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Where to Stay in Naples, Italy: The 5 Best Neighborhoods

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Deciding where to stay in Naples, Italy? Let us help! From the quiet waterfront of Chiaia to the lively streets of Centro Storico, we’re covering the best places to stay in Naples.

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The 5 best places to stay in Naples, Italy

The gateway to the ruins of Pompeii and a gorgeous destination in its own right, Naples is a vibrant city promising tons of excitement for travelers of all types. Here, you can take in sights, cruise the sapphire waters of the Gulf of Naples, trek the infamous Mount Vesuvius, dine in a traditional trattoria…and so much more. 

Naples is a blast, but it can be a little difficult to figure out where to stay in Naples, especially if this is your first time (BTW: check out all the best places to visit in Italy for the first time). So, here are our five favorite neighborhoods in Naples for a little travel inspiration.

1. Chiaia: where to stay in Naples for waterfront views

Chiaia is an upscale neighborhood known for its waterfront promenade, where you’ll find a great mix of local Neapolitan and international gastronomy. The area is also known for the Museo Pignatelli, one of Naples’ most prestigious art and decor galleries.

Grand Hotel Parker’s is one of our favorite places to stay in Naples’ Chiaia neighborhood. This uber-classy, five-star hotel offers elegant accommodations and fantastic views of the city, bay and Mount Vesuvius. 

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2. Vomero: where to stay in Naples, Italy for a bit of everything

Vomero is a bit of a catch-all district with great access to the rest of the city. The neighborhood borders the Spanish Quarter and Chiaia, plus it's only a short distance from Centro Storico. If you’re looking for somewhere to stay in Naples that’s convenient, Vomero is a top choice.

The area around Piazza Vanvitelli is relatively lively, with plenty of shops and restaurants with a local flair. But overall, Vomero has a quiet, relaxing vibe that makes it a refreshing base for exploring all the cool things to do in Naples.

3. Posillipo: the best place to stay in Naples, Italy for beach access & classy cocktail bars

Posillipo is a laid-back and affluent neighborhood along the westernmost shores of the Bay of Naples. The area is best known for its fresh seafood restaurants and upscale cocktail bars. You’ll also find small beaches and lush hiking trails that reward travelers with incredible views of the bay and Mount Vesuvius, which overshadows the Ruins of Pompeii, one of the most unique places to visit in Italy

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4. Spanish Quarter (a.k.a. Quartieri Spagnoli): where to stay in Naples for an authentic snapshot of Neapolitan culture

Naples’ Spanish Quarter is one of the coolest places to stay in the city, especially for travelers who love to immerse themselves in new cultures. 

This part of the city feels like a sharp departure from the more leisurely atmosphere of neighborhoods such as Chiaia and Posillipo. A mix of trendy boutiques, recognizable shops and street markets with live music and other performers give the Spanish Quarter a burst of character that’s only enhanced by the neighborhood's frequent festivals and events. 

The Spanish Quarter is also home to one of the best places to stay in Naples, Italy: Caruso Place Boutique & Wellness Suites. Guests at this four-star boutique hotel (see the top boutique hotels in Italy) can enjoy trendy Neapolitan decor in an intimate setting.

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5. Centro Storico & Porto: the overall best area to stay in Naples, Italy

Centro Storico is Naples’ city center and oldest neighborhood — and we mean old, the area was founded by Greek settlers almost 2,500 years ago. Today, Centro Storico is arguably the city’s most eclectic district.

The Historic Center of Naples is a UNESCO World Heritage Site surrounded by dozens of trattorias, live music venues and shops. And the nearby university and rise of the Naples Port area have lent the neighborhood a cosmopolitan vibe with plenty of things to do, including boat tours of the city and nearby isles — just check out our Naples itinerary ideas

Two of Naples’ best hotels call Centro Storico home, too: ROMEO Napoli and Grand Hotel Vesuvio. Both offer luxe accommodations in the heart of the city while catering to different tastes. ROMEO Napoli has a fun, contemporary vibe while Grand Hotel Vesuvio has more of an upscale-traditional ambiance. 

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