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4 Reasons Why You Need a Travel Advisor for Your Next Trip

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Reasons to use a travel advisor

If you’ve ever passed by a dusty, old storefront from a long-ago travel agency, you may have developed the impression that travel advisors are a thing of the past.

In reality, though, travel advisors are more popular than ever, and they’re used for a lot more than just honeymoons and bucket list adventures. In fact, they command more than $100 billion in bookings in the United States alone.

Here are four reasons why you can – and should – use a travel advisor for your next trip – and any trip, from business trips to staycations and beyond (like an epic Nashville girls' weekend, for instance).

1. They won’t just save you time and energy. They’ll save you money, too.

It’s a popular myth that travel advisors are expensive. But actually, many travel advisors don’t charge a fee at all. That’s because they make their money on commissions from the hotel or other supplier (not dissimilar from the commissions that online travel companies like or Kayak are earning when they recommend a property to you in searches).

Travel advisors have the power to offer cash-saving benefits, from resort credits to free breakfast, literally putting dollars in your pocket that you would have spent elsewhere.

Not only do you save cold hard cash, but your time is money, too. A great travel advisor can get a good sense of your travel style and expectations, and use a combination of hearty research and lived experience to put together a trip even better than the one you would have planned yourself. It’ll save you loads of time and energy, and give you some new experiences that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

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2. They’ll get you the inside scoop, and helpful context. 

Travel isn’t just about scoring the perfect place to stay. It’s about seeing the world through others’ eyes, and there’s only so much you can learn on a menu card or an online review. 

Travel advisors are great at knowing all of the nuances of a place, and oftentimes have the story behind it, too. Rather than just experiencing a place at face value, you’ll be able to enjoy the fact that your hotel is woman-owned, or the restaurant you ate at was just featured on TV, or the lemons in your lemonade are squeezed by hand. They have direct access to hotels and have the General Manager on speed dial (if you’ve ever been stuck waiting in an Amex call center, you know exactly how valuable this is).

Plus, their tight connections means they have the inside scoop on how to get the most out of your experience (like which places have on-site childcare, or which offer free tickets to shows) so you can be an insider and go into your travel experience knowing that you won’t miss anything.

Are you that travel insider? The well-connected friend with all the best recommendations? Learn more about turning your passion for travel into $$$.

3. They’ll score you with awesome perks and upgrades.

There’s nothing better than walking into a hotel room with a fresh bouquet of flowers and a fruit plate waiting for you, or being treated like a VIP with a room upgrade and a wine tasting. These are just some of the common types of perks and benefits that travel advisors score everyday for their clients. That’s because hotels love travel advisors. And why wouldn’t they? They bring great customers, and when they love a place, recommend them again and again. 

Hotels like to reward that repeat business with special benefits that travel advisors can offer their clientele – and you reap the benefits, without paying a cent more. And while you do all that, you’re supporting a small business and helping them grow. Not bad, right?

4. They’re your direct line to a hotel’s management team, a.k.a. you’ll be treated like the VIP you are.

It’s worth underscoring that a travel advisor is a person with real connections and relationships that can help you have the experience you deserve (rather than a booking site with none of those things). They’re an extension of the hotel’s team, with a direct line to hotel management. So when you need something even before your trip happens, your travel advisor can get you instant support, rather than dwindling your time away listening to the hold music of a call center.

This also means that travel advisors can set you up with an all-around better experience on site, like free upgrades and personalized treatment. They know your unique needs – from dietary restrictions to whose birthday you’re celebrating – because they know you, and they also know that you love ocean views with corner windows and an extra pillow. It’s like having your own personal expert who knows you better than you know yourself, AND has the General Manager on speed dial.

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