The Ultimate Costa Rica Girls’ Trip Guide

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    Ready to soak in some rays on the beach and explore the rainforest with your girlfriends? We’ve gathered the most exciting things to do and places to visit in our complete Costa Rica girls’ trip guide.

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    What makes Costa Rica good for a girls’ trip?

    Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Since the mid-1900s, the country has worked to preserve its natural beauty and incredible biodiversity

    The weather, while wet through spring and summer, is temperate and inviting, too. But best of all, there is a near-endless array of things to do on a Costa Rica girls’ trip.

    What to do on a Costa Rica girls’ trip

    In Costa Rica, there’s something to do for everyone: a high-energy stay in the capital, an escape to the Osa Peninsula to reconnect with nature, a luxurious wellness retreat…

    Here are a few of our favorite things to do on a Costa Rica girls’ trip.

    Take advantage of Costa Rica’s stunning beaches: relax, snorkel, surf…

    Costa Rica doesn’t lack options when it comes to beaches. There are two full coastlines to choose from: the Pacific and the Caribbean.

    The Pacific coast is upbeat and adventurous. Indeed, Costa Rica is one of the most luxurious surfing destinations in the world, with some of the best opportunities existing near Tamarindo. But you can also snorkel (or scuba dive) through coral reefs, unwind in Las Catalinas, enjoy beachside fine dining in Papagayo or take a party boat out of Jacó.

    The Caribbean coast is a much more relaxed setting. This culturally rich area is better for sampling local cuisine, enjoying Caribbean cocktails and relaxing (check out our Tortuguero itinerary). 

    Connect with a Fora for the full scoop on what beaches would best fit your Costa Rica girls’ trip goals.

    Take in Costa Rica’s nightlife (this is a girls’ trip to Costa Rica, after all)

    Like the country’s beaches, the vibe of the nightlife in Costa Rica varies by region. 

    Chilling in an open-air bar while sipping margaritas to live music is the typical Caribbean experience (check out the top Caribbean Costa Rica resorts for the lowdown). But for a more upscale atmosphere, take your girls’ trip to the Papagayo Peninsula on the Pacific coast. This is where you’ll find the country’s top fine-dining options and the swankiest bars and clubs. 

    Or, if you want a sample of everything Costa Rica has to offer, visit the capital city, San José.

    Explore Costa Rica’s lush rainforests & scenery

    Costa Rica is rife with wilderness adventures. Taking your Costa Rica girls’ trip off-grid in the Osa Peninsula, summiting Arenal Volcano or hiking to the waterfalls at El Chorro are just a few excursions you can embark on. 

    Check out our Montezuma itinerary for an in-depth example, or connect with Fora to start planning your trip today.

    Where to stay in Costa Rica for a girls’ trip

    The best places to stay in Costa Rica for a girls’ trip range from lodges near iconic volcanos to beachfront resorts. 

    1. Arenal Volcano in northern Costa Rica

    Arenal Volcano, arguably the most famous landmark in Costa Rica, is surrounded by verdant rainforest, and teems with wildlife. Some of the best Costa Rica jungle resorts (and Costa Rica honeymoon resorts) are nearby, meaning your girls’ trip will have plenty of options for upscale accommodations.

    Finding adventure in northern Costa Rica is as simple as looking beyond the door to your villa: the rainforest here is breathtaking, and there’s no shortage of hiking opportunities.

    2. The Papagayo Peninsula

    Nearly all the best all-inclusive resorts in Costa Rica for families, girls’ trips and larger groups are found on the Papagayo Peninsula. 

    Here, the ultimate Costa Rica girls’ trip can sample the best of what the country has to offer, from elite fine dining options to the top clubs and bars. Luxurious villas, bungalows and boutique-style hotel rooms — all with the best contemporary amenities — are standard on the peninsula, and the top resorts go further. Check out some of our favorite boutique hotels in Costa Rica for inspiration.

    There are also many exciting towns and beaches to check out on the Papagayo Peninsula, like Tamarindo, Nosara (see our Nosara itinerary) and Playa Hermosa. Connect with Fora to plan and book your stay at the best places to stay near the Papagayo Gulf.

    Looking for more inspiration on what to do and where to eat in Costa Rica's Guanacaste region? Check out our Fora Favorites: The Ultimate Guanacaste, Costa Rica Travel Guide.

    3. San José

    San José is Costa Rica’s largest city, offering the widest variety of things to do. San José isn’t as luxurious as the Papagayo Peninsula, but the opportunities for cultural immersion are much more prominent.

    You won’t find many adventure resorts here, but the city’s central location makes it a great spot for a Costa Rica girls’ trip: Arenal is only about an hour’s drive north, while both coasts are only a day trip away. 

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