3 of the Top Hotels in Porto, Portugal

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    Looking for the top hotels in Porto? From The Yeatman to Pestana Palácio do Freixo, we’re covering three of our favorites, plus a few extra tips to keep in mind when visiting this gorgeous, coastal city.

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    What part of Porto is the best to stay in?

    Porto’s easily one of the best places to visit in Portugal, but where should you stay within the city? It depends. Broadly speaking, the Centro area is the best part of Porto to stay because it’s (unsurprisingly) centrally located, and it’s fairly easy to navigate to other neighborhoods and districts. Much of the area dates back centuries, and yet, despite the historical setting, the area is a shining example of contemporary Portuguese culture.

    If there’s something specific you’re interested in seeing, that will obviously affect where it makes sense to stay (and we can totally help you with that).

    How many days do you need to enjoy Porto?

    If you only want the highlights, 3 days in Porto is probably enough. That said, you could easily spend twice as much time in the city and not see everything. 

    (P.S. Wondering when to visit Porto? Check out our guide to the best time to visit Portugal.)

    The top hotels in Porto: 3 options

    Read on for a quick breakdown of three of the top hotels in Porto, Portugal.

    (Visiting Portugal’s capital, too? Read about the top hotels in Lisbon — and if you’re wondering what to do in Lisbon, we have a guide for that, as well.)

    1. The Yeatman: a luxe choice removed from the hustle & bustle of Porto

    Image courtesy of The Yeatman

    The Yeatman is an excellent hotel in Porto for discerning travelers who want to stay close to the city’s central district, but also far enough away to enjoy something a bit quieter. This grandiose luxury hotel offers picturesque views of the Douro River and Centro-Baixa, upscale boutique-style rooms and suites and high-end amenities.

    The Yeatman will also be especially appealing to oenophiles interested in sampling Portugal’s finest wines. The hotel partners with local and regional wineries to sponsor some of its rooms and suites while also offering a behind-the-scenes look of Porto's wine industry. Moreover, the hotel’s spa — which they label a “wine spa” — allows guests to “unwind with the perfect blend of wellness and an extraordinary wine experience.”

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    2. Torel Palace Porto: one of the top hotels in Porto for travelers seeking stylish digs

    Image courtesy of Torel Palace Porto

    Unique, trendy and luxurious, Torel Palace Porto is a beautiful hotel that plays on Porto’s historic identity with ultra-modern elements. Grandiose chandeliers and vintage furniture combine with sleek decor and a sophisticated vibe to create a gorgeous meld of old and new. And of all the top hotels in Porto, Torel Palace may be the coolest in terms of design.

    The amenities here aren’t quite as lavish as they are at The Yeatman — there’s no “wine spa” — but the room and suite options are exceptional, and staying here puts you right in the middle of the city. 

    (BTW: Torel Palace has a location in the capital, too. It’s one of our favorite boutique hotels in Lisbon.)

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    3. InterContinental Porto - Palacio das Cardosas: one of the best hotels in Porto for discerning travelers

    Image courtesy of InterContinental Porto - Palacio das Cardosas

    Among the best hotels in Porto, Portugal for travelers interested in a bar-none, luxe stay, InterContinental Porto preserves the spirit of the historic palace the hotel now inhabits. 

    Accommodations and amenities at InterContinental Porto are elegant in their delivery, yet fresh and updated. Like Torel Palace, there’s a clear intent to blend traditional Portuguese class with updated styles. But whereas the former aims for more of a hipster, stylish vibe, InterContinental Porto leans on its heritage as a former palace to cultivate a setting for royalty (both are great, but certainly appeal to different travel styles).

    The location in Centro is also hard to beat, with stunning examples of Old-World architecture in abundance. Staying here quite literally places you in the heart of Porto’s liveliest district, with many of the coolest things to do in Porto conveniently nearby.

    (Wondering where to eat and drink and Porto? See our guide.)

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