Ultimate New Orleans Girls’ Trip: 2023 Guide

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    Need ideas for a New Orleans girls’ trip? Look no further. We’ve got info on great places to stay, amazing things to do, bachelorette party ideas and much more in this guide to planning a girls’ trip to New Orleans.

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    Part I: the best hotels for a New Orleans girls’ trip (by district)

    Unsurprisingly, you’ll find the top boutique hotels in New Orleans in some of New Orleans’ best areas to stay — like the Central Business District and French Quarter.

    1. Central Business District: The Ritz-Carlton New Orleans & The Roosevelt

    The Central Business District is New Orleans’ busiest area, with a great mix of upscale and casual bars, restaurants and attractions. Even better, staying here grants convenient access to the rest of the city, with the historic French Quarter and nightclub-friendly Warehouse District just around the corner. It’s the perfect place to throw a high-energy New Orleans girls’ trip.

    There are a lot of great hotels in the Central Business District, but The Ritz-Carlton New Orleans and The Roosevelt are arguably the best choices. Both offer five-star accommodations in the heart of the city. 

    Connect with Fora to learn more about either hotel, or other great romantic hotels in New Orleans.

    2. Warehouse District: Ace Hotel New Orleans or Maison de la Luz

    The Warehouse District might sound dull, but this up-and-coming neighborhood features gorgeous architecture and tons of trendy dining, coffee shops and clubs. It’s one of the more unique places to stay in New Orleans — there’s less emphasis on Cajun or Creole cuisine. Instead, you’ll find more of an international menu.

    The Ace Hotel New Orleans — also one of the best family hotels in New Orleans — and the Maison de la Luz are two of our favorite hotels here. The former features a contemporary design with classic New Orleans influences while the latter exhibits an exceptionally elegant style inspired by its 19th-century roots. Both are a great choice for a girls’ trip to New Orleans depending on what kind of vibe you’re after.

    3. The French Quarter: W New Orleans

    The French Quarter is easily New Orleans’ most recognizable neighborhood. Every vibrant street features ornate ironworks and dozens of streetside bars, restaurants, shops and even residences. 

    Bourbon Street will be the main draw for a wild New Orleans girls’ trip, but there’s plenty here that doesn’t involve beads and daiquiris if you’re interested in something more laid-back. 

    There aren’t as many luxe hotel options in the French Quarter, but there are still a few great places. And the W New Orleans stands out. This four-star hotel forms a triangle with the French Market — where you’ll find the original Café du Monde — and Bourbon Street. Plus, it’s only a couple blocks from the waterfront. 

    Things to do on a New Orleans girls’ trip: itinerary ideas

    There aresomany things to do on a New Orleans girls’ getaway. We recommend connecting with one of our New Orleans trip planners (aka Fora Advisors) for a tailored vacation, but here are a few of our favorites.

    And remember: booking with Fora takes the hassle out of trip planning. Don’t be afraid to ask your advisor all your travel questions, like how many days in New Orleans are needed to see all the city’s highlights. 

    1. Eat, drink and party on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter (especially during Mardi Gras)

    Bourbon Street is synonymous with New Orleans nightlife. And no high-energy NOLA girls’ trip is complete without a pub crawl down the infamous alley, daiquiri in hand.

    This is especially true during Carnival Season, which runs from early January through mid- to late March. And Mardi Gras, which starts in February, is the grand event of the season (our guide to the best time to visit New Orleans has more on this).

    2. Enjoy a stroll through the Garden District (great for a quieter New Orleans girls trip)

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, a leisurely stroll through the Garden District offers a chance to see New Orleans’ residential architecture at its best. You’ll also find tons of local cafés and coffee shops in the area. 

    If anything, admiring the views in the Garden District is a great opportunity to rest and recharge before the next nightly outing. It’s also a must-stop on any mother-daughter trip to New Orleans.

    3. Take a ghost, vampire or Voodoo tour (or a haunted pub crawl!)

    The occult is an intrinsic part of New Orleans culture, with a bevy of (allegedly) haunted houses, estates and cemeteries sprinkled throughout the city. 

    There are a number of tours that'll take you to the hot spots, with options  ranging from the truly bizarre to those that explore the more historical influences of the occult on New Orleans culture. Some notable examples include tours that take you to “Voodoo Queen” Marie Laveau’s tomb or to all the haunted bars in New Orleans.

    4. Check out classic New Orleans architecture, parks and more

    New Orleans’ distinct architecture is definitely worth checking out. While the city isn’t an isolated example of classic Southern architecture — Charlestown in South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia are great examples, too — New Orleans’ unorthodox blend of European and Haitian influences has evolved over the centuries into a unique architectural style.

    When you plan your trip with Fora, your advisor will cover the best spots to see on your New Orleans girls’ trip (or any trip for that matter), plus answer all your travel questions, like how many days in New Orleans you’ll need to see the coolest spots.

    5. Vibe to live music at famous venues like Preservation Hall or the Blue Room

    If there’s one thing New Orleans is more associated with than partying, it’s music. Jazz, blues (and its derivatives), R&B, hip-hop and even indie rock all have undeniable connections to the city. Big names like Louis Armstrong, Fats Domino, Lil Wayne and Harry Connick, Jr. all got their start here, playing at the very music halls and venues you’ll still find throughout the city.

    Preservation Hall is among the most famous, but there’s also the Blue Nile, Maple Leaf Bar and the House of Blues New Orleans. 

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