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Ultimate Utah Bachelorette Party (& Bachelor Party) Guide

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Need ideas for a Utah bachelorette party? How about a Utah bachelor party? Fora has you covered with our total guide to all the best destinations, things to do and places to eat and drink on any pre-wedding Utah blowout. 

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The best bachelor / bachelorette party destinations in Utah (plus itinerary ideas!)

Image courtesy of the Lodge at Blue Sky

Park City and Salt Lake City top the list of Utah bachelorette and bachelor party destinations, but don’t discount the state’s lesser-known towns. Utah is filled with natural beauty and opportunities for adventure.

1. Park City: for a Utah bachelorette party (or bachelor party) on the slopes

Thinking about a ski-trip-style Utah bachelorette party? How about a bachelor party in Utah’s gorgeous mountains for some aprés-ski? Either way, there’s no better place to do it than in Park City. 

Here, world-class ski resorts offer stellar access to the state’s most majestic ski trails, along with bespoke accommodations and a wealth of attractions and amenities to keep you comfortable and entertained any time you’re not skiing or snowboarding. 

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Things to do on a Park City, Utah bachelorette party or bachelor party

Classy-yet-adventurous is the best way to describe all the fun things to do in Park City on a bachelor or bachelorette trip to Utah. Here are a few of our favorites.

Go skiing & snowboarding

Take your Utah bachelor party / bachelorette party skiing, snowboarding or sledding; it’s all conveniently accessible from Park City’s top ski resorts like the Stein Eriksen Lodge.

Our guide to the best time to visit Utah covers when to visit for snow sports, but generally, late fall and early winter are your best bets.

Enjoy a snowshoe or snowmobile excursion

Skiing and snowboarding aren’t the only opportunities for snowbound excitement. The surrounding area is rife with trails for snowshoe and snowmobile excursions. 

In warmer months, Park City’s natural beauty really shines. Pale sheets of snow are traded for verdant mountainscapes teeming with life — a breathtaking backdrop for hiking.

Check out Olympic Park

If you don’t mind leaving your cozy resort, you can take your Utah bachelorette or bachelor party to nearby Olympic Park, which was constructed in 2002 for the Winter Olympics. Today, the area is mostly used for athletic training, but there’s also a thrilling (and massive) bobsledding course.

You need a reservation (booking with Fora can help with that!), sometimes well in advance, but the wait is worth it. 

Shop at upscale boutiques on Historic Main Street

Park City’s Historic Main Street is home to dozens of trendy boutiques, art galleries and cafés (the frontier architecture provides an enjoyable juxtaposition with the town’s ritzy ski resorts).

There’s a friendly and energetic vibe here, offering a pleasant break from the rigors of the ski slopes.

Take advantage of Park City’s luxe spas

Speaking of rigorous ski slopes, you can rejuvenate and ease your Utah bachelorette party attendees’ sore muscles at one of Park City’s luxury spas, some of which feature traditional techniques handed down by the region’s Indigenous tribes. Note: this isn’t just for bachelorette parties — show us a list of bachelor party attendees who don’t like spas (we dare you).

Where to eat & drink on a Park City, Utah bachelorette party or bachelor party

Many of Park City’s best restaurants and bars can be found in the Historic Main Street area. Because the area attracts travelers from all over, the options are fairly diverse, from Thai food to wood-fire cooking and more. 

It’s also worth noting that all the top ski resorts in Park City feature fine dining options and upscale cocktail bars or lounges.

In any case, there are so many options for your Utah bachelorette party to enjoy. Connect with Fora for a detailed list of great restaurants and bars in Park City.

Where to stay on a Park City, Utah bachelor party / bachelorette party 

There’s a wide assortment of four- and five-star resorts in Park City — as well as some of the best boutique hotels in Utah — most of which feature direct access to the ski slopes and all the amenities you would expect from such a luxurious destination. 

Stein Eriksen Lodge, The St. Regis Deer Valley and Montage Deer Valley are just a few of the best places to stay in Park City, Utah, but your Fora Advisor can provide a complete list (along with available perks!) of great places to stay for a Utah bachelorette party or bachelor party.

2. Salt Lake City: throw a bachelor or bachelorette party in Utah’s most charming city

Whereas Park City mostly caters to skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts, Salt Lake City (aka SLC) has a much wider appeal as the state’s capital and largest city. There’s so much to do here for a bachelor or bachelorette party, from exploring the best of Utah’s nightlife to embarking on excursions into Rocky Mountain National Park.

But even though the area represents Utah’s biggest urban sprawl, Salt Lake City still has that classic small-town charm many locales in the American Southwest enjoy.

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Things to do on a Salt Lake City, Utah bachelorette party or bachelor party

If you’re looking for a fun weekend getaway in Utah, visiting SLC is a fabulous idea. Not only is there plenty to do, but you also have the luxury of variety here in the big city. 

Read on for our favorite things to do on a Utah bachelorette party in Salt Lake City.

Take in SLC’s nightlife (clubs, bar crawls & more)

Utah’s nightlife is at its best in Salt Lake City. You’ll find many of the state’s coolest nightclubs, bars and restaurants here. 

The Capitol Theatre grants a cultured experience for classy Utah bachelor and bachelorette parties, while City Creek Center is home to most of SLC’s coolest shops, restaurants and bars — along with a number of fun entertainment options. And if you don’t mind hiking in the dark, the Living Room trail leads to a scenic overlook of the city lights.

Enjoy a brewery or food tour

Salt Lake City has no shortage of fancy restaurants, chic breweries as well as more casual pit stops. And a brewery or food tour can be a great way to experience many of them in a neat package.

Plan your trip with Fora, and an advisor can connect you with the best tours in the city.

Throw axes (we’re serious)

It might not be your first thought for your bachelorette or bachelor party, but Herber Hatchets in Salt Lake City presents a rather unique experience: axe throwing. Here, you can unleash your inner Viking à la darts-style, but with axes.

The company even offers special deals for bachelor and bachelorette parties (your advisor can book these experiences for you, too, if you’d like).

Where to eat & drink on a Salt Lake City, Utah bachelorette party or bachelor party

Salt Lake City’s restaurant and bar scene is the best in Utah. It’s the only place in the state where you can readily find a variety of classic American, Southwestern and international cuisine.

Your Fora Advisor can break down the best spots based on your preferences, but a couple notable locations include the Red Iguana, best known for its mole dishes, and The Copper Onion, which features a contemporary American menu with locally sourced ingredients.

Where to stay on a Salt Lake City, Utah bachelor party or bachelorette party

You’ll find some of Utah’s best places to stay in or near Salt Lake City, including the Lodge at Blue Sky and the Kimpton Hotel Monaco Salt Lake City. Both provide lavish accommodations and a suite of high-class amenities.

3. Throw a Utah bachelor / bachelorette party in the state’s most remote corners

The best destinations for Utah bachelorette parties — and bachelor parties, for that matter — don’t stop at SLC and Park City. There are plenty of fun places to go in Utah, once you get out of the cities and into the state’s more remote corners.

Provo & Utah Valley

Provo is a comparatively small city in the Utah Valley and serves as one of the state's most authentic cultural centers, particularly regarding the Mormon faith.

In addition to a charming historic district, Provo is a popular destination for laid-back watersports like tubing and kayaking.


Moab is best known as the access point to several of Utah’s national parks, but it’s also a scenic destination in its own right. The small town sits on the banks of the Colorado River, surrounded by unique red-rock formations and existing in the shadow of the La Sal Mountains. It’s an iconic Southwestern landscape and one of the prettiest in the country.

If you’re looking for a low-key, nature-filled bachelor or bachelorette party in Utah (check out our 3-day Moab itinerary), Moab’s an excellent choice. The best places to stay in Moab are also among the best in the state, including Sorrel River Ranch and the Hoodoo Hotel Monaco.

Lake Powell & Glen Canyon

Lake Powell, and especially the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, offer plenty more opportunities to escape into Utah’s wilderness. Hike through picturesque trails, take a boat out on Lake Powell or rock climb the canyon walls — there are many options.

One of Utah’s best resorts, Amangiri, is also nearby.

Springdale & Zion National Park

Springdale sits just on the border of one of Utah’s best draws: the regal Zion National Park, widely considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the country.

Nearby Zion Mountain Ranch, an enchanting Utah family resort, offers comfortable accommodations for when you’re not exploring the park.

Where to stay outside of Park City and SLC for a Utah bachelor party or bachelorette party

The most unique places to stay in Utah highlight the state’s gorgeous backdrops. Places like Amangiri near Lake Powell and the Sorrel River Ranch near Moab are among the most exciting, but there are more four- and five-star resorts that celebrate Utah’s natural beauty.

Bonus idea for a bachelor or bachelorette party in Utah: take a road trip through the state’s national parks

Utah has five national parks and a host of national monuments and historic areas. Taking a road trip through them all can be an epic way to celebrate your Utah bachelorette party. 

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Or, if you’re not set on having your bachelor or bachelorette party in Utah, check out these other great stag/hen-do guides, like the best Vegas hotels for bachelorette parties, the best Costa Rica bachelorette party ideas or even Spain bachelorette party ideas.

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