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Old red building with balconies decorated with hanging plants in the French Quarter in New Orleans.
Old red building with balconies decorated with hanging plants in the French Quarter in New Orleans.

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There's no place like NOLA, where jazz and nightlife meet Creole heritage and haunted mansions. And did we mention the beignets?

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New Orleans is vibrant, fun and eccentric, with a unique culture and delicious gastronomy to explore. 

Music is synonymous with New Orleans nightlife, and there’s an eclectic mix of top-40 dance clubs, retro music halls and a thriving local scene — you’re just as likely to hear super talented artists performing on the streets as you are at NOLA’s top venues.

New Orleans’ gastronomy also deserves a ton of attention. French and Indigenous roots blend with classic Southern styles to create flavors you won’t readily find elsewhere. Head to NOLA staples Café du Monde and Mother’s Restaurant for a taste of all the city has to offer.

Sightseeing in New Orleans is a blast, too. Throughout the city, you’ll find colorful representations of 18th- and 19th-century architecture, with styles ranging from Gothic Revival to Old Victorian and more.

You’ll find in-depth answers to these questions in our guides to the best areas to stay in New Orleans and the most unique places to stay in New Orleans. But the French Quarter, the Central Business District (aka Downtown NOLA) and the Warehouse District are probably the best neighborhoods to stay in.

You can chat with a New Orleans travel planner (aka Fora Advisor) to learn about the best hotels in New Orleans, but The Roosevelt, Virgin Hotel and Maison de la Luz are some of our favorites.

It depends! Downtown New Orleans has more of a big-city vibe, while the French Quarter is partially residential, and partially made up of narrow rows of fun shops, great restaurants and other neat places to check out. Both are must-sees if you’re traveling to New Orleans. 

The Central Business District has more options when it comes to accommodations, especially if you’re looking for an upscale hotel. And there isn’t a luxe hotel in this neighborhood that’s not within walking distance of the French Quarter, so it’s not like you’ll miss out if you stay here.

Marigny and the Garden District are also worth seeing. Some of the coolest boutique hotels in New Orleans are found in these neighborhoods, and they offer much in the way of authentic New Orleans culture and cuisine.

Throw a pebble on a map of New Orleans and chances are there will be a dozen great restaurants and bars where it lands. New Orleans does food very well, and not just the Cajun and Creole staples it’s known for — the city has an excellent international menu, too.

Pro tip: New Orleans has a thriving Vietnamese food scene. Both Louisiana and Vietnam were colonized by the French, so there are similar underlying influences. Plus, after the Vietnam War, many Vietnamese refugees found a new home in New Orleans, bringing authentic traditions and flavors with them. 

Connect with Fora and your New Orleans travel planner can supply you with intel on the best restaurants and bars per your preferences.

March through May, and October through December are the overall best months to travel to New Orleans. The weather is much more agreeable during these months, and there’s a lot more to do.

Hurricane season generally runs from late May or June to November, with most hurricanes and tropical storms occurring early in the season.

Our guide on the best time to go to New Orleans has more detailed info.

You can probably see New Orleans’ highlights over a long weekend, but you’ll want to spend at least a week here if you want to see everything.

Check in with a Fora Advisor to learn how many days in New Orleans you’ll need to do everything on your itinerary.

Despite the reputation of some parts of New Orleans, the most popular areas — including Bourbon Street — are generally safe, even at night. 

It is recommended to avoid unfamiliar areas and exercise normal precautions any time you travel to New Orleans, though.

New Orleans is definitely a walkable city, particularly if you’re sticking to the Downtown Area and surrounding neighborhoods like the French Quarter. There’s also a fun streetcar service that will take you to the city’s coolest spots.

If you’re eager to check out the surrounding area or you want to travel at your own pace, renting probably makes sense. Your New Orleans travel planner (Fora Advisor) can help you make an informed decision.

Absolutely! Fora has created tons of guides to help you plan the ultimate New Orleans girls’ trip, explore New Orleans off the beaten path, stay at the most romantic New Orleans hotels and more.

Your New Orleans trip planner — aka Fora Advisor — can also craft a tailored itinerary for you.

There are so many reasons to book your travel to New Orleans with Fora. 

For one, we can hook you up with awesome perks at the coolest hotels in the city. Plus, you’ll have access to one-on-one support any time you need it. That means insider recommendations on the coolest hidden gems, best restaurants and more. There’s no better way to travel to New Orleans.