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5 Stunning Costa Rica Jungle Resorts

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Image Courtesy of Nayara Springs Tented Camp

Ocelots, sloths and tamarins, oh my! Costa Rica’s wildlife makes it a prime destination for ecotourism. But just how close to nature can you stay? Very close, it turns out. In fact, there are some amazing hotels in the Costa Rica rainforest.

Below, we’ve listed the top five Costa Rica jungle resorts that you simply can’t miss. 

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Can you actually stay in the jungle in Costa Rica? Are there hotels in Costa Rica’s tropical rainforest?

Absolutely. In fact, many of the best places to stay in Costa Rica can be found inside the rainforest. 

The 5 best Costa Rica jungle resorts

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From a nature escape on the Osa Peninsula to a relaxing respite under the shadow of a volcano, here are the five best hotels in the Costa Rican rainforest.

1. Lapa Rios Lodge, Osa Peninsula

One of the best all-inclusive resorts in Costa Rica for families and travelers who want to be right in the thick of nature, the Lapa Rios Lodge blends luxurious comfort with ample opportunities for natural exploration. 

A series of lavish cabins, open-air bars and fine dining venues are connected by raised boardwalks that run directly through the rainforest. From a safe but intimate distance, you can spy a variety of tree frogs, birds (including toucans and macaws), monkeys and other species, all while sipping cocktails and enjoying gourmet meals. 

The biodiversity surrounding this Costa Rica jungle resort is astounding, and there’s no better place to stay if you’re visiting the Osa Peninsula. Connect with a Fora travel advisor for more details.

2. Pacuare Lodge, Pacuare

Like Lapa Rios Lodge, Pacuare Lodge is built right into the surrounding rainforest. However, this rainforest hotels’ proximity to the Pacuare River lends it a greater sense of adventure, as white water rafting, canyoning and zip-lining tours are all a short walk from your cabin. 

Still, this Costa Rica jungle resort is just as luxurious as Lapa Rios Lodge, with an open-air design and elegant decor inspired by the lodge’s natural surroundings.

Pacuare is also close to the Caribbean coastline, which is ideal if you’re interested in a day trip to the beach for some surfing (Costa Rica is one of the best luxury surfing destinations in the world). And if you’re traveling to Costa Rica with kids, check out our family-friendly Costa Rica itinerary.

3. Tortuga Lodge, Tortuguero

The setting of Tortuga Lodge, a lovely boutique-esque hotel, is still very much in line with what you’d expect from an upscale jungle resort in Costa Rica, but with a slight separation from nature (the jungle, while close, is not directly outside your door).

As one of the top Caribbean Costa Rica resorts, Tortuga Lodge enjoys a pleasant, carefree atmosphere with an ever-present ocean breeze. Book with a Costa Rica travel advisor for awesome hotel perks and expert recommendations (and see our Tortuguero itinerary for some amazing things to do in the area).

4. Nayara Springs, Arenal

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Near the base of Arenal Volcano, a top Costa Rica landmark, you’ll find the opulent Nayara Springs resort. This classy Costa Rica rainforest hotel is ranked among the top hotels in the world, with stunning vistas of Arenal, beautiful infinity pools and a relaxed natural ambiance also making it one of the best places to stay in Costa Rica for couples.

When you’re not enjoying Nayara Springs’ serene grounds, check out our adventurous itinerary for northern Costa Rica.

BTW: Nayara Springs is only about an hour away from San José, if you want a taste of Costa Rica’s nightlife. Check in with a Fora Advisor for intel on the best spots.

5. Rio Perdido Hotel & Thermal River, Guanacaste

Deep in the jungle of Guanacaste province, about an hour east of the regional airport in Liberia, lies the Rio Perdido Hotel. 

This Costa Rica jungle resort stands out for its access to the nearby hot springs (aka “thermal river”), which guests can freely take advantage of. The mineral-rich waters provide a satisfying escape among a backdrop of Costa Rica’s lush forests.

Sidenote: Rio Perdido is perfect for a Costa Rica girls’ trip, with plenty of options for fun group excursions like unwinding in Las Catalinas or Playa Hermosa.

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