Mexico City: A Food Lover's Guide

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Advisor - Pamela Murphy
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Pamela Murphy

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Curator’s statement

Rich History? Yup. Incredible art? Check. Design? Mmmhmmm. Great food? Are you kidding! Perfect weather? Almost always. It's true: Mexico City is kind of perfect in every way.

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Where to stay Mexico City

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Things to do in Mexico City

Vibrant blue stone building, Diego Rivera Museum in Mexico city with cactus in front.

Follow the Luis Barragan trail

Mexican architect and engineer Luis Barragán was one of the most important figures on the CDMX design scene, and a visit to each of his projects is well worth it. From Casa Barragán to Casa Gilardi, Convento De Las Capuchinas Sacramentarias, Jardines Y Casa Ortega, and Casa Prieto Lopez, the incredible work of this epic master must be seen to be believed.

And here's a pro tip: head to Casa Prieto Lopez later in the day and have lunch at Tetelan before exploring the house.

Take an Art Tour

Yes, there are INCREDIBLE museums in Mexico City (more on that later), but the real deal is finding the local artists, visiting them in their studios or galleries and getting to speak with them one-on-one.

Take a Food Tour

The food in Mexico City is everything you've heard plus, plus, plus. While the list of well-known and well-respected restaurants is long, there is nothing like being led down the back alley of a flower market to find the most incredible tacos al pastor or gorditas being made in a teeny stall.

Make Something Sweet

Take a cooking class in the studio of one of Mexico's most celebrated young chefs and learn how to make Mexican chocolate and churros. Heaven!

Hang with Frida + Diego

From Casa Azul to Museo Casa Diego Rivera, follow in the footsteps of two of Mexico's greatest-known and most beloved artists. Personally, I became obsessed with their relationship - the drama! And then set out to find as many Rivera murals as I could find.

Museum Hop

From the Soumaya Museum, home to an incredible collection of Rodin's sculptures to the famous Anthropology Museum that makes history cool again, Mexico City has a museum for everyone.

Create your own scent

Visit Xinu, the design darling of the perfume world and marvel at the scents and the shop.

Learn to love Mezcal. Because, when in Rome ...

Places to eat & drink in Mexico City

Dishes of fine dining restaurant with excellent presentation neatly laid out on dining table.

Lardo: At some point, you'll feel like you can't possibly eat another taco (hard to believe, I know), and when that moment comes, head straight to Lardo for incredible Italian-leaning Mediterranean in a really, really fun space.

Martinez: It's brand-spanking new and so good you won't believe it. The chef, Lucho Martinez, is a staple on the CDMX dining scene (his other spot, Em, is also amazing). The leeks were a stand-out. Which sounds weird, but trust.

Maximo Bistrot: The perfect lunch spot in Roma, I love this space so much, and the food, French-influenced Mexican, does not disappoint.

Contramar: A trip to Mexcio City isn't a trip to Mexico City without a very late, very long lunch at Contramar. My money is on the quesadillas and the sweet potato tacos, but of course, the world famous Tuna Tostados are also a must-order.

Panaderia Rosetta: Sandwiches, salads and pastries that will bring you to your knees.

Salon Palomilla: A brand new cocktail bar hidden behind the kitchen of Paramo (our fave taco spot in town, btw), this is the kind of place that makes you feel like you just got in with the cool kids. Pro tip: Order a Spagliato and ANY of the snacks coming out of the tiny wood-burning oven.

Nico's: Lunch here is epic. As in, five bottles of wine later, you're salsa dancing and making friends with everyone in the room.

Imbiss: Two words: fried chicken. But this is no KFC. Imbiss is beautiful, delicious and serves a mean Negroni to boot.

Need to Know

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Advisor - Pamela Murphy

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