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    Eager to check out the nightlife in Costa Rica? We have a host of tips to bring your nighttime Costa Rica travel plans to life.

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    Does Costa Rica have a good nightlife?

    Trendy urban centers blend with a bohemian beach vibe to create a thriving nightlife in Costa Rica. There’s something here for everyone, whether you’re throwing a Costa Rica bachelorette party or looking for a quiet, beachside shack for sipping cocktails.

    Where people enjoy Costa Rica's thriving nightlife

    You'll find something going on just about everywhere, including at lively bars in San José or Jacó, or along Costa Rica’s low-key coastlines.

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    San José has the most variety when it comes to Costa Rica’s nightlife

    San José is at the heart of Costa Rica’s nightlife. One of the best places to stay in Costa Rica for its sheer variety, San José has everything you could want in a big city, including a fair share of famous Costa Rica landmarks. Plus, it’s fairly close to many of the country’s top attractions (see our adventurous Costa Rica itinerary).

    Check out San José’s energetic nightlife with a bar crawl along Calle de la Amargura

    If you’re looking to let loose, San José’s Barrio California is the place to be, especially along the Calle de la Amargura. It’s one of the few areas in all of Costa Rica where you’ll consistently find bars and clubs open well into the night. 

    Enjoy fine dining at swanky places like Restaurante Grano de Oro

    Many of Costa Rica’s best fine-dining experiences are found in San José, too. Restaurante Grano de Oro, one of our favorite places to eat in the city, is an intimate spot in a charming boutique hotel of the same name.

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    Vibe to concerts & shows in San José

    San José is home to Costa Rica’s biggest concert venues, and live shows performed by both international and local acts are a regular occurrence.

    Visit Jacó for the best nightlife in Costa Rica

    Jacó is a small town on Costa Rica’s central Pacific coast, across the Nicoya Gulf from Montezuma (check out our Montezuma itinerary). 

    During the day, Jacó is a great place to fish or learn to surf — Costa Rica is one of the world’s best luxury surfing destinations, after all — but on weekend nights, the town comes to life.

    Is Jacó a party town? Not exactly

    Like much of Costa Rica, Jacó has a relaxed vibe for the most part. Fishing off the coast or catching some waves are the town’s main draws. 

    Check out Jacó's bars

    That said, the bar scene in Jacó is becoming one of Costa Rica’s trendiest, and make it a good home base for a Costa Rica girls’ trip through the central coast. Not sure where to start? Connect with Fora to start planning your visit.

    Puerto Viejo de Talamanca: the prime Caribbean nightlife experience

    Puerto Viejo de Talamanca stands out among the best areas for Caribbean Costa Rica resorts. One of the livelier beach towns on Costa Rica’s eastern coast, Puerto Viejo’s diverse population and proximity to the Panamanian border have made it a melting pot, creating a unique Costa Rican nightlife experience.

    You’re just as likely to hear live reggaetón as you are dancehall music while strolling through Puerto Viejo’s streets at night. In similar fashion, the town has a booming culinary backdrop that blends the area’s Caribbean, European and North American influences.

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    Tamarindo has the most relaxing nightlife in Costa Rica

    Tamarindo masters a blend of world-class fine dining and exceptionally laid-back atmosphere: here, the restaurants and bars cater to an upscale crowd, and yet the town still embodies Costa Rica’s friendliness.

    Tamarindo is also close to both Nosara and Las Catalinas, giving visitors plenty of options for daytime excursions (compare the best of Nosara to our Las Catalinas itinerary), especially out on the water.

    Costa Rica nightlife: FAQs

    When is the best time to visit Costa Rica for the nightlife?

    November to April is the busiest travel season in Costa Rica, but the quieter months also tend to be wetter, especially in the rainforest regions — also something to consider if you’re staying at a Costa Rica jungle resort or following an Osa Peninsula itinerary, for example.

    Is Costa Rica safe at night?

    Violent crime is relatively rare in Costa Rica, even at night. However, petty property crime is a common problem in bigger cities like San José, so exercise caution while enjoying Costa Rica’s famed nightlife.

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