3 of the Best Boutique Hotels in Lisbon, Portugal

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    Want an intimate, stylish stay in Portugal’s beautiful capital? From 1908 Lisboa Hotel to Torel Palace, we’re covering three of our favorite boutique hotels in Lisbon. 

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    3 of the coolest boutique hotels in Lisbon

    Read on for a breakdown of three of the best boutique hotels in Lisbon.

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    1. 1908 Lisboa Hotel: a chic yet homey choice

    Found in a more residential district of Lisbon, 1908 Lisboa Hotel is a great boutique hotel for travelers who want to immerse themselves in local lifestyles. The cool thing is that this hotel is not too far removed from Lisbon’s most famous landmarks and attractions, so you’re sacrificing little by staying in this area instead.

    As for the hotel itself, 1908 Lisboa offers local-inspired digs within a gorgeous historic structure built in — you guessed it — 1908. The rooms are simple and inviting, but with a chic, contemporary flair. 

    Within walking distance, you’ll find tons of neat boutiques, bars and casual cafés. And as hinted, Downtown Lisbon is only about 15 minutes away on foot (or an even shorter ride).

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    2. Palácio Príncipe Real, Lisbon: an upscale boutique hotel in Lisbon

    Palácio Príncipe Real — or The Palácio — brings a touch of refinement to the typical Lisbon-boutique-hotel experience without sacrificing intimacy. 

    The hotel’s façade blends in seamlessly with the surrounding homes and businesses of Príncipe Real, while the interior offers a vibrant blend of traditional elegance and an artful modern style. The rooms are surprisingly spacious for a boutique hotel in Lisbon, but their real appeal is their stylish decor and updated amenities. 

    Need a respite from immersing yourself in Lisbon’s culture and hustle? The Palácio hosts a huge courtyard with manicured gardens surrounding a heated outdoor pool, right in the heart of the otherwise urban neighborhood. 

    It’s also worth mentioning that Palácio Príncipe Real is notably closer to many of the most exciting things to do in Lisbon than our other two choices.

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    3. Torel Palace Lisbon: stylish & luxurious, yet decidedly authentic

    Image courtesy of Torel Palace Lisbon

    Torel Palace is easily one of the coolest boutique hotels in Lisbon. The attention to detail here is meticulous. Each room offers unique and gorgeous furnishings in both contemporary and traditional styles — all connected by an overall sophisticated vibe. Guests can choose from expansive guest rooms, suites and full apartments for longer stays.

    Torel Palace also hosts two restaurants, both of which feature “fun fine dining” and European menus. Translation: the cuisine is delightful and the atmosphere, while certainly classy, isn’t pretentious or over the top.

    Of our three choices, Torel Palace is by far the most luxurious, making it an excellent hotel in Lisbon for travelers seeking ritzy boutique accommodations, especially for those who prefer to be just outside the busiest parts of the city. The hotel is just a few blocks from Av. da Liberdade, in the heart of Lisbon.

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