    The selling point for moms is that most social media roles need nothing more than a smartphone and internet connection, which is great if you’re looking to make as little an investment as possible.

    6. Travel advisor, our (totally biased) favorite

    A woman in warm attire walks through scenic plains with mountains in the distance while holding her young boy

    As a (modern) travel agency, of course, we’re going to suggest travel planning as one of the best remote jobs for moms. 

    Remote travel agents — a.k.a. remote travel advisors — more than any other position mentioned here, have supremely flexible schedules (more so than any other job in the travel industry). Their investment in equipment is limited to any internet-connected device. And they get to work in a field that specializes in selling excitement and happiness, because who doesn’t love a good vacation? 

    So what does a travel agent do? They book and plan trips on behalf of their clients. Want to know more? Read on.

    Already interested? Apply to become a Fora Advisor today and kick off your travel career with an awesome host agency that provides unlimited support, best-in-class tools and more.

    What makes travel planning one of the best remote jobs for moms?

    We don’t speak for the entire industry — which, frankly, hasn’t quite evolved beyond the 20th century, unfortunately — but we can tell you why becoming a Fora Advisor is one of the best jobs for moms.

    Fora Advisors have unlimited flexibility

    A mom and her young daughter make faces in the rearview mirror of a motorcycle

    At Fora, we’ll support you whether you’re interested in a career as a travel agent or something part time. It’s completely up to you to decide how much time you devote to travel planning with us.

    Better yet, you can work from anywhere in the world so long as you have an internet connection.

    Successful Fora Advisors enjoy a high-paying remote job

    Our top earners regularly pull in six figures (and beyond) annually, but even the average Fora travel advisor salary is nothing to balk at. It’s hard work, we won’t sugarcoat it, but it’s fun and highly rewarding for those who invest the time. 

    We should also note that if you’re only interested in a part-time schedule, you can still earn solid revenue. 

    Unlike most remote jobs for moms, you don’t need education or experience to become a Fora Advisor

    We mean it: no fancy travel agent schools, no outdated travel agent education, no prior travel agent certifications. All you need to become a Fora Advisor is a love for travel and a willingness to learn. 

    (Curious about what it takes to become a travel agent, in general? Our guide has answers.)

    We’ll teach you everything you need to know to be successful

    A young woman smiles ecstatically with the Eiffel Tower in the background

    How to book hotels, how to build a sales funnel for travel leads, how to plan and build itineraries, how to market your travel business like a pro…we’ll teach you everything you need to know about how to be a successful travel advisor

    Continuing our case for why travel planning with us is one of the best remote jobs for moms, our travel agent training is online and can be completed at your own pace. Moreover, you don’t need to finish your training to start selling travel. You can start booking on day one.

    Want to learn more? Apply to become a Fora Advisor.

    Travel planning can be extremely fun

    From planning Disney vacations (learn how to become a Disney travel agent) to extravagant trips to amazing destinations all over the world, you won’t find a more exciting industry. Culture, food, entertainment, architecture — there are so many great aspects of travel, and all will become part of your repertoire.

    Want the best remote job for moms? Become a Fora Advisor

    Want the full lowdown for why travel planning with Fora is one of the best remote jobs for moms? Learn straight from the source: sign up to become a Fora Advisor

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