The 5 Best Places to Stay in Costa Rica for Couples

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    From pristine, oceanside retreats to invigorating jungle resorts, here are five of the best places to stay in Costa Rica for couples

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    First, is Costa Rica good for couples?

    Costa Rica is a great place to visit regardless of whom you’re visiting with (maybe you’re going with some girlfriends for a Costa Rica bachelorette party?). But yes, a romantic backdrop and intimate yet lively setting make visiting Costa Rica an excellent couple’s trip, and there are plenty of great Costa Rican honeymoon resorts to choose from.

    Where should couples visit in Costa Rica?

    It really depends on what you’re looking for. The best places to stay in Costa Rica for couples can be found on both coasts, in the major cities and deep within the country’s vast rainforests.

    Couples visiting the Osa Peninsula, found along the country’s southern Pacific Coast, will find plenty of off-the-grid Costa Rican adventures, particularly between Nosara and Montezuma (check out our Nosara and Montezuma itineraries, if you’re curious).

    Which is the better place to stay for couples: Costa Rica’s Pacific or Caribbean coast?

    On one hand, the Papagayo Gulf is home to Costa Rica’s most luxurious resorts. On the other hand, the Caribbean coast has a wealth of laid-back hotels with a more bohemian vibe (see our Tortuguero itinerary and our guide to the best Caribbean Costa Rica resorts). 

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    Is Costa Rica a good honeymoon destination?

    Absolutely — many of the best places to stay in Costa Rica for couples are also the country’s top honeymoon resorts and hotels. (Looking for more honeymoon inspiration? Check out this Maui honeymoon itinerary.)

    The 5 best places to stay in Costa Rica for couples

    In no particular order, here are our favorite places to stay in Costa Rica for couples.

    1. Nayara Springs: a Costa Rica honeymoon resort in the jungle

    Image courteys of Nayara Springs

    A true Costa Rica jungle resort, Nayara Springs is surrounded by rainforest and an incredible amount of wildlife, all of which is accessible from the doorsteps of this resort’s impeccable rooms and villas.

    Nayara Springs is located near the base of one of Costa Rica’s top landmarks, Arenal Volcano, which can be seen from the resort. The setting is as intimate as it is revitalizing, especially for couples looking for a natural escape from urban life.

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    2. Four Seasons Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica: luxury accommodations on the Papagayo Peninsula

    Image courtesy of Four Seasons Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica

    The Four Seasons Resort in Costa Rica is as luxurious as it is well-placed. The resort itself offers upscale accommodations ranging from single-bedroom villas to larger four- and five-bedroom estates, all of which feature breathtaking views of the mainland and the Papagayo Gulf. This really is one of the best places to stay in Costa Rica for couples wanting especially spectacular views.

    Papagayo also provides a delicious taste of Costa Rican nightlife. Couples can enjoy a host of fine dining options and swanky bars at night, along with the Four Seasons’ many night and daytime excursions and events. Connect with Fora to plan and book your stay at the Four Seasons. (Looking for more nightlife inspiration? Check out our guide to the coolest hotels in Vegas.)

    Looking for more inspiration on what to do and where to eat in Costa Rica's Guanacaste region? Check out our Fora Favorites: The Ultimate Guanacaste, Costa Rica Travel Guide.

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    3. Andaz Costa Rica Resort at Peninsula Papagayo: a five-star hotel surrounded by lush rainforest

    Image courtesy of Andaz Costa Rica Resort at Peninsula Papagayo

    Also found on the Papagayo Peninsula, the Andaz Resort is a five-star boutique hotel amidst 1,400 acres of private Costa Rican rainforest. The setting makes the Andaz a prime Costa Rica honeymoon resort for couples looking for an intimate escape.

    While the resort grounds are fairly secluded, everything you could want on your Costa Rica vacation is within reach: classy bars, gourmet dining, a full golf course and more. Unsurprisingly, the Andaz Resort is one of the best all-inclusive resorts in Costa Rica for couples (and families as well; see our family-friendly Costa Rica itinerary). And when you book with us, you'll unlock VIP Hyatt Privé perks.

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    4. Casa Chameleon Las Catalinas: unparalleled intimacy at an exclusive resort in the hills

    Image courtesy of Casa Chameleon Las Catalinas

    A favorite among locals and travelers alike, Casa Chameleon is one of the best places to stay in Costa Rica for couples who want exclusivity. The resort is tucked away into the hills above Las Catalinas, providing scenic views of the Pacific and easy access to several private beaches. 

    When not taking in the surf, couples can still enjoy the feel of the ocean in the terrace-bound infinity pools attached to every villa. Connect with Fora to plan and book your stay at Casa Chameleon, and check out our Las Catalinas itinerary for insider recommendations in the nearby town. 

    Sidenote: Casa Chameleon at Mal Pais is another option if you’re interested in surfing (Costa Rica is one of the best luxury surfing destinations in the world).

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    5. ORIGINS Costa Rica: ecotourism at its most elegant

    Image courtesy of ORIGINS Costa Rica

    ORIGINS, one of the best places to stay in Costa Rica for couples, is an upscale resort in northern Costa Rica with a mission: sustainable luxury.

    ORIGINS is a United Nations Environment Program pledgee and has committed to numerous sustainable initiatives, from a zero-plastic policy to locally sourcing all the ingredients (many of which come from the resort’s own farm and fishery) for its menus. ORIGINS seamlessly blends in with Upala’s beautiful natural environment for a one-of-a-kind experience for the eco-conscious couple.

    Beyond the resort, Northern Costa Rica is ripe for outdoorsy adventures; just check out our adventurous Costa Rica itinerary. And if you’re eager for adventure, check out our breakdown of the best adventure resorts around the world.

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