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Booking through a Fora Advisor Versus Amex Platinum: Why We’re Better

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Fora vs. Amex

Here at Fora, we’re asked all the time by clients: why should I book through a Fora Advisor? Aren’t the benefits the same with Amex Platinum (and Centurion)? Why is booking with Fora better? Read on for reasons why booking travel with a Fora Advisor will always guarantee a better travel experience, top to bottom.  

Points on the mind? Here’s the scoop on how to use a travel advisor to maximize your points travel.

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Reason 1: Fora has way more hotel relationships than Amex

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The American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts program partners with approximately 1,800 hotels worldwide that provide perks to Amex Platinum and Centurion customers. 

Fora has nearly 3,300 hotels with perks. Over our decades spent in the travel industry, we’ve built meaningful relationships with hotels around the world. We are part of nearly every major preferred partner program, including Four Seasons Preferred, Hilton Impresario, Hyatt Privé, IHG Luxury and Lifestyle and Virtuoso Travel

So, you are nearly twice as likely to get that upgrade (or free breakfast, or spa credits…) when you book with Fora, based on the sheer number of our hotel partnerships

Reason 2: hotels see Amex as a call center, and Fora as a partner


Fora Advisors networking at our 2022 Live Forum event, in Brooklyn

Ever get the same Amex travel agent on the phone twice? With Amex’s nearly 7,000 travel agents, the answer is probably not. 

Hotels see Amex largely the same way — there’s no real relationship with Amex travel agents. The partnership is with Amex’s corporate brand, as a whole.

Enter Fora. Thanks to our relationships with hotel brands worldwide, we ensure our advisors — and you, our travelers — have direct access to our hotel partners. We attend all the industry events and use our rolodexes daily to provide the best possible experiences for our travelers.  

When you travel, your advisor will have the direct line to the General Manager and always mark you as a VIP prior to your arrival at the hotel. Plus, when you run into a snafu — the hotel gives you the wrong room, for instance — your advisor is there to make it right (again, no call centers needed).  

Reason 3: We make the booking process easier

Fora vs. Amex

Fora Advisor Gaya Vinay

If you’ve ever booked a hotel through Amex, you know it’s a clunky and often misleading process. To maximize points, you have to book through Amex’s booking portal (which doesn’t have the most user-friendly interface). It’s also easy to scroll past the American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts program partners without realizing it, which means you might book a stay thinking you can use that $200 hotel credit, but it isn’t applicable to the property you’re staying at. 

Working with a Fora Advisor is a much smoother process. We do all of the heavy lifting of the booking process for you so that you can rest assured that you have the best possible hotel and perks. 

Reason 4: Fora clients are a higher priority to the hotel than Amex clients

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Preferred partnerships are not easy to get. These are selective, invite-only programs developed and cultivated by hotels to reward agencies who deliver consistent, high-quality clientele at significant volume. Clients who come from Fora and other preferred agencies book higher room categories, spend more at the property and are more loyal than any other channel. And you get to benefit from years of this track record. 

At the beginning of the day, the hotel team looks at upcoming check-ins and allocates available rooms based on priority. Top of the stack are clients that come from preferred partners — typically only 10 percent of overall clients. It’s the most select, elite group of clients. And with Fora, you’re part of the club.

The good news: why choose? 


We are Amex cardholders ourselves and love American Express benefits. Amex has a great points program, lounge access and numerous other perks that its cardholders love.

Our advice? Book your flights with Amex and rack up points on other expenses — but save the hotel bookings for your Fora Advisor. They’ll do all the legwork and unlock a smoother, more personalized and VIP experience. 


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