Where to Stay in Vegas: Your Ultimate Guide

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Having a hard time deciding where to stay in Vegas? We've got you. We’re breaking down the city’s best hotels by their location on the Strip or Downtown Las Vegas, otherwise known as the Fremont Street Experience.

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Where to stay in Vegas: the coolest areas (plus 12 awesome hotels)

Dazzling casinos, indulgent restaurants, upscale shopping, awesome experiences…virtually everything Vegas is known for can be found on the Strip and Fremont Street. The latter is easy enough to navigate, but considering the Strip is a little over four miles long, locals and Vegas regulars tend to divide it into three unofficial sections, each with a slightly different feel.

Read on for a brief overview of each area — plus awesome Vegas hotels — so you can decide where to stay in Las Vegas with confidence. 

The North Strip: where to stay in Las Vegas for a quieter (& potentially more luxurious) experience

Along the North Strip, you’ll find an eclectic — though increasingly luxurious — mix of resorts and casinos, like Wynn Las Vegas, as well as everything from super-casual fast food to five-star restaurants and clubs. 

This part of the Strip isn’t especially walkable, but there’s also less traffic, so getting around by car is easier than in the more bustling areas. Likewise, the North Strip’s resorts tend to feel more self-contained than those found on the “Main Strip.” So, this area is a great choice for travelers who want easy access to the dazzling attractions further south on the Strip, but a quieter (and potentially more lavish) room at night.

1. Wynn Las Vegas

Wynn is where to stay in Las Vegas for luxury. This five-star hotel sits just north of The Venetian complex so travelers are only just removed from the most exciting part of the Strip. 

Accommodation-wise, the rooms strike a surprisingly great balance between stylish elegance and a homey feel. The hotel’s designers put it best: each room “feels warm, dramatic, intimate and sophisticated.”

For gamblers, Wynn Las Vegas’ casino is arguably the most glamorous — especially its world-renowned poker room, which regularly hosts the World Poker Tour. Of course, Wynn is also home to one of Vegas’ most prestigious golf courses as well as a slate of high-end shops and restaurants.

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2. Encore at Wynn Las Vegas

As Wynn Las Vegas’ sister property, Encore features access to all the same amenities and attractions. However, Encore guests get to enjoy a more exclusive experience with upgraded rooms and an entirely upscale feel, which can be nice for guests looking for more of a relaxing escape versus being in the thick of things on the Main Strip.

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3. Crockfords Las Vegas, LXR Hotels & Resorts at Resorts World

Crockfords, part of Resorts World Las Vegas, is one of the Strip’s newest additions, having only opened in mid-2021 as a luxe competitor to an increasingly ritzy selection of hotels along the Strip’s northern corridor. 

The hotel features refined decor, massive rooms and suites — as well as some truly stunning villas and “palaces” for travelers that desire the best of the best — and an awesome blend of luxury brands, restaurants and amenities to explore. 

Admittedly, Crockfords is a little far from the rest of the Strip, but like Wynn and Encore, the self-contained atmosphere will appeal heavily to travelers seeking to indulge in Vegas-style luxury without having to venture far from the comfort of an elite room. (Of course, the Main Strip is still only about a mile away.)

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Main Strip (a.k.a. Central Strip): where to stay in Vegas for literally any reason

Image courtesy of Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas

We’re serious. Whether you’re the type of traveler that only cares about having a basic room (since you’ll be on a nonstop adventure the rest of the time) or someone who desires an elite refuge on top of a jam-packed itinerary, the Main Strip accommodates. 

And even though the Main Strip is only around two miles long, you could spend weeks here and not see half of it. There’s an incredible variety of shows, shops and restaurants spanning just about any menu, genre and so much more (check out the best of Las Vegas) — all of which is easily discoverable on foot. We could write volumes on all the different options, but it’d be out of date within a month because the lineup is always changing.

This is where to stay in Vegas for, well, most travelers because there are options for just about any experience you could desire.

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4. Bellagio

Elegant fountains, upscale European dining and architecture reminiscent of the Italian Renaissance make Bellagio one of the most recognizable resorts on the Vegas Strip. This resort's classy and romantic vibe has made it the place to stay in Vegas if you’re looking for a classic upscale experience right in the very heart of the city. (Considering a romantic getaway to Vegas? Check out the best Vegas hotels for couples.)

Fora Perks at Bellagio:

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5. ARIA Resort & Casino

One of the coolest hotels in Vegas, ARIA is part of the City Center of Las Vegas complex, which is home to dozens of luxury shops, restaurants, clubs and even art galleries. The feel here is certainly elevated, but the style is much more contemporary than say, Bellagio or The Venetian. 

If you’re looking for things to do in ARIA’s vicinity, check out our guide to the ultimate luxury Vegas getaway for travel inspo.

Fora Perks at ARIA Sky Suites: 

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6. The Palazzo at The Venetian

Image courtesy of The Palazzo at The Venetian

Want to balance the feel of classic Las Vegas with modern luxury and amenities? Then The Palazzo at The Venetian is where to stay in Vegas. 

You’ll still find the same Old World inspiration The Venetian is famous for — who doesn’t love gondola rides and European architecture? — but there’s a greater emphasis on contemporary luxury at The Palazzo. It’s one of the best Vegas hotels for bachelorette parties (check out Vegas bachelorette party ideas, too) and other group gatherings because of its central and iconic location, spacious rooms and excellent options for fun and relaxation.

Sidenote:  The Venetian is one of the more family-friendly hotels in Las Vegas if you’re bringing the whole family. 

Fora Perks at Prestige at the Palazzo:

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7. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

A favorite among Fora Advisors, The Cosmopolitan (a.k.a. “The Cosmo”) tops many lists of the best party hotels in Vegas. This trendy, five-star hotel caters to a more youthful audience (all are welcome, of course) and its nightlife is paramount — in fact, there may not be another resort in Vegas that has a nightlife as electric as The Cosmopolitan. 

Amongst the extravagant façades of other hotels on the Main Strip, like Paris’ mini Eiffel Tower or the Romanesque architecture of Ceasar’s Palace, the fairly ordinary high-rise that houses The Cosmopolitan doesn’t really stand out. On the inside though, it’s a very different story: sleek decor and lighting create an almost sensual elegance that’s both classy and adventurous. 

And while The Cosmopolitan is easily one of the most luxurious hotels in Vegas, it does take a different approach than other high-end properties. Instead of well-established luxury brands, you’ll find upscale boutiques, for example. All in all, staying here is a unique experience.

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Fora Perks at The Cosmopolitan:

  • $100 food / beverage credit.

  • Breakfast daily.

  • Upgrade & extended check-in/out whenever possible.

South Strip: where to stay in Las Vegas for eclectic fun & casual rooms

Marked by the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada” sign — easily the most recognizable of all the Las Vegas landmarks — the South Strip is most visitors’ introduction to the city. 

And it’s an eclectic welcome at that. Along with your trademark Vegas casino and pool experiences, you’ll find Egyptian Pyramids, medieval castles, live sharks (we’re very serious) and a slightly more casual restaurant and shopping scene. 

Though technically walkable, we generally recommend traveling by car around the South Strip, at least until you get to MGM Grand and New York New York, where streetside shops, restaurants and attractions become much more regular. 

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8. The Four Seasons Las Vegas

Image courtesy of Four Seasons Resort Las Vegas

The Four Seasons Las Vegas feels like a hidden gem because it’s somewhat hidden from the Strip. It’s also the only major hotel on the Strip that’s smoke- and gambling-free, making it an ideal choice for discerning travelers looking for a posh and luxurious, family-friendly hotel in Las Vegas (and read our guide if you’re looking for things to do in Vegas with kids).

You’ll find the Four Seasons within the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino complex, our next choice for where to stay in Vegas.

Fora Perks at Four Seasons Las Vegas:

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9. Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino

Mandalay Bay literally brings the beach to the desert with a mini waterpark complete with nearly 3,000 tons of real sand, concerts and poolside bars — this is where to stay in Vegas if you’re intent on spending a lot of time in the sun with the relaxing sound of waves in the background. 

Like most of the resorts on either side of the Main Strip, Mandalay Bay is mostly self-contained, hosting a huge casino, shops, restaurants and more. 

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10. SKYLOFTS at MGM Grand

Wondering where to stay in Vegas for a personal butler? 

There are over 6,000 rooms at MGM Grand — one of the best places to stay in Las Vegas — but SKYLOFTS at MGM Grand brings things to another level. Each suite features amazing floor-to-ceiling-window views of the Vegas skyline, lavish amenities, stylish decor and yes, a personal butler to cater to your every fancy. 

As for MGM Grand itself, the resort has some fantastic dining options, one of the largest casinos in Vegas and plenty of other attractions like a full theater and beyond. 

Fora Perks at Skylofts at MGM Grand:

  • $100 food / beverage credit.

  • Breakfast daily.

  • Upgrade & extended check-in/out whenever possible.

Fremont Street / Downtown: where to stay in Vegas for a dazzling, never-ending party with free concerts, old-school casinos & more

You could think of Downtown Las Vegas as the northernmost tip of the Strip, but there’s a decent section between The STRAT and Fremont Street that doesn’t have a whole lot going on — so, most consider Downtown its own distinct area. 

Nevertheless, the Fremont Street Experience is a can’t-miss destination on any Vegas trip (doubly so, if you’re looking for things to do in Vegas besides gambling, not that you can't test your luck here). An entire block is canopied with an amazing LED display, and there’s always something exciting happening on the ground, like free concerts and other performances.

One thing to note: most of the hotels in Downtown have a much more traditional vibe, so if you’re into contemporary styles, you may prefer to stay on the Strip. But don’t worry, getting to Fremont Street from the Strip is pretty easy.

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11. Circa Resort & Casino

When Circa opened in late 2020, it was the first major milestone in a gradual effort to revitalize the resort scene along Fremont Street. This four-star hotel has since established itself as the only luxury hotel in the immediate area with a contemporary theme — at least through 2025, when the next luxe hotel is set to open.

Circa’s casino is by far the largest and most modernized. The vibe is much closer to what you’d find along the Main Strip, with opulent decor, wide corridors, tall ceilings and bright lighting (as opposed to the dimly lit casinos popular among other Fremont Street casinos). 

12. Golden Nugget Las Vegas

Interested in experiencing the last vestiges of “Old Vegas?” 

Stepping into Golden Nugget almost feels like stepping into a time machine to the mid-20th century, when the hotel was first built. Golden Nugget has since gone under numerous renovations to keep its amenities updated — but the decor is still heavily reminiscent of the traditional styles that made Vegas popular. 

Naturally, Golden Nugget heavily caters to older travelers, so this is where to stay in Vegas for those wanting to capture the feeling of classic Las Vegas before contemporary hits like The Cosmopolitan and MGM Grand continue to push the city forward.

Where to stay in Vegas: FAQs

Image courtesy of Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas

Have more questions about where to stay in Vegas? Read on for a few common questions and answers. 

Or connect with Fora and we’ll hook you up with all the intel you need.

Where do most people stay in Vegas?

The vast majority of Vegas travelers stay on or near the Strip. This is the quintessential Las Vegas experience and where you’ll find most of the city’s coolest attractions and sights (Fremont Street being a notable exception). 

Is it better to stay on or off the Strip?

As we said: virtually all of the best hotels are located directly on the Strip, but there are a few great options elsewhere. If you’re not feeling any of the hotels mentioned above, we can help you decide where to stay in Vegas that’s a little more off the beaten path.

What part of the Las Vegas Strip is best?

This really depends on what you’re looking for: the main part of the Strip has Vegas’ most iconic hotels — and in recent years, has really caught up to the northern ends’ ritzy five-star hotels — but many prefer the quieter experience of the north and south ends of the Strip. 

Plan your trip with Fora for help deciding where to stay in Vegas that meets your preferences and expectations.

Where is the best place for gamblers to stay in Las Vegas?

Image courtesy of The Palazzo at The Venetian

It depends. It’s hard to walk a block without being blinded by the signs of three different casinos (hey, it’s part of the experience) — but there is a little bit of nuance that serious gamblers might appreciate. Fremont Street is home to the original Vegas experience, and thus, the casinos here have more of a historic feel.

Casual gamblers, on the other hand, may prefer the grandiose feel of iconic casinos like Bellagio or New York New York, though. Of course, these casinos also have a larger selection of modern options.

Where should a first-time visitor stay in Las Vegas?

If you’re trying to save money, staying off the Strip can make sense (just keep in mind that you may have to pay for transportation, which can add up quickly).

Generally, though, we recommend staying somewhere on the Vegas Strip for the absolute best experience. It’s so fun to casino-hop directly from your hotel without having to shuttle to the Strip — not to mention safer, if you’re keen on enjoying Vegas’ glamorous cocktail scene. 

Need help deciding where to stay in Vegas? Connect with Fora

Deciding where to stay in Vegas for the best experience can be supremely overwhelming. There’s no place in the world with a higher concentration of hotels — from casual to elite — than the Vegas Strip. But we can really narrow down your options for you, helping you decide where to stay in Las Vegas that checks all the right boxes. 

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