Announcing Fora Chapters: Fostering Local Connections Across the Country

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    At Fora, we’re big on community, and we know that in-person connections matter. Which is why we’re thrilled to introduce a new initiative: Fora Chapters. 

    In select US cities — Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles (to start) — Fora Chapters will offer our local advisors the chance to connect, network, visit hotels and talk all things travel. 

    “We noticed such a need for a community that was based in location,” said Fora’s Head of Advisor Experience Laura Kilberg. 

    Each local group will be helmed by a Chapter Lead (a local Fora Advisor who has been hand-selected by Fora HQ). Chapter Leaders will be responsible for developing deeper relationships with local travel partners and play a key role in nurturing community at the local level.

    “What excites me most about being a Chapter Lead with Fora is getting the opportunity — the privilege — to curate this incredible community of phenomenal travel advisors,” said Fora Advisor Sophie Taitt, who, along with Fora Advisors Gianna Quattrini and Nadia Bess, will help lead Los Angeles’ inaugural chapter.

    Chapter Leaders

    LA-based Fora Advisors at the Chapter Leader kickoff event at the Santa Monica Proper Hotel

    All of our Chapter Leads, like Sophie, have stood out within Fora’s community, helping others, offering advice, participating in events and, booking an impressive amount — and breadth — of travel. 

    “[Our goal for Fora Chapters is] for people to feel like they have friends and family who are close to them,” Fora’s Co-Founder Henley Vazquez said, emphasizing that it’s all about having access to a network of people who “can help them along their journey.” 

    And we’re just getting started; we plan to launch Fora Chapters in new locations throughout the year. For now, we’re celebrating by announcing our inaugural Fora Chapter Leaders:

    • Atlanta-based Juli Hall, will lead the Georgia Chapter. Juli is an expert in Portugal & Spain, and loves venturing off-the-beaten-path to small businesses and locally owned restaurants.

    • Katie Larsen, who counts Chicago (her home city), Paris & NYC among her specialties, and whose travels have included train trips across Europe and family ATV adventures.

    • Dallas-based Kaitlan Leonard, an expert on South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and National Parks (among many other destinations), who describes her travel style as a mix between luxe and adventure.

    • Sophie Taitt, a Brit based in LA who has traveled & worked all over the globe. She’s not only an expert in luxury and boutique travel, but a foodie and dog lover to boot. 

    • Nadia Bess, an Orange Country-based engineer by day, who is "obsessed with going to increasingly remote locations."

    • Gianna Quattrini, an East-Coast transplant now residing in Santa Monica, CA. Gianna is experienced in everything from boutique & budget hotels to five-star luxury resorts and unique experiences.

    Sound like fun? Learn more about Fora and what’s offered in our membership program.


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