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Fora's Guide to Portugal Hotels: Lisbon Edition

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Visiting Portugal’s gorgeous capital and need somewhere to stay? We’re covering 10 of the best hotels in Lisbon, Portugal, from Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon to The Vintage.

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We’ll take all the hassle out of booking your travel while finding accommodations that match your budget and preferences at the top hotels in Lisbon. It’s like having a friend on the inside giving you awesome tips and intel on everything from the best places to visit in Portugal (or anywhere) to the coolest things to do in Lisbon and beyond.

First, what are the best months to visit Lisbon, Portugal?

There really isn’t a bad time to visit Lisbon. 

If you don’t mind crowds, summer is a gorgeous time to visit the city, with average temperatures in the mid- to high 80s. Winter can also be a great time to visit Lisbon, especially if you’re there to sightsee, enjoy local cuisine and check out indoor attractions, like the city’s top museums. The only downside to visiting Lisbon in winter is that it can be a little chilly and rains often. 

On the other hand, both fall and spring offer a nice balance between weather and crowds. In fact, visiting between April and May or September and October may offer the overall best experience. 

Our guide to the offers a little more detail, if you’re curious. Or you can always ask a Fora Advisor for tailored recs.

What’s the best area of Lisbon to stay in?

This really depends on what you want to do. Broadly speaking, Alfama, Cais do Sodré, Baixa, Belém and plenty more neighborhoods all make a claim to be the

If you’re most interested in Lisbon’s historical landmarks and architecture, Alfama and Bairro Alto are great choices. But if you’re looking for somewhere more centrally located (so you can conveniently explore the whole city) or somewhere that captures Lisbon’s hip spirit, you might prefer Baixa or Cais do Sodré, respectively. 

Is it better to stay in Alfama or Baixa / Centro?

If you’re looking for a (slightly) quieter stay with more of an emphasis on culture and history, staying in Alfama makes sense. However, if you’re looking for variety and convenience, you really can’t go wrong with staying in Baixa. 

Again, this is totally something we can help you decide.

What's the average cost of a hotel in Lisbon?

Generally speaking, expect to pay between $100–$300+ per night at the best hotels in Lisbon, Portugal. But a lot of factors go into this: time of year, location, how luxurious the accommodations are…you get the idea.

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16 of the best hotels in Portugal

Read on for a breakdown of 16 of our favorite hotels in Lisbon. 

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1. Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon: a luxe choice overlooking Eduardo VII Park

Image courtesy of Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon

Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon is an opulent choice for discerning travelers looking for a mix of contemporary and traditional Old-World luxury, self-described as combining classic Art-Deco themes with an “updated King Louis XVI style.” 

This elite hotel is located right next to Eduardo VII Park, near the center of Lisbon, but it's also far enough away from the busiest districts. In other words, Four Seasons Hotel Ritz offers provides both convenience and a relaxing escape. 

As one of the top , you can safely expect nothing but top-tier rooms and suites, upscale amenities like the Ritz Spa and restaurants by Michelin-starred chefs.

Fora Perks at Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon:

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2. Memmo Alfama Hotel: a stylish boutique hotel in Lisbon, Portugal

Memmo Alfama Hotel is great for travelers who want to stay in the heart of Lisbon’s historic district, but with contemporary digs. The experience offers a fun blend of old and new, with architecture that seamlessly fits in with the rest of Alfama’s historic structures and an interior design that feels delightfully fresh and crisp. 

Memmo Alfama’s minimalist style presents a degree of sophistication and class, and its small scale and attentive staff also lend it an air of intimacy.

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3. AlmaLusa Baixa/Chiado: one of the coolest hotels in Lisbon

Image courtesy of AlmaLusa Baixa/Chiado

AlmaLusa Baixa/Chiado sticks with Memmo Alfama’s contemporary theme and boutique intimacy, but forgoes the former’s minimalist approach. Here, wood and clay tones are matched with vintage furniture and the occasional bold decor piece. The designs of both hotels are well executed, but they do appeal to different tastes.

Accommodations-wise, AlmaLusa offers exceptionally plush rooms and suites, all of which embody a homey yet upscale look and feel. And in terms of location, this Lisbon boutique hotel couldn’t be better placed if you’re intent on staying in the heart of the city. 

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Fora Perks at AlmaLusa Baixa/Chiado:

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4. LX Boutique Hotel: a small, Old-World-themed hotel in Cais do Sodré, Lisbon’s trendiest neighborhood

Ditching ultra-modern styles, LX Boutique Hotel offers a stark contrast from AlmaLusa and Memmo Alfama by embracing more of a traditional Old-World theme with vibrant pops of deep blues and plush, elegant furniture. 

Of all the boutique hotels in Lisbon we’ve covered so far, this one is probably the most unique. However, in terms of rooms and amenities, LX Boutique Hotel offers a similar stay.

You’ll find this hotel in Lisbon’s fun Cais do Sodré neighborhood, a walkable area with an eclectic mix of boutiques, venues and cafés. That said, this hotel may not be the best choice for all travelers. Fora Advisor Ana Santos says, “Cais do Sodré is a hotspot for nightlife. I would probably only recommend the location to a young couple or friends group that likes a party vibe since it can be loud late into the night.”

5. Memmo Príncipe Real: an upscale, contemporary choice with awesome views of Lisbon

Image courtesy of Memmo Príncipe Real

Memmo Príncipe Real is easily one of the coolest hotels in Lisbon, Portugal. It’s also a hidden gem. The hotel is tucked away on a hill in the upscale neighborhood of Príncipe Real, with the elevated perch offering stellar views of the city.

While finding Memmo Príncipe Real can be slightly difficult if it's your first time visiting Lisbon, its semi-secret nature also lends it an air of exclusivity. And considering the hotel’s high-end amenities and limited capacity, that vibe fits well.

(Eager to dine on Portugal’s best cuisine? Our foodie's guide to Lisbon has you covered.)

Fora Perks at Memmo Príncipe Real:

  • Welcome amenity.

  • Breakfast daily.

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6. Bairro Alto Hotel: a luxurious hotel between Bairro Alto and Chiado with an artful design

Image courtesy of Bairro Alto Hotel

Bairro Alto Hotel in Lisbon is a fantastic choice for travelers who desire a luxurious and culturally immersive experience. The attached restaurant and coffee-slash-pastry shop are excellent. The rooms are lavish yet cozy. And the service is exceptional. 

Situated near the Barrio Alto district’s border with Chiado, Barrio Alto Hotel blends the luxe vibe of the latter with the bohemian style of the former, all the while honoring the 18th-century roots of the structure the hotel inhabits. The result is a ritzy hotel with a comparatively laid-back energy that feels right at home in Lisbon’s historic center.

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Fora Perks at Bairro Alto Hotel:

  • $100 food / beverage credit.

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7. Santiago de Alfama - Boutique Hotel: a spacious & ritzy alternative to Memmo Alfama Hotel

Santiago de Alfama offers the location and privacy of Memmo Alfama Hotel, but with a sharper emphasis on vintage and traditional decor. There are still many modern elements to this hotel — and the amenities are all completely up to date — but the overall look and feel of this hotel is more traditional than contemporary. 

For an urban hotel in Lisbon, the best rooms and suites at Santiago de Alfama are supremely spacious. Moreover, the views of the city are bar-none.

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8. Valverde Lisboa Hotel & Garden: possibly the most intriguing hotel in Lisbon for travelers seeking a luxe stay

Image courtesy of Valverde Lisboa Hotel & Garden

Boasting a classy, artful style, it’s hard to describe Valverde Hotel as anything but beautiful. From moody hardwood floors to premium linens and a pattern of unusual, intriguing geometry that plays with each room’s spacing, Valverde Hotel is a masterclass in sophistication and luxury. 

Valverde Hotel is located near the center of Av. Da Liberdade, about equidistant from Eduardo VII Park and the Santa Justa Lift (Elevador de Santa Justa).

Need more intel on Valverde Hotel? .

Fora Perks at Valverde Hotel:

  • Breakfast daily.

  • Upgrade & extended check-in/out whenever possible.

  • Complimentary airport transfers.

9. Altis Belém Hotel & Spa: one of the best hotels in Lisbon, Portugal for travelers looking for a cosmopolitan vibe

One of the most eye-catching hotels in Lisbon, Altis Belém Hotel & Spa features a unique, horizontal design that stretches out along Belém’s waterfront. As a result, guests of this posh luxury hotel can enjoy scenic views of the Tagus River.

While this hotel isn’t an ideal choice for travelers who want to stay somewhere that celebrates Lisbon’s history, it’s an absolute treat for those who love contemporary design.

It’s also worth noting that Altis Belém Hotel & Spa is within walking distance of the Belém Tower and Jerónimos Monastery, two of Lisbon’s most famous historical landmarks.

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10. The Vintage: a charming Lisbon hotel embodying a new take on classic mid-century design

Ironically, The Vintage offers a surprisingly fresh design that’s equal parts mid-century modern and contemporary. Much of the hotel does feature vintage furniture and decor, but the layout, amenities and overall energy feel much more in line with the 2020s than the mid-1900s. And we mean that in the best way possible — the design of this Lisbon hotel is gorgeous. 

As for The Vintage’s accommodations, the rooms and suites are very much on par with the luxe boutique hotels we covered earlier in this guide.

11. Heritage Avenida Liberdade: a bright alternative to Valverde Hotel

Image courtesy of Heritage Avenida Liberdade

Heritage Avenida Liberdade shares more than its location on Av. da Liberdade with Valverde Hotel. The two hotels also adopt a similar design and boutique vibe, but with one clear distinction. Juxtaposed with Valverde Hotel’s moody tones, Heritage Avenida Liberdade is largely bright and vibrant, with a softer color palette. 

In terms of amenities and accommodations, however, Heritage Avenida Liberdade and Valverde Hotel are, again, quite similar so choosing between the two generally comes down to occupancy and preference. 

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Fora Perks at Heritage Avenida Liberdade:

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12. Tivoli Avenida Liberdade Lisboa: a lavish Lisbon hotel on Av. da Liberdade

Image Courtesy of Tivoli Avenida Liberdade Lisboa

If staying on Av. da. Liberdade is appealing, but you prefer more of a traditional luxe hotel experience, Tivoli Avenida Liberdade Lisboa may be the right choice. 

One of the best hotels in Lisbon for travelers looking to stay close to the action, Tivoli Avenida Liberdade Lisboa offers a luxurious stay accented by Art-Deco decor. There are three bars — a quiet option in the lobby, a pool-side bar in the quiet courtyard and a trendy, lively venue on the hotel’s rooftop terrace — plus twin high-end restaurants, one that serves fresh Portuguese seafood and another with a chic, youthful feel and varied menu. 

Tivoli Avenida Liberdade Lisboa also hosts a high-end spa that blends Thai and Portuguese treatments for a unique and indulgent experience perfect for unwinding after a long day of exploration.

(First time in Portugal? Our guide has tips and itinerary suggestions.)

Fora Perks at Tivoli Avenida Liberdade Lisboa:

  • $100 hotel / resort credit.

  • Breakfast daily.

  • Upgrade & extended check-in/out whenever possible.

13. The Lumiares Hotel and Spa: a nightlife-friendly hotel in Lisbon’s Bairro Alto neighborhood

Image courtesy of The Lumiares Hotel and Spa

One of our favorite boutique luxury hotels in Lisbon, The Lumiares is practically dripping with sophistication and contemporary style. The hotel itself is fairly small, but this only lends it an exclusiveness that discerning travelers may especially appreciate.

Sidenote: while Lisbon doesn’t necessarily have a dedicated LGBTQ+ friendly district (like Mexico City’s Zona Rosa or Greece’s Mykonos) — Portugal as a whole is exceptionally tolerant — Bairro Alto does have a reputation for being a favorite spot for LGTBQ+ travelers.

Want the full lowdown on The Lumiares? Connect with Fora to plan your stay.

Fora Perks at The Lumiares Hotel and Spa:

  • $50 hotel / resort credit.

  • Breakfast daily.

  • Upgrade & extended check-in/out whenever possible.

14. Pousada de Lisboa, Praça do Comércio: an ornate hotel near one of Lisbon's most celebrated landmarks

Image courtesy of Pousada de Lisboa, Praça do Comércio

Pousada de Lisboa is only steps away from Lisbon’s Praça do Comércio, a gorgeous public square leading up to Baixa’s downtown shops, restaurants and attractions, and just a bit further to the shores of the Tagus River.

As for the hotel itself, Pousada de Lisboa provides opulent accommodations befitting the historic nature of the structure it now inhabits. The rooms and suites largely adopt a sleek and snazzy contemporary design while the common spaces pay homage to more traditional Portuguese design elements. 

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Fora Perks at Pousada de Lisboa:

  • $100 food / beverage credit.

  • Breakfast daily.

  • Upgrade & extended check-in/out whenever possible.

15. The One Palacio da Anunciada: an extravagant luxury hotel in Baixa

Image courtesy of The One Palacio da Anunciada

Tucked away from the busiest stretch of Av. da Liberdade in Baixa, The One Palacio da Anunciada is an urban oasis of refinement and relaxation. The hotel is comparatively new, but the structures it inhabits were originally built in the 1500s. Likewise, the hotel boasts a style fit for royalty, with elite amenities and an overall ritzy ambiance. 

Now, The One Palacio da Anunciada is one of the more expensive hotels in Lisbon. But if you’re looking for top-notch luxury in a great, but hidden, location, you can’t go wrong with this choice.

Learn more about The One Palacio da Anunciada when you book and plan your trip with Fora.

Fora Perks at The One Palacio da Anunciada:

  • Complimentary airport transfers.

16. Torel Palace Lisbon: one of our favorite boutique hotels in Lisbon, Portugal

Image courtesy of Torel Palace Lisbon

A top boutique hotel in Lisbon, Torel Palace offers a similar degree of exclusivity in a subtle location as The One Palacio da Anunciada, but in a package that’s a little more down to Earth. That’s not to say this hotel isn't luxurious — it is — but Torel Palace’s boutique style places the emphasis on being personable and intimate. Both hotels are exceptional, but they generally appeal to different travelers.

You’ll find Torel Palace Lisbon near The One Palacio da Anunciada, just a little bit further from Av. da Liberdade in the Arroios District, just outside of Baixa.

(Not content with staying in Portugal? Perhaps an express tour of the Iberian Peninsula, including Portugal and Spain.)

Fora Perks at Torel Palace Lisbon:

  • Welcome treat in room on arrival.

  • Breakfast daily.

  • Upgrade whenever possible.

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