A Spain Bachelorette Party: Best Places + Things to Do

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    Looking for ideas for your dream Spain bachelorette party? Let a professional travel advisor for Spain help you out, with expert tips on the best things to do and places to visit.

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    The 3 best places in Spain for bachelorette parties

    Whether you’re going on a foodie tour of San Sebastián or looking for a Spanish seaside escape to Mallorca, virtually all of Spain makes for an unforgettable bachelorette party. 

    But three places stand out as the top spots for a Spain bachelorette party (or a hen do, as our friends in Britain would say): Ibiza, Madrid and Granada. Here’s why.

    1. Ibiza: the best place for a Spain bachelorette if you love to party

    Ibiza isn’t just one of the top 15 destinations in Spain, it’s one of the best places for bachelorette parties in Europe. The island is world-famous for its legendary nightlife and club scene. And when you’re not dancing the night away, you can detox along the Formentera beachside, check out the local Spanish architecture or indulge in amazing Spanish cuisine. 

    Don’t know where to start? Connect with Fora to customize and book your trip today.

    Plus, the island isn’t just for parties; it can also be fun to visit Ibiza with kids.

    Psst: Looking for more beach time? Consider a trip to a luxe San Sebastián beach for some glamorous relaxation.

    2. Madrid: the best spot for a Spanish bachelorette party if you want a bit of everything

    If you want to do a little bit of everything during your bachelorette party in Spain, Madrid is an excellent choice. The capital offers an unrivaled experience when it comes to history and culture, but the nightlife here is just as exciting as Ibiza’s, if a little less club-oriented. 

    Madrid is also more affordable than the other two places on this list, and it’s one of the best places to visit in Spain for first-timers.

    If you’re curious, our locals’ guide to Madrid offers more detail. And of course, a Fora Advisor can answer all your questions, like where to stay in Madrid (including the best boutique hotels in Madrid), what to do or where to visit. 

    Sidenote: Madrid is also super LGBTQ-friendly.

    3. Granada: if you want your Spain bachelorette party to be about history and nature

    Granada is one of the more unique places to visit in Spain. It’s located at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, so it’s a premier destination for skiing, hiking and enjoying nature. In other words, Granada is a great place to go if you want your Spain bachelorette party to veer on the outdoorsy side.

    Granada is also a great starting point for a week-long adventure along the south of Spain. From here, the cities of Cordoba, Seville and Ronda are within reach.

    The 7 best Spain bachelorette party ideas + things to do

    Knowing where to go is only half the equation. If you want your Spain bachelorette party to be memorable, you need to know what to do, too.

    Connecting with Fora is the best way to plan your trip, as they know their destinations well, but here are seven of our favorite Spain bachelorette party ideas.

    1. Learn to flamenco

    Is there a better way to surprise your partner when you return home than revealing your new talents as a flamenco master? You don’t have to become an expert, but learning how to flamenco in the place from which it originates is fun and exciting.

    Take a flamenco class and baile your way through the night.

    2. Eat like a local on a food tour or tapas crawl

    Spain is home to a delicious and fresh gastronomic scene.  

    Paella is the dish of choice for locals, but a tapas crawl is where it’s at. You’ll get to try a host of fried, not-fried, sample-size dishes on similarly small plates. And, since it’s a crawl, you’ll get to try many different things.

    3. Party and dance at Spain’s best clubs

    Spain’s nightlife is always popping. Ibiza edges out Madrid as the party spot, with top-notch clubs like Privilege and Pacha. But you’ll find plenty of live music and dancing in Madrid, Barcelona (check out the best places to stay in Barcelona) and just about any of Spain’s largest towns.

    Whether you want to feel the bass thumping or a more refined experience, connect with Fora for the inside scoop.

    4. Spa day: Get pampered at Spain’s most relaxing spas

    Spain’s spas are some of the best in Europe and a great way to recuperate after a night of clubbing. The big cities as well as Ibiza and Mallorca have the best options. 

    5. Indulge in Spanish wine tasting

    Can you have a bachelorette party in Spain without wine tasting? Debatable. Spain is the world’s second-largest producer of wine, with thousands of wineries and tours to choose from (many of which serve tapas, too). There’s no shortage of options.

    Our three-day itinerary for wine and tapas in Spain is a good place to start, but connect with Fora for insider details.

    6. Explore the Spanish countryside (and mountains, and beaches and…)

    Spain’s natural beauty is unquestionable. You can spend a lifetime traveling through Spain’s gorgeous mountainscapes, picturesque coasts and hilly landscapes. 

    For a sample, our seven-day itinerary to Asturias, Spain is filled with outdoorsy things to do, like kayaking down the Sella River and trekking to Hibeu Peak. However, if it’s the outdoors that you want, we might recommend visiting Granada on your Spain bachelorette party. You can still take advantage of the country’s epic nightlife in addition to more relaxing experiences. 

    7. Shop Spain and Europe’s top brands and more

    We specifically mention shopping in Madrid in our express tour guide of the Iberian Peninsula, but Spain’s shopping opportunities are endless. You’ll find all the major European brands here, along with markets selling authentic Spanish handmade goods.  

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    And if you're looking for more bachelorette party inspiration, check out our guide to a Colorado bachelorette party.

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