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The Best Time to Visit Colorado: Full Guide

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Looking for the best time to visit Colorado? Read on to learn the best times of year to visit Colorado, from the peak months for snow sports to the least crowded months for exploring the cities.

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When is the best time to visit Colorado? It depends

There’s no single best time to go to Colorado, or even a best month to visit Colorado. Different seasons offer their own array of adventures. When to visit depends on what you want to do.

For sightseeing and hiking, the best time to go to Colorado runs from late spring through fall

Colorado has frigid winters, wet springs and relatively hot summers. If you’re planning on hiking or other outdoorsy activities, fall offers the most agreeable weather. That’s not to say that exploring the outdoors in spring and summer is off-limits, but you’ll want to be prepared for challenging weather.

Also worth mentioning: many of Colorado’s best ski towns offer exciting opportunities for exploring the wilderness outside of snow sports seasons. A summer getaway to Vail, for example, will have you mountain biking through Vail Village, fishing at Pine River Run and more. If you’re not necessarily a snow sport lover, this might be the best time of year for you to visit Colorado.

And don’t forget, whether you’re planning on hiking in fall or skiing in winter, a Fora travel advisor can help you figure out everything from where to stay in Vail to which restaurants match your travel style.

For skiing & snow sports, the best time to visit Colorado is from December to March

Snowfall varies by location, so the best time to visit Colorado for snow sports depends on where you’re going. For top destinations like Vail, Aspen and Telluride, December through March are the best months for snow sports.

Be sure to check out our Aspen and Telluride itineraries for travel ideas. And of course, a travel advisor can help you decide where to stay in Telluride, book the top boutique hotels in Aspen and more.

For watersports like whitewater rafting, late summer is the best time to visit Colorado

The best time of year to visit Colorado for watersports is a bit narrower. July and August are the state’s hottest months, while September tends to see a sharp decline in temperatures. Mid- to late summer is the opportune time to visit lakes and rivers in Colorado (see our Aspen itinerary for ideas) for things like kayaking or whitewater rafting. 

To that end, the best months to visit Colorado for water sports might be July and August.

The best time to visit Colorado: FAQs

What’s the best month to visit Colorado if you want to see snow?

In many of the best places to stay in Colorado, snowfall tends to begin in December and carry on through March, which usually receives the most snow (sometimes to a hazardous degree).

And if you only want to see snow, Denver is a great destination. You’ll get stunning views of the surrounding snowclad mountain ranges from the comfort of luxe hotels and trendy bars and restaurants.

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What’s Colorado’s warmest month?

July is Colorado’s hottest month on average, with temperatures regularly hitting 90℉ (Colorado bachelorette party, anyone?).

What’s the coldest month?

January is usually Colorado’s coldest month. Naturally, this is the best time to visit Colorado for skiing, snowmobiling and other winter sports.

When does the rainy season in Colorado begin?

Colorado is a sunny state, with an average of 300 sunny days per year. However, spring, and especially May, tend to see heavy rainfall, so this isn’t the best time to visit Colorado if you’re planning on touring outdoor places like Rocky Mountain National Park.

Is there an off-season in Colorado?

Colorado doesn’t have a true off-season, as winter months attract snow sport enthusiasts and warmer months bring more casual travelers. Many of the best Colorado resorts for families, couples and beyond are open all year long, too.

What’s the least busy month to go to Colorado? When is the best time to visit Colorado to avoid the crowds?

April to May and October through early December, before regular snowfall brings skiers and snowboarders, tend to be the least busy months for travel to Colorado. These are the best months to go to Colorado if you want to avoid crowds. But note that May can be very wet.

Is there a worst time to visit Colorado?

While there’s no bad time to go to Colorado, March does present a couple challenges worth considering. 

For one, March brings the end of the snowy season, taking snow sports off the table. And yet, Colorado is still very cold during this time. Colorado is also a popular spring break destination, bringing lots of rowdy travelers — so if you want a quiet getaway, your best time to go to Colorado may not align with this period.

Plan with a Fora advisor to find your best time to visit Colorado

Overall, the best time to visit Colorado depends on you. A Fora Advisor can help you build the perfect Colorado itinerary, whether it includes a wintery escape to Aspen or touring the most unique places to stay in Colorado any time of the year. 

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