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14 Wild (& Weird) New Orleans Bachelorette Party Ideas

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Bourbon Street pub crawls, Mississippi River booze cruises, sightseeing in the French Quarter or Garden District…if you’re seeking inspiration for a New Orleans bachelorette party, we have you covered with 15 exciting ideas ranging from wild to weird (in the best way).  

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First, is New Orleans a good destination for a bachelorette party?

We are not exaggerating: New Orleans is one of the absolute best places to throw a destination bachelorette party. There’s something for everyone here, whether you want wild and crazy or laid-back and chill (or all of the above).

How much does a New Orleans bachelorette party cost?

One of the best things about New Orleans is that there’s a trip to be had for just about every budget. Want the ultimate, luxe New Orleans girls’ trip? No problem. Need to penny-pinch? You can still enjoy an awesome vacation here.

Generally, a week-long trip to New Orleans costs around $1,500–$2,000 per person, depending on your accommodations, experiences and airfare. But if you want a no-compromises, nothing-but-lavish New Orleans bachelorette party, you can easily double or triple that figure.

Is New Orleans safe for a bachelorette party?

Yes, but it’s wise to be cautious, especially at night. Some neighborhoods have a high crime rate, and pickpockets like to target tourists. However, if you stick to the popular areas (like Bourbon Street, Downtown and so on), New Orleans is actually quite safe.

When’s the best time to visit NOLA for a bachelorette party?

We have a full guide that covers the best time to go to New Orleans, but for bachelorette parties, there are three windows that make the most sense. 

Mardi Gras, New Orleans’ busiest season, usually kicks off around mid-February and runs through March. The whole city is in on the fun and it’s an awesome time to get the full NOLA experience. Plus, the weather’s generally mild.

April through June is less crowded, but much warmer and humid. If you don’t mind the heat — it’s not too bad at night — this is a great time to enjoy the city without tons of spring breakers. 

Finally, the holiday season is magical in New Orleans. By early October, much of the city is preparing for Halloween, and the festive spirit doesn’t really stop until the day after New Year’s. 

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Fora’s 14 favorite New Orleans bachelorette party ideas

Ready for some awesome NOLA bachelorette party ideas? Here’s a bunch of our favorites.

1. Explore the vibrant & storied French Quarter

You can’t take your bachelorette party to Louisiana without exploring one of the most unique places to stay in New Orleans: the French Quarter. French, Spanish and classic Southern styles come together here for a unique take on early New World architecture and decor. 

The French Quarter is not lacking in character, and the only aspect of NOLA that’s more vibrant than its aesthetic are the people. Artists, musicians and other street performers set up shop in the wider avenues — and most locals are exceptionally welcoming toward travelers. 

You’ll also find an eclectic mix of recognizable shops and one-off boutiques selling everything from the latest trends to what can only be described as classic New Orleans oddities. Better yet, there are a ton of great cafés and restaurants worth checking out — like the famous Café du Monde for beignets. 

Of all the New Orleans bachelorette ideas, you really can’t miss this one.

2. Experience the wild & eclectic nightlife of Bourbon Street

New Orleans nightlife is infamous for being rowdy and risqué, but in reality, it’s more nuanced. Bourbon Street is the perfect example of this. 

You will probably see and hear things here you wouldn’t expect elsewhere (and we’ll leave it at that), but places like Preservation Hall exhibit New Orleans’ long, romantic love affair with jazz and blues in an authentic setting. 

Bourbon Street is an awesome place to kick off a pub crawl — and you can even grab drinks to go, as drinking in public is actually celebrated here.

3. Listen to live, local music on Frenchman Street in Marigny

In contrast with the wild bars and clubs of Bourbon Street, the pubs and music halls on Frenchman Street are where many locals spend their nights (the Spotted Cat Music Club is a storied favorite).

Music is an intrinsic part of New Orleans’ culture, and the venues along Frenchman Street have an authentic feel first established generations ago, long before jazz, blues and swing hit the public consciousness. Even if these genres aren’t your vibe, experiencing this side of New Orleans’ culture is always a great time. On the other hand, a lot of venues will host artists outside of the classic NOLA spectrum, too. 

And if you need another reason to visit, the local gastronomy is incredible.

4. Shop at the boutiques on Magazine Street in the Garden District

Juxtaposed to the craziness of Bourbon Street and the swinging rhythms of Frenchman Street, the Garden District has a classic Southern pomp to it. Through most of the district you’ll encounter gorgeous, Neoclassical mansions separated by wrought-iron fencing, sprawling ivies and lush flower gardens — all of which is shaded by low-hanging oaks and willows.

Charming boutiques and some of the best cafés and restaurants in the city line the district’s most popular hub on Magazine Street. A leisurely stroll through here can be a great way to recover from a wild night on Bourbon Street (this is a New Orleans bachelorette, after all). While Magazine Street still sees a lot of foot traffic, it has an almost sleepy ambiance most of the year (except during the frequent parades of Carnival Season). 

Pro tip: the Garden District is home to many of the best boutique hotels in New Orleans. (Or if you’re planning a couples’ trip, check out our guide to the most romantic hotels in New Orleans.) 

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5. Enjoy brunch at one of New Orleans’ famous cafés

Two things New Orleans doesn’t lack: drinks and food. In a city with such a rich gastronomy, you’ll have no problem finding an awesome place to enjoy brunch for your bachelorette party. New Orleans is a foodie’s paradise, and the cuisine extends far beyond its Cajun and Creole staples. 

Even if you’re not into boozy libations, there’s no shortage of options all across the city, from the waterfront boardwalk to the local-friendly districts.

6. Spy alligators, turtles and other neat wildlife on a bayou / swamp tour

Swamp tours might not be the first thing you think about for a New Orleans bachelorette party, but exploring the Gulf Coast’s waterways will satiate a desire for adventure and mystery. Many of New Orleans’ surrounding rivers and swamps have an almost eerie allure to them, with tons of creepy crawlies, primordial-esque predators (alligators — we’re talking about alligators) and flocks of tropical birds. 

It’s a fun way to escape the bustle of the city and reconnect with nature.

7. Embark on a Mississippi River booze cruise

For a more vivacious segue into nature, you can embark on a booze (optional) cruise along the Mississippi. As you make your way through the scenic waterway — either out toward the Gulf of Mexico or up toward Baton Rouge — you can sip cocktails, take in the views and enjoy fun New Orleans staples.

8. Sample diverse gastronomy on an indulgent New Orleans food tour (or check out the coolest restaurants à la carte)

It wouldn’t be a New Orleans bachelorette party without delighting in New Orleans’ unique gastronomy. Everyone associates Cajun and Creole food with the Big Easy, but there’s so much more to explore here — classic Southern comfort food probably isn’t a surprise, but authentic Vietnamese and elevated French menus might be. 

Food tours can be an indulgently exciting way to explore the best dishes, snacks and cocktails. A New Orleans trip planner can supply you with deets on the best options per your preferences.

9. Dance & party all night at one of NOLA’s underground clubs

Jazz bars aren’t the only venues in New Orleans. The city’s Warehouse and Downtown districts host a handful of nightclubs and underground venues. Some are geared toward local music tastes, and some, like Republic NOLA, regularly host well-known DJs and artists. If your bachelorette party is a bit more on the wild side, this might be a great choice for you.

10. Get a tarot card or psychic reading

New Orleans has a longstanding tradition of flirting with all things mystical and occult. Far and above your run-of-the-mill psychic — and whether you believe in the supernatural or not — tarot cards and other psychic readings are a spectacle any New Orleans bachelorette party will enjoy. 

The best parlors are found in the French Quarter, which also occasionally holds psychic festivals.

11. Visit New Orleans’ spookiest haunts on an occult tour

New Orleans occult tours will take you to some of the city’s strangest places: haunted houses, tombs, vampire lairs and other supernatural hotspots. Some lean into the mystery while others take a more educational perspective. Either way, tours like these offer a unique way to explore the city.

On a similarly sinister sidenote, several true-crime tours run through New Orleans, too. Connect with Fora and we can book you the coolest tours in the city.

12. Catch a risqué (and / or hilarious) burlesque show

Who said New Orleans bachelorette party ideas had to be squeaky clean? Burlesque and cabaret shows are celebrated here, with many bars and clubs hosting special events — and some venues like Red Velvet or the AllWays Lounge regularly feature sultry performances spanning just about every genre.

Most venues take a dinner-and-a-show approach, too, so it can be a fun way to kickstart a night on your New Orleans girls’ getaway.

13. Check out New Orleans’ coolest, most exciting (or strangest) museums

If you want to get off the beaten path in New Orleans, the city’s dedication to the strange really shines with its lineup of bizarre and fascinating museums. A few examples: the Museum of Death, the Historic Voodoo Museum and the Pharmacy Museum, the latter of which exhibits cutting-edge medicine of the 1800s.

If you prefer a less eccentric experience, museums like the Southern Food and Beverage Museum and JAMNOLA, an interactive gallery inspired by local art styles, are totally worth visiting as well.

14. Sightsee in Downtown New Orleans and the Warehouse District

Our last New Orleans bachelorette party idea: checking out the Downtown and Warehouse districts — both among the best areas to stay in New Orleans

While the French Quarter and Garden District steal most of the attention, Downtown New Orleans — and by extension, the neighboring Warehouse District — shouldn’t be slept on. You’ll find most of the city’s best hotels here, along with tons of upscale boutiques, fun experiences — like the Audubon Aquarium — and a great variety of restaurants, bars and clubs. Plus, Bourbon Street is just around the corner from Downtown’s main thoroughfare on Canal Street.

Many of the high-rises in both districts feature ornate architecture dating back to the late 1800s, offering a distinct setting from the French Quarter’s Old-World feel. 

Pro tip: as both districts are centrally located, staying in either is uber convenient if you’re eager to walk around the city. 

Not sure how much time you’ll need to see everything you want? Check out our guide to how many days in New Orleans you need for the complete experience. Or if you’re a little short on time, our 3-day New Orleans itinerary showcases the highlights.

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